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  1. Good evening Glasgow Points from Paris 2 points to Logo G 4 points to Logo K 6 points to Logo N 8 points to Logo M 10 points to logo F and finally 12 points go to Logo...C
  2. I know how hard it is to win a GB Logo comp I know how hard it is to win twice... Congrats Danny, very well done!
  3. The CNOSF and Lacoste released the outfit of the French team for Sochi "Village": "Protocole": "Cérémonie": http://www.lacoste.com/equipedefranceolympique#/equipedefranceolympique/
  4. We are just waiting for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZO0MVj0JG8
  5. Tunisia’s swimming champion Oussama Mellouli was named Sport Ambassador of the TUNIS 2024 Bid 2009 World Championships – 1 gold medal (1500 m freestyle) and 2 silver medals (400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyle) 2008 Olympic Games – gold medal (1500 m freestyle)
  6. Thank you! Do I answer? You are talking to the wrong people I just think that Munich is the best candidate for Europe in 2022...
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