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  1. Thank you! Do I answer? You are talking to the wrong people I just think that Munich is the best candidate for Europe in 2022...
  2. totally agree...better than ever!!!
  3. 1992 - 2012 Happy Birthday ALBERTVILLE 92, 20 years!

  4. For me, it's not really the problem. The main concern is the connection between the city of Nice (ice sports center, main Olympic Village, IBC / MPC) and the alpine zone: accessibility, infrastructure of transport, travel time ... that would require "Pharaonic" works (in a protected national park). Plus, the construction of a second bobsleigh/luge track in the French Alps while the first one is already under used (and I do not even mention the one in Cesana Pariol/Torino 2006). About Toulouse, why not ... although, for me, the city seems too far from the Pyrénées. In this way, Tarbes-Pau-Lourdes seems more "realistic"... In any case, I think we can forget a French bid for 2022. In Europe, Munich is a very good option so I hope they will bid again.
  5. From Paris... (under the snow) 350 instructors of the ESF (French Ski School) in Paris (Montmartre and Trocadéro) for the launch of the 2010-2011 ski season
  6. Winner: Canada 14 gold medals, the victory in ice hockey... And Italy...It is really surprising, it is not the usual rank of Italy. What are the reactions in Italy?
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