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  1. A Brazilian bid seems to be unlikely due to the economic situation in Brazil and... after all problems they had to carry on the Olympics... Are they willing to spend lots of money again in a new major sport event? The race, up to here, is South American again... no Central neither North America to bid... Would Argentina goverment be willing to support again a major sport event after 2018 YOG? (Similiar situation to Brazil) Then, the race is left between Colombia and Chile... Chilean new Sport Minister, Pablo Squella, has declared that bringing the 2023 Panamerican Games to Chile is "a priority" in his administration...
  2. Is there an external cauldron for this paralympic Games????? (The video deleted seemed to be the Olympic lighting, not the Paralympic)
  3. Why in the official ceremony those white strips on the floor weren't used???
  4. It's looks bit small the stage... is that the "projection" area?
  5. No people from this forum in the dress rehearsal?? Or is it without audience inside???
  6. Wow! I think the rain of spoilers are coming again.... This time I don't want to see anything...
  7. When is the dress rehearsal???? Let's continue remembering.... BARCELONA '92 PARALYMPICS OC - Full Replay ATHENS 2004 PARALYMPICS OC
  8. Think about Maracaná Stadium... It's the only one in the world who has hosted two World Cup finals, Pan Am ceremonies, Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies.... It's the only stadium thas has this honour...
  9. At the final act, some of the costumes were pretty alike of those ones used for "The energy of the sun" segment in 2007 Pan Am Opening Ceremony
  10. In the newborn Olympic Channel (Visit it, it's jus AMAZING!!!) you can watch VIVA! the documentary of the Opening Ceremony https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/viva/
  11. Closing Ceremony, Full Replay You need a VPN for any country in Latin America to watch this (except Brazil) Spanish spoken
  12. Totally cool!!! But I was refering to the music that are played during the ceremonies (or after them) for athletics and swimming for instance...
  13. The pic of Tom Jobi projected during the OC, "Girl from Ipanema" segment
  14. Where can I get the Victory Ceremony music??? and the OSB Intro music?? I really love it!!!!
  15. Personally speaking and, considering the low budget, the Rio ceremonies fulfilled my expectations... It has to be remembered as the ceremony of ingenuity, visual effects and joyfull. They were able to give a touch of festivity, in a clear smaller way that we have seen so far, but mantaining the good taste and keeping emotions high. Talkig about the elements of the ceremony: despite projections were a repeated element, had some new effects, as the raising buldings that was an awesome effect. And, precisely, they played so much with the visual effects using geometrical forms and mix of colors, starting with the countdown segment using those piece of silver material that were converted in pillows just by waving them... A massive effect, that we can farly resemble Beijing (mostly when they hited the pillows), but getting an achieved emotional moment. Also I can point out the indigenious shelters and how they interwaved the linens, creating an effect of caleydoscope (I think only visible for TV audiences), the "fight" segment that played with the colors of the space in which ther were "standing" and playing with the shadows of the participants, reaching another original, cheap but very clever effect. Santos Dumont segment was funny, entertaining and very well achieved by showing the city in such nice way using the video resource (strongly introduced in London) The boxes were simple but effective. And the strong ecological message was the break point in comparison with other ceremonies, since they stood in a contemporary issue in a direct way. I loved the flower bikes: another attractive, colorful, familiar and simple idea... and affective again... The rings formation (this time after the parade) was another display of simpliicity and effective idea... The new prize introduced in this ceremony will be another legacy of Rio ceremonies.... The carnival segment was the most lavish segment, by a mass presentation full of color and hapiness (at that point it seemed most of the athletes had abandoned the stadium) In absolute coherence with the full message given along the ceremony, the lighting of the cauldron was simple, smart and ecologic, since they stated it is not possible anymore to burn thousands of CO2 tons to the air by simply showing an Olympic extravaganza... Besides, the money waste it really means (none can deny it) facing sincerely, for the first time, a problem that more than one time we have thought but none said before... No lower points I can poin out, since it was a warm, close, friendly and conciliatory ceremony. No huge technological dislpays but a direct and strong message... I think one of the most strongest for an Olympic ceremony ever... Yes, I liked and I totally agree Ikarus360... The legacy of Rio Opening Ceremony may be the new way to make ceremonies: accordance with the times,answering the population claims, facing real world problems, getting close of people expectation: the end of wasteful spending, a real problem that is threatening the event itself. Just take a look in the recent bid process - not only for Olympics, but regional Games as well - and the high levels of population reject for high costs that they mean. After all... Agenda 2020 proposal for the new Olympic times is exactly about this... Bring the Olympics to people level.... throwing out overspendings, white elephants, over debts that can lead to the bunkruptof the cities... a real problem that has been happening from a certain time up to now. Simplicity, high demands of creativity and warm ceremonies... Let's see if the upcoming "eastern" Games will continue the simplicity and creativity way that Rio set up for ceremonies, or will they return to the traditional and, at this point, dangerous Olympic extravaganza...
  16. aaaahhhh i hope so....otherwise it will be the most disapointing ceremy ever.... i really hope so....
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