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  1. Ok.. and here we are after PyeongChang... waiting foe CWG ceremonies... Anyway.. I think whatever what we are going to see will be better than Glasgow opening.... on my top 3 of the worst ceremonies ever...
  2. Documentary of the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Just in Korean... Any English version?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZKMYVhtks Link for the complete Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics 2018. Available only for Latin American countries, Spoken in Spanish. I fyou want to watch, use a VPN for any Latin America country.
  4. Sochi 2014 Paralympics OC was so spectacular, too... but a little slow to my likes.... and it tended to get boring for a while... but this year the Opening Ceremony of Paralympics in PyeongChang was even better than the Olympics thelselves... They did took the maximum advantage of their available resources, the projections and light display... truly fantastic!!! I think this is the very first time than the Paralympics ceremony is better than he Olympic ceremonies... Even though in Rio some parts of the Paralympics OC was more awesome than the Olympics, too.... But this time, the
  5. Two days after, I was able to watch the Closing... It continues the tendence that has been given since London which is the Closing Ceremony is sometimes (or even) better than the Opening Ceremony... There were spectaculaar moments such as the led pagodas, the turtle segment and the a little psychodelic "time" segment.... Demostration of how modern Korea is and how it embraces the present future and traditions all together... I really liked since segments sometimes seemed to be prepared for the Opening... The drones again seemed so arificial made for the TV... I
  6. You should use a VPN for any Latin America country, excepting Brazil. It's Spanish spoken (Mexico) http://olimpicos.marcaclaro.com/videos/detalle/video-ceremonia-completa-pyeongchang-2018-809776/
  7. Torino 2006 by Yoko Ono and Peter Gabriel, London 2012 by a children choir, Baku 2015 by Lady Gag and now. ...
  8. My review. I have three words to describe it: simple, elegant and emotional. The intro video came back the non-written tradition of recap the past Games (that was done at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Atlanta, Athens and London) very original the posters on walls, planes and magazines… I liked both intro segments. At some points it quite reminded me the OC of Kuala Lumpur SEA Games due to the rounded shape stage and the projections on it. The Athletes Parade was incredibly punctual, fast, nimble and entertaining. We never had time to get bored as it happens in other Pa
  9. There are some missing parts on the drones segment: I didn't see the movements of the skier and the dove flying... WHY?....
  10. I loved the ceremony : simple, elegant, artistic , talented. ... Loved the ice track of the cauldron. .. Yes. .. A very good ceremony!
  11. The order of segments remindme Guadalajara: artistic between the official ceremonies
  12. I loved the led segment. ... Still it very remindsorry me the stage of Kuala Lumpur SEA Games
  13. Just some minutes away from another Olympic Opening Ceremony, this time I will recapitulate some Winter Games cauldrons and the way how they were lit.... Inssbruck 1976. The distinctive feature of this lit, was the second cauldron. Since the caudron in Innsbruck was lit for a second time just with 12 years apart. In 2012 a third cauldron was added due to the Winter YOG. Lake Placid 1980. The first mechanical winter Cauldron. After it was lit, it went up to the top pf the structure. Sarajevo 1984. Lit by Sadra Dubravcic, the torch
  14. I am expecting to see a good show, colorfull and entertaining... I am forgeting about watching a total "wow show" a la Beijing 2008... since till the Regional Games (Pan Am, SEA Games etc) have reached the level of the Olympic shows, so every year we can see a spectacular Olympic style show... I liked Rio 2016 Ceremony since it was vivid, simple but too well done with amazing talent and creativity! .... Let's add now another Olympic Ceremony to our files....
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