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  1. No, this time this site has the rights for Sochi and Rio. And I guess for Toronto Pan Ams, too http://www.unotv.com
  2. If you want to watch LIVE events in Sochi you can watch them on www.unotv.com It's a Mexican site. On Internet you can choose live events covered on different live channels. Up to London Olympics, there were "on air" channel according to the events that are going on.... Sometimes it can reach up to 9 or 10 "on air" channels at a time. Channel 1 is with commentaries but the others don't. An excelent option to watch live Olympics. It's a system just for Latin America, but there are programs on the web that make you able to change the ID of yor country in your PC...
  3. For Godsake!!!!! The emotion is watching it live!!!! For the latest Summer Olympics (Beijng and London) in Chile they broadcasted live and they repeat the full ceremony at prime time. In London, both TV channels who covered live the Opening Ceremony repeated the Ceremony at prime hour, obtaining high ratings, as well. For Winter Olympics is more difficult, despite we have a lot of natural condtitions to host the OWG we are in SUMMER!!! and no major interest is giteen by people. In Torino and Vancouver, they higlighted ceremonies and events everyday and on weekends full evening wirh recorded and live events (despite no having major attention) This time, sadly, open TV channels will no cover anything and we have to watch them on ESPN or Fox Sports that will cover events (including both ceremonies) full time for Latin America, also on the Internet in www.unotv.co. Vancouver was broadcaested live by ESPN and they repeted full opening ceremonies during the night and in the morning next day. I don't now about repetition this time... Anyway, Internet coverage will have different channels where you can choose what you want to watch (as we watched Vancouver and London Olympics and Guadalajara Pan Ams) For me Internet coverage is far better than TV. Waching delay ceremonies where the whole world (literally) is discusing about it on Social Networks, really have no sense and rid off all the emotion of live event...
  4. Eternal testing... As the Torch relay have suffered a variety of fails, they don't want that karma in the official cauldron....
  5. Thanks A lot!!! In Chile any TV Channel is going to cover the WOG... Really thanks!!!!!
  6. Rosario, Argentina to bid for 2023 Pan Am Games Remember Rosario was withdrawn instead La Punta for 2019 race. Now, with Rosario running, and 2 possible bids (Santiago and Medellín) 2023 seems again to be South American Pan Ams. http://www.impulsonegocios.com/contenidos/2014/01/07/Editorial_28859.php
  7. Which gave us a great posibility to be a strong contende (REAL strong this time....) And the race should be between Santiago and Medellín...
  8. Anyway, the totally perfect syncronization, bordering madness, reminds us totallitarian regimes. Just pay attention at the Mass Games in North Korea, totally mass perfect, but ... oh! such poor people!!!! They make it for a box of groceries which includes a chicken, the big prize. Look at the Opening ceremonies for FIFA World Cup in Argentina 1978, under a military regime http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23oWt_gcrTQ
  9. Nice!!! I like it. Nothing new, but I like it.... Will this show be involved as a part of the Opening Ceremony?? May be after the lighting of the cauldron.... I think an important part of the display are the areal shoots where we could see the Olympic rings formed by the water...
  10. We have discussed about Tulsa or an US bid. Is it official? If they are merely speculations, we shouldn't duscuss so much until it is. As fas as I know, Vásquez Raña wants to encourage US to bid, but no ofiicial response has been given, yet... BTW: I don't want any US city for 2023 race, Santiago would be totally lost... Even with Tulsa, I think.
  11. Lesser event? the second sport event with more numbers of SPORT EVENTS after the Olympics. More than Commonwealth Games, More tha Asian Games... "Lesser" post, indeed, "lesser" information about Pan Ams
  12. The fact of bidding with an US city is they want to locate the Pan Am Games in the US Sport map. They watch the Pan Ams like "The B Team Games" and I don't think the Pan Am in US soil change their minds about these continental Games. We still expect that 2023 Pan Am could be South American Games, the second in a row. An US bid lay to rest any chance to Santiago to become a host city....
  13. So... I guess the spouts should be in colors, don't they??? For moments I thought those rings could be fire rings on water at Sydney and Salt Lake style....
  14. The Opening Ceremony of SEA Games in Myanmar FULL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYknHX0h3XA&list=FL5Q73za55gUevM4OUJYXwIA&index=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYknHX0h3XA&list=FL5Q73za55gUevM4OUJYXwIA&index=1
  15. Anyway, we have not bidded for those games. Bad information...
  16. Honey, the pictures you have seen IS the cauldron ITSELF!!!!! NO secrets this time....
  17. A new pic from SSC with the ignited cauldron... Taken just yesterday evening, Sochi time.
  18. Precisely, the huge mistake that Piñera goverment did at 2019 bid was taken it as a political issue and not as a sport issue. Anyway, if the new goverment give the support again, despite of being a political issue, may be not as notorious as it was. It's just a merely suposition of myself. If it will. it will be in responde to the sea territorial issue we have with Peru, wichi its final desition will be known next January in La Haya (which, honestly, I think Perú will win)
  19. As far as I know, we have not bidded for any othetr sport event but Pan Am. Lima may be, not Santiago.
  20. Pacific Games?? No, we have not bidded for those games.
  21. I think is too early to talk about possible bids. Anyway, after the epic fail of Santiago in Toronto for 2019 games, the president of Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) has said that Santiago will bid for 2023 Games. He stated: "Chile tomó un camino y ese camino no lo debe abandonar. Si lo abandona, todo lo que se ha hecho no sirve de nada y es un volver a partir de nuevo" Translation: "Chile has taken a road and we have not to leave it. If we do, everything we have done wil be useless and it will be like start from square one" http://www.adnradio.cl/noticias/deportes/presidente-del-coch-chile-debe-postular-de-inmediato-a-los-juegos-panamericanos-2023/20131021/nota/1999072.aspx http://www.vivedeportes.cl/vdnoticias/videos/el-coch-ya-piensa-en-los-panamericanos-2023 Vásquez Raña has encoruraged the US to bid with Miami, but the USOC are too interested in gettting the Olympics for 2024. If Miami bids, Santiago we have a strong contender, but anyway the road for 2027 will be done. If it doesn't, the chances will be greater. Besides, the US doesn't take a major importance to the Pan Am event like a Southamerican country does. (Peru, for instance. They are taking advantage for the bid to make dramatic improvements in the city) By the time of the election (2017, it sould be) Santiago wil have hosted 3 important events that could strongly help to the bid: the South American Games in 2014, the America Cup and FIFA U - 17 World Cup, both in 2015. An important contender for Santiago could be Medellín, which also hosted the South American Games in 2010. Colombia has hosted important international events such as the World Games in 2013. The advantage that Santiago could have is it wil be the second bid in a row (which is not determinant) According to the rotation... is it determinant? Remember that Toronto came just after Guadalajara. The point is Mexico and Canada are not bordering countries and their culture is too different. Not the case of Perú and Chile, which could be a danger facot for Chile's bid. Anothet important factor is the goverment support. Piera goverment has totally suported the 2019 bid, but in 2014 the oposition wil take over the goverent. With Michelle Bachelet as head of the country, we don't know if she will support a bid. Anyway, in her previous goverment, she got 2008 FIFA U - 20 Women World Cup and the 2014 South American Games. She is too respected in the politics area, not the same for Sebastian Piñera, who was over critisized not insode Chile, but all over the politic area. Anyway, we have recently recovering from this kick in our ass after the poor support we got in the recent 2019 bid election.
  22. http://www.vivedeportes.cl/vdnoticias/videos/el-coch-ya-piensa-en-los-panamericanos-2023
  23. Neven Ilic, president of Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) stated Santiago will bid for 2023 Pan Am Games. (Note in Spanish) http://www.adnradio.cl/noticias/deportes/presidente-del-coch-chile-debe-postular-de-inmediato-a-los-juegos-panamericanos-2023/20131021/nota/1999072.aspx He stated. "Chile took a road, and we will not quit. If we do, everything which have been done so far will be useless and should be like start from square one" Personally speaking bidding for 2023 is a strong challenge. Vasquez Raña is encouraging US to bid and this make things too difficut. On the other hand, US is interested in an Olympic bid for 2024. Just in that case Chile bid could be possible. Two bordering countries hosting 2 games in a row should be unpreceded. Besides, Chile at that time will have already hosted 3 important international events: South American Games in 2014, America Cup in 2015 and FIFA U-17 World Cup also in 2015..... Should it be possible??
  24. Yes!! It should be... By coincidence the Spanish word LLAMA stands for two meanings:The Andean animal and for FLAME... When is spanish we reffer to "The Olympic flame" we say "La LLAMA Olímpica" So, this time the very word LLAMA reffers to the Animal and the flame itself. by saying "LA LLAMA PANAMERICANA" (the animal and the flame just in one Do you agree? Visit this link and you will see the two words in one concept: http://www.cuy-arts.com/?reg=3&pag=gdibujos&regp=1#
  25. Or May be a typical llama, which is very close to Inca's civilization Or May be both, An inca children and his llama...
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