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  1. I have learned this morning that Solar TV and Solar Sports will also broadcast the Youth Olympics in the Philippines.
  2. Hi, I found this video, the song is called "See The Rainbow Again" which was the theme song of the 2001 Chinese National Games in Guangzhou. http://v.ku6.com/show/x6jRRWX9UWnK3z3o.html And as much of us can remember, it's sounds like a musical piece in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony (that one during the fireworks finale), particularly the last part:
  3. For me, it was an OK ceremony - a wonderful show! Congratulations Vancouver! Congratulations Canada! NB: I didn't know about that problem with the cauldron.... do you know why? SolarTV presented the entire ceremony without commentary! I haven't heard about that moment of silence - the TV channel took a quick break during it.
  4. Enjoying the parade from my house here. SolarTV's presentation of the OC is looking good! So far, no commercials except for small plugs in the frame! And also, there's no commentary at all so far!
  5. I'm all set here too! SolarTV has just joined the worldwide IOC signal for the start of the Vancouver 2010 OC!
  6. It has come to my attention that SolarTV, the sister free-to-air channel of Solar Sports, will broadcast the Winter Olympics in Vancouver alongside its brother sports channel. Perhaps they will have extensive coverage like Solar Sports (like what they did in Beijing - SolarTV was known at that time as C/S-RPN). If anyone has more info I would be appriciated. This good news to me (I don't have Solar Sports, remember!) was evidenced by looking at SolarTV, which at that time is showing a live game the Philippine basketball league, at which point I have noticed the Vancouver 2010 countdown bug at one corner of the screen. (The bug is the same one that is displayed on Solar Sports.) Probably they will show the opening ceremony live... (But the NBA might block SolarTV's way.)
  7. A new year's present from me! For those looking for the full opening ceremony in Beijing, I found the entire thing: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMjUyNDg=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMjU0MzY=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMjU2NDg=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMjU3NjA=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMzAxMDg=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMzAzMTY=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMzA0OTY=.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIyMzA2Njg=.html Note: This broadcast contains added graphics and different angles in some parts, as this was how it was shown in mainland China.
  8. Solar Sports will really air the 2010 Winter Olympics. I have watched Solar Sports today while swimming with friends at my father's hotel. (I don't live there, I live at a nearby flat.) Then, after turning on the TV in my father's hotel room which carries a cable provider different from what I have, and checked that it has Solar Sports (I don't have it at home), it has come to my attention that they are getting ready for their Winter Olympic coverage. In addition to the channel's bug at the top right of the screen, another bug now appears on the top left (sometimes at the bottom) of the screen. It has the Vancouver 2010 "Inutshuk" logo on it, but with a countdown ("45 Days To Go!") at the bottom replacing the "Vancouver 2010" lettering and the Olympic Rings. Later, as I prepared for home, I also saw what could be a plug for Solar Sports' coverage. I only saw the last part, an appearance of the Solar Sports and Vancouver 2010 logos with "Official Broadcaster" at the bottom, with those three mascots goofing around the picture for the sake of their cuteness. If you have more info about Solar Sports coverage (e.g. if they have some coverage for the main SolarTV channel), I would be appreciated.
  9. Okay, highlights are exciting too. I'm going to watch them, if C/S 9 (the terrestrial channel of Solar Entertainment) will show them. However the NBA and its Philippine counterpart, the PBA, would be obstacles. I've enjoyed watching daily highlights of the World Games in Kaoishung. The state controlled Channel 4 did that. Hey, do you think CTV may air a "thank you" and "we will never forget you" message after the Winter Olympics? We Filipinos did that too, in 1995 when we paid host to the world's largest youth gathering.
  10. In order to avoid a possible tragedy during the 2010 Winter Olympics, there should be a cauldron tower outside BC Place. Then the flame will not blow off the deflating roof. During the opening ceremony, the flame should be lit in this manner or similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZgIRXOgS_s
  11. Everyone! I have seen some parts of the CCTV broadcast of the Beijing OC! I think its better than the world feed.... Now, I'll see which is better! I have a torrent software that can download various broadcasts of the ceremony. First I downloaded one broadcast, which was that of Hong Kong (TVB Cantonese broadcast). They took the world feed with their own graphics, and the anthems and songs played there (specifically Ode to the Motherland, the Chinese anthem, the official song "You and Me" and the Olympic Hymn) and the speeches (including Hu Jintao's declaration) were subtitled in traditional Chinese characters. Now I'm downloading the CCTV version, I'm excited that it would be better than the world feed! What do you think was better? FACT: The TVB version also including the pre-OC features including studio links from Hong Kong and Beijing, interviews from just outside the Bird's Nest, a peek at their commentary area inside, and live points from various HK locations, including my most favorite, Hong Kong Disneyland, where the OC was seen on giant screens (at Disneyland a Mickey Mouse mascot was also there). When they counted down the last minute, the hosts in the studios and the personalities at the live points were joining in too!
  12. Hello! I'm back, and now I'm happy to hear from you again! Oh, okay, let me help... I have inspirations too... Look at these videos! Maybe these can be modified or done for the Vancouver opening ceremony. Here we see the geese that fly over Winnipeg every summer. I wonder which animals are common in Vancouver every winter? Also mind the placards. For Vancouver it could be an resemblance of a First Nations object, like the logo. Winnipeg's logo depicts agricultura fields and has wheat on the placards' sides, to represent its agribusiness economy. Bad trip, the part where Roméo LeBlanc (Governor General of Canada at that time) entered the stadium was not shown! He greeted with the Vice Regal Salute, of course. Let's hope that Michelle Jean or her succesor in office will be given the same treatment. The Vice Regal Salute that was given to LeBlanc (and some of what's missing from the videos!) Here we see a big Canadian flag (I think like the one the Canadian athletes show off at Olympic Games), carried by those people from I think the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I liked the children standing before the main stand, and that lovely version of the national anthem. Beat that for Vancouver, the flypast at the end will be impossible, however. (The children can be skaters.) From this clip we can get that a band of drums and bagpipes can play the flag entrance music and then play a wordless version of the Olympic Hymn (like Torino)! Let the band play as it exits. There's also the torch update, why not do that like Atlanta and SLC? The speeches were cut out. Here we can see a nice performance featuring a presentation with hoops and oars. Maybe Vancouver would go for winter sports stuff? Also there would be skating (including that Maria von Trapp kind of singer) and some stars like Johnny Crishna (if I spelled him right, but that's what the commentator said). At te end of the equivalent performance for Vancouver, the official song, in case of one, would be performed. The song here is called "Reach Out For The Gold". Can you identify the singer in the second part? Also flashlights, instead of foil, are acceptable. This clip's right! Vancouver's multiculturalism should be celebrated! How about a bilingual song? There are Filipinos living in Vancouver, so why not acknowledge them in the OC like Winnipeg did? Can anyone identify the singers in this clip? For the finale, yes, its the Olympic Flame! They should have a video about the Calgary 1988 torch relay. The torchbearers at BC Place must be Calgary veterans, but it may be impossible because there was no gold for Canada there. Then try reprising the official song for the finale. Fireworks outside BC Place, perhaps? (This happened at the closing ceremony of the 1972 winter Olympics in Sapporo where there were fireworks outside the indoor venue at the end.) Maybe flashlights should be lit during it. And as for the lighting of the cauldron, it should be better than the one in the clip. To listen to the background music of the flame's approach to the cauldron and its lighting, use the link to the sound files above. You may hear Brian Williams at the end. He went to Winnipeg for this event 10 years ago that all Canadians should be proud of?! That (the sound-only clip) was take from the host nation's coverage done by - where else - the CBC. Now, what do you think?
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