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  1. No In summer games it never happens. In winter games. There are spaces foe athletes... I insist in the fact that Jerusalem has to be played during the Green and Pleasant segment. Must be almost unaviodable since the leyend of Glastonbury is related with the poem...
  2. Probably the tree wil be removed. The meadow is just for the opening segment "Green and pleasant". Boyle stated after this the stage will change... The meadow is also to be enjoyed by the public inside the stadium more than the audience for tv...
  3. Jersualem may sounds too English for british festivity, but anyway it's a breathtaking composition that also reminds us the movie Chariots of Fire related woth the Olympics, too... It would be nice to hearing that song during the opening segment "Green and pleasant". By the way, that name was taken from its lyrics... So, I think it's highly probable that it will be played...
  4. I am blowing in emotion to see such pics. Nevertheless, Boyle stated it was just the opening segment "Green and pleasant". I guess the song "Jerusalem" will be displayed at the time... or not?? After this opening segment the scene in the stadium will change... so.. how could be all that grass removed in a few minutes??? Boyle states he was prepared to feel "failed" ... What does he mean? That makes me worry... could this ceremony would be such spectacular or he is telling that some of us could find it dissapointing??
  5. The 81 million budget includes both ceremonies of the Paralympics... No. it was the second segment. The opening segment was the Fou drummers...
  6. Yes, all official channels do so... But the official broadcast is only one. Always different shots come from NBC broadcast... According to me, NBC always takes horrible shots for non US countries Olympic hosts. In Beijing they could not take any horrile image. Chinese think in everything hehehehe... NBC broadcast for Torino Opening Ceremony was a mess, they always took shots of people moving around the stage and it really seemed a huge desorganized show. The international broadcast show a tidy show, though!!!!
  7. I don't think so. I think that circular shape is part of the movable stage for artist to come up and down the field... As in recent ceremonies have donde so...
  8. If the caludron is outside the stadium as the original poject states, How is gonna be lit? are they gonna make fly someone again till get the cauldron?? Or in a firework display? I imagine sth like this. Remember the Queen Baton for Commonweatlh Games in 2002 entered the stadium haging out in a gas ball with a dancer that carried it... Sth similar is gonna happen? I mean, sth related to "fly"?
  9. For "Fun" do you mean the pre shows on the ceremonies??? I remember the lawnmower driver sketch for the closing in Sydney. It was all inspired on the funny Marathon segment previous to the closing in Barcelona. Also the mime that made joke of the cauldron malfunction in Vancouver....
  10. I remember have watched Atlanta's dress rehearsal parts on TV. Even in Barcelona there was many international media on the rehearsal. Since Athens, that came into a national secret. I remember I red that year that some people who attended the dress reharsal in OAKA Stadium were selling information to the international press. What Korean did with Chinese by airing images of the dress rehearsal was not fair, but anyway I was eager looking for those images!!! I think Vancouver Opening Ceremony has been the most secret ever, because none knew antyhing until the very moment of the broadcast. For the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara, there were many people who posted images of the rehearsal on youtube and, as Beijing did, they decided to show one minute of the official version to be broadcasted on Internet and TV... What is going to happen this year?? Should Britishers be able to keep such secret as Canadians did perfectly???
  11. I did not watch the NBC broadcast, Im from Chile... I watched the international one. In some videos on youtube there are segment fom antoher direction such as the Klepsidra segment that was shown on Korean TV...
  12. I can not believe it!!! Why we could not see that on TV??? I always thought that that part was a big fail in the ceremony... After Bjork song, they started inmediately with the video previous to the olympic runner of "Athens to Athens" segment... Don't forget that the flying segment previous to light the flame in Beijing was taken from the Athens flying athletes....
  13. Cidade Maravilhosa was sang at the 2007 Panamerican Games Opening Ceremony and it was used for one of the bid clips shown on IOC meeting in 2009. It would be so repetitive. Brazil has an incredible diversity and a extremely rich culture, full of songs... I think the handover in London will bring warm, color and joyfull to the cold Britishers...
  14. I think a cauldron coming out from water would remain inmediately Sydney┬┤s ligthing. This image is too fresh in our memories to do that just two version after the first time. I don't like the idea of an internal cauldron like Seoul '88. I think this time cauldron has not deal with water to be ignited. After Sydney we have seen many cauldron on the water: Rio 2007 Pan American Games, the cauldron was a sun cirsular shape rolling on a waterfall, Special Olympics in Shangai, also in 2007, was a ring shape cauldron into the water, YOG Singapore cauldron, too... A firework display have been seen many ocations so far (Athens Paralympics, Torino 2006, Guangzhou Asian Games) For me on the best lighting ever was just made by "man force" with the arrow in Barcelona 1992. Epic!!!! In Athens the cauldron has the torch shape in giant. Beijing was something similar, scrolled paper as the torch, and in Guadalajara Panamerican Games, the main cauldron at Omnilife Stadium was a cauldron version of the torch... So far, one the most elegant cauldron desing for me is Salt Lake one!!!!
  15. According to the images have been posted here, we can guess that the ceremonies's colors would be cold ones, predominating blue. As Boyle said, he was inspired by Frankestein, I think he reffers to the play which is carried out in blue colors, too.
  16. /\/\ I think Nacho, that would be too Vegas-y. Think Bellagio. And they already had "dancing fountains" but smaller ones Maybe... But water should more active this time and not pasive as in Athens was. In Guangzhou Opening Ceremony there were jet skies, sinc swim and waterfalls.... We have seen more "active" water in newest ceremonies....
  17. Wow!!! What a pic!!11 It gives us the idea of how is it going to be! Water around the main stage and a movile piece of it on the core... Interesting! Looks like Athens. but the water around the stage I think this time would not be a quiet one like in Athens, but active such the waterfalls we saw at the Opening Ceremony in Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 (look at the pic) May the water have some projections on the waterfalls... Dear! I can not wait anymore!!!!
  18. Ok... So, analyzing the Heatherwick artwork I can imagine the design of the cauldron... Curves, layers and nails... Can you imagen a mixture of all of this in just one tower to hold the Olympia sacred symbol???? It seems so vanguardistic!!!
  19. I meant: THE DESIGNER of the Olympic cauldron... Oops!!!
  20. According what I have seen on the web, the artwork of Thomas Heatherwick, tge seignder of the Olympic cauldron, it should be full of curves and layers. On the web there is a concept of how the cauldron could be. Visit: http://liamhoughton.com/gallery/index.php?album=Design/olympics#5
  21. I insist in the idea od double cauldron... I'd like to have to if Santiago gets the Panamerican Games, One in the stadium and one in downtown. London could do so, that is the way to say "London has the games" and not only "The Olympic parks has the games", can you see???
  22. It has a speciall sense, It is the very first time in history that the Handover is for an South American city!!!!!
  23. What I am really eager for the Closing is to watch the Rio 2016 handover!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3895157378913&set=a.1004739440271.2000789.1278424561&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3895157378913&set=a.1004739440271.2000789.1278424561&type=3&theater

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