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  1. I can not understand why NBC airs the Ceremony with such delay when all the world have seen it already... Thanks Marca Claro, once more, the broadcast by Internet will be complete and with 6 differents channels live to choose what you want to see... and all live and then on demand!!!! Marca Claro the best coverage ever!!!!
  2. Thank You!!! America Movil through Marca Claro webpage will broadcast the Games... Don't know about TV, but on the web it will be the official broadcaster... It will be he very first time we weill be able to watch the Olympic Ceremonies by Facebook Live!!!!
  3. Please.. does anyone know what TV channel will broadcast this Games in South America? The latest two games in 2010 and 2014 were broadcasted by ESPN... but so far I haven't seen any promo about them... I even don't know if Claro Sport will broadcast them bi Internet to All Latin American countries or just Mexico (as they did with 2015 Pan Am Games) I just need an answer because anxiety is taking me over.....!
  4. It's so exciting to see the spoilers, because they are images in isolation and the point is how that part is articulated with the rest of the show.... The screen props could be part of the ceremony itself... We do not know yet, since it takes part of an art exhibition.... so it would not be a spoiler... Let's see what that "fire pole" means and how it is articulated with the rest of the ceremony,,,,, I want to see more!!!!
  5. They seem sort of bloated doves.... something like this... ???? (Nagano 1998 OC)
  6. Yes... very annoying, unwise... But let's see this Korea's marching as a sign of a true Olympic Truce in a very tense moment... anyway it will make history!!! But it's not fair!!!
  7. Surely they have a fan in the pole as we have seen since Beijing...
  8. I don't agree both Koreas to march unified as they did in Sydney, Athens and Torino. It has been a hard work of SK to get here... and the permaent threatening of their Northern neighboors has only blurried the organization... NK do not deserve to march as the unified team.... Since we all know that Kim Jong-Il has any intention at all to make peace with SK...
  9. They plan to last 2 hours by "hurrying" athletes during the parade... How can they obbey the "walk fast!" command in such time of enjoy and hapiness??? It may works with Korean people, but not for people from all the globe... It surely will last, at least, 2.5 hours ... Unless the artistic segment be too short... even shorter than Athens and Rio (the shortest ones)... But now we knoe that we are going to watch another "low budget" ceremony... Rio overcame it perfectly!!! and the show was memorable!!!!
  10. Are they protective pannels from the cold?? or may be they used for projections, too????
  11. it's completely not understandable that thay did not take in consideration those cold wheather factors for foreigners when they planned this removable stadium...
  12. I do not undrerstand a word!!!! Are they gogint to build a roof??? Or just to give the heat pack???
  13. From 2018 Olympics on, the 3 oaths in the Opening Ceremonies will be unified as one.... https://www.olympic.org/news/athletes-to-take-the-lead-as-oaths-at-future-olympic-games-openings-are-unified
  14. Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic emblems unveiled at 2 and 3 months, respectively, away from 2018 closing ceremonies...
  15. A polemic plan has been recently announced: The Sydney 2000 stadium, currently known as ANZ Stadium, is planned to be demolished and re built as a soccer-rugby stadium.... It has gathered a controversy in New South Wales goverment, since the stadium is lamost new and with very few use... Here is the piece of news about it http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/sydney-2000-olympic-stadium-to-be-demolished-and-rebuilt
  16. USA 2016, COPA AMÉRICA CENTENARIO - CENTENNIAL AMERICA CUP VERACRUZ 2014 - JUEGOS CENTRO AMERICANOS Y DEL CARIBE - CARIBEAN AND CENTRO AMERICAN GAMES This is not a Games ceremony itself, but a ceremony to celebrate the Chilean Bicentennial Independence. Held in September 2010 on the facade of La Moneda, goverment house Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 ARGENTINA 2011, COPA AMERICA - AMERICA CUP
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