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  1. Disagree...but nice signature graphic, Demetrius!!

    Munich is lousy. Not enuf snow and NO primeval forests!! Hope the farmers raise a bigger ruckus this time!!

    Thank you!

    Do I answer? You are talking to the wrong people :lol:

    I just think that Munich is the best candidate for Europe in 2022...

  2. A Nice bid (and they have indicated a strong interest) is the fact the sea to snow concept will have been done 3 times in a row.

    For me, it's not really the problem.

    The main concern is the connection between the city of Nice (ice sports center, main Olympic Village, IBC / MPC) and the alpine zone:

    accessibility, infrastructure of transport, travel time ... that would require "Pharaonic" works (in a protected national park).

    Plus, the construction of a second bobsleigh/luge track in the French Alps while the first one is already under used (and I do not even mention the one in Cesana Pariol/Torino 2006).

    Which is why Toulouse - who have previously discussed holding an Olympic event (youth or otherwise) could be a decent candidate. Though a distance from alpine events, infrastructure is already in place.

    About Toulouse, why not ... although, for me, the city seems too far from the Pyrénées. In this way, Tarbes-Pau-Lourdes seems more "realistic"...

    In any case, I think we can forget a French bid for 2022.

    In Europe, Munich is a very good option so I hope they will bid again.

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