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  1. If in these Games were not records and high marks recorded as happened in the Olympics an Pan Am which, also have sport stars on their editions (here no stars were present) Can be they considered as a succesfull Games? Or is it "only" a good way to start? (OMG Can't believe it, Claro Sports streaming includes spots breaks)
  2. The top performance for Ode to Joy was in Barcelona '92 when that child sang it at the end of the ceremony.... and the Marching band in Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony was amazing, too.....
  3. There can be a ceremon without cheesy children singing for peace?? For God Sake??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. At least we can watch it live... also the skirt opening segment was too anoying for me... so I decided to unblock on YouTube the English transmition and I could watch it.... Live transmition you can not unblocked by Zalmos Web Proxy.... Only videos alerady published.... Anyway Enjoy by Claro Sports....
  5. For Latin America you can see it by Claro Sports page, That is why we have blocked th YouTube transmition Here is the link LATIN AMERICA ONLY!!!! http://www.clarosports.com/especiales/baku-2015/
  6. No way!!!! I enjoyed Sochi's CC a lot!!! Taking away the emotion and eager feeling of every OC, I think Sochi CC was even beter than the OC. It was, according to me, the third time than the CC was beter than the OC: Nagano, London and Sochi.
  7. Wow!!! That can only happen in countries were athorities won't report anything to anybody... The budget can not be twice of London ceremonies.... By the way Glasgow.... it is in of my own list of the 3 top worst ceremonies ever....
  8. There is no need to be so flamboyant to make it proffesional...As a matter of fact, I totally agree that athletic events are to take place in a small stadium.... One of the reasons the current crissis in the orgaization of muti sport events (subsequent withdraws of prevoiusly elected host, no interest in hosting, the growing rejection of citizens to host mult sport events in their cities, the increasing lack of support of goverments that have led to flexibilization of sport programs in terms that not only one city can host all events) is the lavish way of organization... Believe me.... all venues in Baku are potential white elephants... People are not entusiatic any more to host such kind of events in their cities... because they see the waste of money is unnecesary and extravagant. May Toronto set a precedent to "simplfy" Games. The list of waste of money and white elephants has had not stop since Athens 2004... Simplier Games are a way to rescue multi sport events... otherwise, they are going directy to the death...
  9. I think we have already seen the most spectacular Opening ceremon of the year: Baku... And I have to mention than Singapore SEA Games was truly spectacular, too despite it was a Sochi ceremony deja vu.... I think Cirque du Soleil will present a cool show... but I wonder if it is going to be spectacular enough to be held in that stadium.... Anyway, I think we won't be disapointed...
  10. Even though it was not an original ceremony, the torch lighting really was.... the fact the final lighting was not executed by an thlete, who previously "lighted" the flame "underground" was a totally new and original concept.... And the Papaioannou seal was clear: theatrical and plastic executions. His best claimed segment was repeated: Klepsidra, which has been one of the most remembered segment in any ceremony so far.... A total eclipse, as the cauldron lighting, may set a precedent for cauldron ligthtings from now on, to be not the classical torch lighting by athletes, but to take part of the show itself and not a separated segment... Lady Gaga performance made me clear remember the Yoko Ono same performance in Torino 2006 Opening Ceremony. (At a first glance, the stage itself looked as the "heart" of Torino 2006) I really liked it and I can predict it will be the best ceremony of the year, although we have Toronto Pan Am, Summer Universiade and Special Olympics ceremonies to see... And having already watched SEA Games ceremony (en excelent ceremony at Olympic scale, but a totally Sochi deja vu) and some ceremonies at a lower scale and can say it wil be "The ceremony of the year" Just a curious point: All ceremonies which have been taken place in a city starting with "B" have been memorables ones: Barcelona, Beijing and now Baku... As it is said in Spanish: "B de BUENO" (BUENO: Good)
  11. The stream is blocked in my country!!!!! What can I do!!!
  12. It is my country.... and I hated the Opening Ceremony... I ranked it myself as one of the worst Opening Ceremonies I have ever watched.... Dissapointing, boring, disorganised and dark.... In Argentina 2011 there was more work in the preparation.... Anyway, some pics of it...
  13. The aereal view... I can see the stage very similar to the one used in Torino 2006 ceremonies... ??????
  14. :D :lol: Your honesty really sucks!!!!!! :P :lol:
  15. OMG!!! Any spoiler post for the Opening Ceremony??? How can they keep this secret so strongly????
  16. Are they having reharsals only weeks before the opening day??? Are they only cast of Cirque du Soleil.... Today I watched the SEA Games Opening in Singapore.... and I got anxious about the Pan Am ceremonies....
  17. We are a week to go to the Opening match of Copa America Chile 2015 Here in Santiago people start to talk about it everywehere and there is a feeling of expectation.... The Opening Ceremony is scheduled before the match, on June 11. The show will be a display of lights and acrobacy. The court won't be used. Spanish coreographer Hanzel Cereza is in charge to direct the show. He was the creative director of La Fura del Baus, which created the Barcelona '92 Opening Ceremony. The show will be centered on Latin America values and their citizens.... Soundtrack will be original compositions by Salvador Niebla. The show will last 20 minutes.
  18. The Opening Ceremony was great!!! Singapore really wants to reach Olympic scale in the organization!!! Totally Sochi style: projections on the floor and a lot of aereals... The lighting of the flame was a Sochi deja vu. Something wrong?? Yes!!! The hosts... I could not enjoy some parts, their yells were annoying for moments.... But in general, An Olympic scale Ceremony....
  19. Anyone knows something about the Opening Ceremony???? We are almost just one month to go, and no news about it..... I can't wait for spoiler post!!!!
  20. Does anyone know something about the Opening Ceremony? Any spoiler post? ?????
  21. LA '84 Opening Ceremony Full caption: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glAu9xxlMJ8 1984 Winter Olympics Sarajevo OC. (Just videos, not full replay) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx5Yp97_IPE 1980 Moscow Olmpics Opening Ceremony (artistic segments) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--P2a6ElRbw
  22. The dove segment just remind me the World Cup Opening Ceremony from Spain 1982.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSp585pWQVc U don't remember if I posted this: The Opening Ceremony of X South American Games held in March 2014 in Santiago de Chile. Full replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0lvZKpZUnw
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