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  1. Completely...I don't know what was their intention (despite their channel is "What's inside...?") but making this with an Olympic Torch which a a symbol of many thigs... I feel really dumb and a total supine ignorance... I do't know if I am exagerating, but I fell that making that "experiment" is equivalent to dry the floor with the pages of the last encyplopedia by taking their pages out... really, man.... unthinking, stupid, uncultured, iliterate.... It's a reall monstruosity
  2. I cant believe such level of ignorance, stupidiity and lack of respect----
  3. This could be for this aereal bamd??? watch this... https://www.facebook.com/1420056592/videos/10210248838403616/
  4. And they can have many technological resources but few creativity as Russians ceremonies tend to do: - Kazan 2013 was a sort of Olympic style ceremony, but it was a mixture of Athens and Vancouver.... Completely full of resources but none saw anything new... - Sochi 2014 ceremonies had the same issue: full of resources but I think nobody can deny they were Vancouver 2.0 ceremonies... Again, anything new... - Kazan 2015 FINA OC was totally impressive... but ... it was such the level of technological resources that you can get overwhelmed by them.... what about the actor performances??? - Singapore 2015 was really good... but again Vancouver and even Sochi (cauldron lighting) were present... and they were plenty of technology... but what about creativity??? - The use of video clips for London was replied once and again. Most of all the countdown clip: Deaflympics Sofia 2013, Glasglow 2014 OC, SEA Games 2015 Singapore.... - Remember Barcelona 92 ceremonies... few resources but they did something never seen at that time... So imprresive and original... only start with the floor carpet covering on... even tll today, ceremonies resemble Barcelona's... Take a look on EYOF Tbilisi, Georgia 2015 Opening Ceremony....
  5. I think ceremonies should be related more with ART and CREATIVITY (as Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Salt Lake showed) far more than a full technology display!! Come on guys! It seems you have never visited an exposition or a Museum... If you expect to find machines and robots in a Fine Art Museum.... you can probably expect a ceremony full of robots display....
  6. NBC is not the owner of the Games... Many people around the globe wait for their delegationsthe, since its changes the order according to the host Nation... Americans have to sit and wait as the rest of the world do.
  7. Of course... The one who doesn't want to "spoil" the surprise it's easy.... LEAVE THIS FORUM!!!!!!
  8. I talk about this.... Specific in minutes: 5:55 6:25 9:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6NBHx80ovY
  9. NBC has some cool angles not seen in the worlwide boradcast. For segment Pandemonium in London 2012 OC, BBC aires some footages not seen in others networks...
  10. I rather preffer "human" ceremonies instead all the logistic in technological resources used in London or Sochi. In contrast of most of you I DO expect a ceremony style back to 90's. Not all is about resources, huge budgets and full technology as seen in Beijing and lastly in Baku. Barcelona had a too low budget and it still remains as one of the best ceremony in history (for some THE BEST ONE) because more than resources put on hem there were TALENT and ART... and Rio carnivals every year shows that in Brazilian creativity is one of their major strenghts.... I do not expect to top Beijing, Sochi or Baku now in Rio.. but a ceremony made with talent, a lot of creativity, few tchnology and a lot of people.... Mass ceremonies in the style of '84 and '92 WILL BE really great!!!! Technology is not all about .... you, young guys!!!!
  11. It's not dififcult to know that there will be a lot pf ptojections on the floor... as Vancouver, Sochi and other regional Games...
  12. The Ceremony was held on Friday... that prior Wednesday almost the entire ceremony was available on YouTube: Pandemonium and music segmente were complete...
  13. In Sydney 2000 OC there was a segment called Arrival as well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--FSpygLTI8
  14. Totally agree.... Now, the Relay is a waste of time, money fewer people and interested in every relay and media doesn't give the attention it used to have....
  15. Latest days, Chilean flag bearer Erika Olivera - a marathonist - has been reason of intense debates on Chilean media in general... (Written press, radio, TV and Internet) She has conffesed that she was sexually abused by her step father (an Evangelical pastor) for 12 years, since she was 5 to her 17 years old.... She comes from an extreme poor family and she started running as a way to scape from her abussed child life and as a way to scape from her extreme poverty... Intense debate has been tiggered her case about laws of children sexual abuse that centrate in the prescription of those kinds of crimes... Erika ran away from her house when she just turned 18 and never came back. Later, she got a family and has reached many sports achievement (Rio will be her 5th Olympics) She has been considered as an example of strength, her remarkable resilence and the most clear example that sport can take people out from the extreme poverty.... My respects to one of a most well-deserves flag bearer in Chile and the Olympics....
  16. Gosh!!!! What about Daniela Mercury???? I can't believe her name doesn't sound for the OC ...
  17. Remember the Japanese handover for Nagano Olympics in Lillehammer '94 CC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7aT5wbEHdo
  18. DO YOU REMEMBER??? Olympic ceremonies star on that day and today NIKKI WEBESTER - Sydney 2000 RYNE SANBORN (Salt Lake 2002) GIORGIOS SABANIS (Olympic runner, Athens 2004) ANYONE ELSE...?????
  19. Some are saying that this song could be part in the handover ceremony for 2020 Olympics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h91tAw3s2y0
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