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  1. Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale in the United States? Will they be sold through CoSport again? Thanks in advance.
  2. So, I just found out that I will be able attend that Games (after thinking that I would not be able to for over a year). Because I thought that I was unable to attend, I did not purchase tickets and am now scrambling to find some. If anyone has any tickets available for between August 10 - 17, please let me know your asking price. Also if you are aware of any place where I can purchase tickets at this late stage, I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  3. Does anyone know a good place where I could purchase tickets. I am still looking for 3 or 4 more events, but I don't know what is safe and secure and what is not.
  4. I am looking to get rid of a few, and buy some more. PM me and I will message you back. Does anyone know if the ticket marketplace (that is being launced on Monday), will be open to everyone or just Canadians?
  5. http://www.iihf.com/home-of-hockey/champio...ympics-men.html
  6. The posted the hockey schedule awhile back. It can be found on iihf.com.
  7. Hi All, I am trying to set my itinerary and want to have my event schedule lined up. I figured that others on this site might be trying to do the same thing, so I want to post what I am looking to buy, sell, and trade. Maybe someone could help me out or I can help out someone else. I have one of each of the following tickets that I am looking to trade or sell: 2/17 CU004 Curling Women's Prelims 9:00AM - 12:00 AM Category A 2/17 SS005 Speed Skating Men's 1000m 1:00PM - 2:30PM Category B 2/17 LG005 Luge Men's Doubles 5:00PM - 7:30 Category B 2/18 IH020 Ice Hockey Women's US v. Finland 7:00PM - 9:30PM Category A 2/19 CU010 Curling Women's Prelims 9:00AM - 12:00AM Category A 2/21 IH030 Ice Hockey Men's US v. Canada 12:00AM - 2:30PM Category A 2/21 AS007 Alpine Skiing Men's Giant Slalom 10:00AM - 2:45PM Category B Additionally, I am looking for one ticket to each of the following events: 2/17 SB003 Snowboarding Men's Halfpipe 2/17 AS004 Alpine Skiing Women's Downhill 2/18 FS004 Figure Skating Men's Free Program 2/19 AS005 Alpine Skiing Men's Super G 2/20 ST003 Short Track Speed Skating Men's 1000m and Women’s 1,500m Additionally, I was wondering if anyone knew of other good places to buy, sell, and trade tickets. Thanks in advance!
  8. Much to my suprise, I got a call from Cosport today telling me that my ticket order from last Thursday went through. I was having many of the same time out problems that everyone else seemed to be having. Since I started dealing with Cosport, before Beijing, this is the first thing that they have ever done right. I fully expected them to just ignore my order. So there is still hope left. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone else! Can any one tell me the best way to go about trading tickets? Is there a website where people go to do this or is just a buy/sell ebay type thing? Best wishes all.
  9. Chateau Petrus (or anyone else for that matter) if and when you are looking to get rid of some of you tickets, please contact me! Hopefully, we can work out a deal. As you can tell, I am very nervous about this whole ticketing situation.
  10. My Rowing Ticket is for the 17th! What do we think is going ot be available once the second round of tickets opens?
  11. I was pretty bummed with my ticket allocation - no gymnastics and swimming. Anyone know if we can trade tickets at any point? I would glady trade my Rowing final ticket for a Gymnastic ticket.
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