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  1. Good evening Glasgow Points from Paris 2 points to Logo G 4 points to Logo K 6 points to Logo N 8 points to Logo M 10 points to logo F and finally 12 points go to Logo...C
  2. I know how hard it is to win a GB Logo comp I know how hard it is to win twice... Congrats Danny, very well done!
  3. The CNOSF and Lacoste released the outfit of the French team for Sochi "Village": "Protocole": "Cérémonie": http://www.lacoste.com/equipedefranceolympique#/equipedefranceolympique/
  4. félicitations Davey! Champagne! (cuvée spéciale Paris 2024)
  5. Thank you!!! tack!!! Really happy, the year is off to a good start!!! OSTERSUND!!!
  6. TUNIS! Thanks to all the members who took time to vote and to those who supported the TUNIS 2024 Bid. Congrats to Scotguy, as usual you made ​​a fantastic job Rendez-vous à TUNIS en 2024!
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