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  1. Lima finaly will host the 2019 Pan Am Games. They rectified the Games with goverment support for 2019. It has been said that Chile was aware to take over the host if they withdraw. Nevertheles, it has been said it was a way of pressure from ODEPA - PASO to COP (Peruvian Olympic Committee) Anyway Chile again is left on the way :( By the way the discussion, Lima has hosted many important events. Indeed it will host 2017 IOC session. Santiago now has to wait for next bid process in 2017 to the race for 2023 Pan Am Games, facing bids such Medellín and a posible Central America bid. A hard race to Santiago....
  2. Ok.... as you hard understood in the previous awful post (I really hate writting on the phone) the reasons Lima could lose their right to host 2019 Pan Am is due to the lack of support of Peruvian goverment which did not approved the necessary budget for organization purposes this year, which means Lima will not have any advance in 2015. Peruvian Olympic committee chairman Jose Quiñones, dropped out just yesterday (January 8) and the Peruvian Institute of sports (the organization in charge of Peruvian sport) is ran out of a president for more than a month and still has no a poposal name to take it over.... Just in case Peru is revoked from the games, Santiago will take over the right to host just in case the goverment accept the proposal. Anyway. Chilean president Michelle Bachelet in her farewell to the Olympians who participated in Naning 2014 past July (2014) asked Chilean Olymic Committee (COCH) to bid for 2023 Pan Am, having all goverment support to get them.... Only next Tuesday January 13, a special meeting of ODEPA - PASO will define if 2019 Pan Am continue in Lima or not....
  3. When Lima got the games un 2013 un Toronto ODEPA is hsving a meeting yo decide the future of 2019 host city... If they área un Lima indeed ir move ti another city. Santiago should be the ODEPA electiob to host ir if Lima lose the organization. Just days before Chilena delegation través ti 2014 YOG in Nanjing, president Michelle Bachellet asked the Chilean Oltmpic Comitee to bid for 2023 Pan Am.... Next January 13, ODEPA will say their desition... Hate writting con muy phone.... I'll explain it better in muy laptop
  4. He es. Lima could lost the right to host the 2019 Pan Am, sincero the Peruvian goverment did not approved the budget to support the organizacional issues, which means in 2015 any advance is to be made for the games. President of Olympic Peruvian Commitee (COP) dropped his chairman charge arguing missapropiation of funds. Jose Quiñones was the Head ti get the ga
  5. Yes. Lima could lose the white user host de hannah merican james
  6. It's official: Santiago. Chile will bid for 2023 Panamerican Games. The Chilean proesident, Michel Bachelet, asked herself to the Chilean Olympic Commitee to submit a bid for the Games. In the formal send - off of the Chilean Olympians who wil participate in Nanjing 2014, she totally confirmed her support for this new bid which comes after the failed 2019 bid lost to Lima. The news (Taken from Canal 13, Chile. Translated woth google) http://www.13.cl/t13/deportes/presidenta-bachelet-quiere-que-chile-se-postule-a-los-panamericanos-2023 The president asked the Chilean Olympic Committee (Coch) which formally begin working in his bid for the games. During the farewell of the Chilean delegation to represent the country at the Olympic Youth Games 2014 in the Chinese city of Nanging the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, asked the president of the Olympic Committee of Chile, Neven Ilic, run for the organization of the Pan 2023. "The president has asked us to postulate, so we have the full support of her and the government," said the manager of Coch. Ilic, said after the meeting in La Moneda, which will start work from today. "It's a joint task because the Olympic Committee has no tools to run alone. With this support, we can start the negotiations." President Michelle Bachelet also used to fire the 15 athletes who will participate in the sporting event in China until 28 August. "It's a wonderful opportunity for you and for the country to attend an event of this magnitude," she said.
  7. It has bee, today, one week from the opening Ceremony and now I'd like to share my feelings about it. Well, I still find It was boring... but after I highlighted, the ceremony totally had a free way to show the segments. Despite being totally Scotish centered with no a "universal language" as OC tend to be, it gave an original and unique style. Tha dancing chair segment was the most visual one of the whole ceremony. The parade, indeed, was the most entertaining part of the ceremony, which finally gives the real sense of an OC: the Athletes parade. Puppies carrying the countries names, instead people, was so adorable and cute. Too original and it surely will be a new idea for future ceremonies as it was to present countries by continents. Nevertheless, the tiresome clips about UNICEF were sort of nerve racking... giving the feeling it was a sort of Telethon.... Anyway it is not a ceremony who I can watch once and again, since the opening musical segment - which could seem a Scotish spin-off of the Frankie & June say Thanks Tim segment - for me could be too far for my own environment to catch its spirit... Not as it happens to me with the 2011 Pan American Games OC which I can watch once and again... or may be, it was definitely BORING!!! not suitable for an Opening Ceremony, in my own opinion. Besides, the hostess - the blond short hair girl - was not so nice to give a welcome... what I mean for "not so nice" I reffer she has no the needed charm to catch the attention of audiences.... she sounded sometimes sort of unfriendly, despite having the concept of "friendly games"... A different ceremon, too local, too Scotish which could set up a model for future ceremonies: to localize a lot in their own culture and avoid cliche ceremonies due to their "universal language".... It's a matter to watch next years, as London did...
  8. The most boring Opening Ceremony I have ever seen... Nagano and Glasgow are the top boring ceremonies ever... And that was all, no more commentaries are needed to describe it...
  9. It is said the ceremony will start with the demolition of the Red Road flats... which will be totally unseen in any ceremony.. a live demolition!!! http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/13/plan-demolish-tower-block-commonwealth-games-opening-ceremony-scrapped
  10. France 1998 Worlc Cup Opening Ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDRdw0R0bIQ
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omVBTzKSscc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omVBTzKSscc No!! It isn't working for me
  12. Why can I not post the video, but only the link? Can someone help me please?
  13. The growing size ceremonies in every event, such the Universiade Olympic scale ceremonies, I totally think is due to the massive impact of social networks and YouTube. Past decades few people had access to those ceremonies, unles they were Olympic ones, but today in every corner of the planet you can watch them live or on the video. Today, ceremonies are forever, not only for the moment... By the way... I'm looking for a good version of Salt Lake 2002 Opening Ceremonies... where can i have it? Here you have the Opening Ceremony of the X South American Games (Odesur Games) held in Santiago de Chile on March 7. Commentaries in Spanish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0lvZKpZUnw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0lvZKpZUnw
  14. The Final draw will be on October 27 in Viña del Mar, one of the host cities.
  15. Renovations in the National Stadium have been a too controversial point. In 2010 was supposed to have a big renovation, but the total lack of planification rid off all plans. After this polemic "renovation" (which the fieldtrack was changed, the inside VIP rooms and the changing rooms were enlarged and and they reduced the capacity from 80.000 to 65.000 due to the instalation of individual sits) no new renovation has been announced, just plans... but with no confirmations. It has been said that a roofing stadium is too complicated due to the structure itself (???)... The other stadiums have suffered a major renovation, specially Concepción and Temuco's. Yes, they are small but the population of those cities is not enough to make biger stadiums. That is why...
  16. There will be 12 countries participating in thechampionship, which os the oldest in the world for soccer national team selections. 2 invited countries will take part: - Argentina - China (invited) - Paraguay - Bolivia - Colombia - Perú - Brasil - Ecuador - Uruguay - México (invited) - Venezuela - Chile (host)
  17. In the 2015 America Cup, there are 8 Venues: SANTIAGO Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos CONCEPCIÓN Estadio Ester Roa Rebolledo VALPARAÍSO Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander VIÑA DEL MAR Estadio Sausalito ANTOFAGASTA Estadio Calvo y Bascuñán LA SERENA Estadio La Portada TEMUCO Estadio Germán Becker RANCAGUA Estadio El Teniente
  18. The brand for America Cup Chile 2015 to be scheduled from June 11 to July 4 Video logo launching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLJz2uT0YJk&feature=youtu.be
  19. http://www.lanacion.cl/noticias/deportes/otros-deportes/ministra-del-deporte-no-descarta-postular-a-los-panamericanos-2023/2014-03-27/181152.html
  20. Pan Am Winter Games are not possible. After they cancelled to host the Winter Pan Am, no other try was done, and I think it has no sense to do it. Only could compete Canada, USA in the north.... any country in Central America (Jamaica may be) and Argentina and Chile in the south... No future can be found on those games... About 2023 Pan Ams, the Sport Minister in Chile has stated that Chile could bid again for the Pan Ams with Santiago. After the organization of the South American Games, which were a success in terms of public (nobody expected that people could catch such attention) now they are talking about of giving another try. This time, she said, Santiago can bid "with humble and with caution, following step by step"... The 2019 bid, which Santiago strongly lost against Lima, was overcritized for the arogant attitude they took. Now with an organizative experience and the venues that were the legacy of the South American Games, and the organization of the 2015 America Cup (soccer) and the U 17 FIFA world cup the same year, could give a better perspective of the organizational issue. Also... Chile MUST talk about those time they withdraw the Pan Ams (1975 and 1987) ... Nevertheless with New Orleans in race, it become an uphill climb race to Chile and South American bids.
  21. Just a few hours later than the Opening Ceremony in Sochi, the X South American Games Opening Ceremony will be held in Santiago de Chile Participate in the forum: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23707-south-american-games-santiago-2014/
  22. Witj New Orleans either Santiago nor any South American bid have chances.. NO NO NO... New ORLEANS NO!!!!!
  23. I did not watch the Opening Ceremony... I don't find a lin to watch it on the web... Can you send me a link to it, please? When are they going to upload the full ceremony on Youtube??
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