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  1. it's completely not understandable that thay did not take in consideration those cold wheather factors for foreigners when they planned this removable stadium...
  2. I do not undrerstand a word!!!! Are they gogint to build a roof??? Or just to give the heat pack???
  3. From 2018 Olympics on, the 3 oaths in the Opening Ceremonies will be unified as one.... https://www.olympic.org/news/athletes-to-take-the-lead-as-oaths-at-future-olympic-games-openings-are-unified
  4. Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic emblems unveiled at 2 and 3 months, respectively, away from 2018 closing ceremonies...
  5. A polemic plan has been recently announced: The Sydney 2000 stadium, currently known as ANZ Stadium, is planned to be demolished and re built as a soccer-rugby stadium.... It has gathered a controversy in New South Wales goverment, since the stadium is lamost new and with very few use... Here is the piece of news about it http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/sydney-2000-olympic-stadium-to-be-demolished-and-rebuilt
  6. USA 2016, COPA AMÉRICA CENTENARIO - CENTENNIAL AMERICA CUP VERACRUZ 2014 - JUEGOS CENTRO AMERICANOS Y DEL CARIBE - CARIBEAN AND CENTRO AMERICAN GAMES This is not a Games ceremony itself, but a ceremony to celebrate the Chilean Bicentennial Independence. Held in September 2010 on the facade of La Moneda, goverment house Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 ARGENTINA 2011, COPA AMERICA - AMERICA CUP
  8. SANTIAGO 2017, SECOND YOUTH SOUTHAMERICAN GAMES (Link from the TV channel thet covered the ceremony) http://www.t13.cl/videos/deportes13/video-revive-inauguracion-juegos-suramericanos-juventud-santiago-2017
  9. I don't undrestand why IOC is deleting all ceremonies from the web .... HERE are some ceremonies to relieve... SANTIAGO 2014, SOUTH AMERICAN GAMES (it was held the same day of Sochi 2014 Paralympics OC)
  10. The latest Winter Games host won't compete at PyeongChang.... Russia has been banned from compete at 2018 Winter Olympics in a unprecedent decisition... How will this affect to the Games??? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/olympics/2017/12/05/russia-banned-competing-2018-winter-olympics/
  11. Here is a piece of news that revealed the "new style of ceremony" I'm afraid of that "New style" could continue for future events... It's only to justify the lack of budget... To "open" the ceremonies as a "Civic festivities"... The Closing ceremony of the 2014 South American Games held here in my city, Santiago, had that concept.. and of course it was a very poor ceremony.... It is translated by Google Translator, so misakes on grammar are evident... Youth Games 2018: the opening ceremony will be at the Obelisk It was revealed by the head of the Arge
  12. If there are white spaces, specially on the floor, I can bet there will be projections again... When will the rehearsals start???
  13. On the Olympic Channel they erased Barcelona and Torino ceremonies.. WHY??????????????? WHY DID THEY DO THAT TO US????
  14. People! I just created a list to vote what is the best Opening Ceremony for the Winter Games The descriptions are in Spanish (the site is Spanish) Please, vote and choose your favorite one!!! https://listas.20minutos.es/deportes/ceremonias-inaugurales-de-juegos-olimpicos-de-invierno-425707/
  15. That is because of the weather conditions... Guadalajara 2011 also were in October...
  16. On November 4, 2017 In Praga, it was confirmed that Santiago de Chile will host the XIX Panamerican Games in 2023. This is the thread for the Games to be hosted from October 6 to October 22... The Fifth Para Panamerican Games will be hosted from November 3 to November 11...
  17. It's official!! SANTIAGO 2023, XIX Panamerican Games!
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