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  1. Anyway Rio heavily beat Chicago!!! Don't remember yet, Mr???
  2. That's all people around the globe do!!! Why you don't????
  3. Chile starts lobby in London to host 2019 Panamerican Games in Santiago http://www.latercera...iago-2019.shtml News translation, Google translator!!! Within the agenda of the Secretary, which will run until August 9, is to attend as many events involving Chileans. In fact, we had predicted lean out the Aquatic Center and the weekend expects to see live the triathlete Barbara Riveros and gymnast Tomas Gonzalez. However, it is the only purpose of your trip. In parallel, has scheduled a series of meetings with suppliers and the organization of the Olympic Games. One of the main
  4. I really loved the idea of Vancouver Cauldron set up in a public space. That gives the idea that Olympics is for everyone and not only for those who pay for the tickets into the venues or clusters... If Santiago gets the Panamerican Games in 2019, I'd really love a cauldron in a main square, in the middle of the city!!!! :rolleyes: Rio should follow Vancouver concept!!!
  5. But the flame is not only for athletics but for every event! During Rio 2007 Panamerican Games they did the same what are going to repeat in 2016: the Maracana was used for both Opening and Closing ceremonies and soccer finals and Joao Avelange Stadium for athletics. That time, they just ligthed up one small cauldron inside in sun shape. For Guadalajara 2011 Panamerican Games, also they had two cauldrons, one in the ceremonies stadium where also the soccer finals was played (Omnilife stadium) and the other in the Athletic complex which was just lit when athtletics events started. She li
  6. Barcelona '92 Paralympics Cauldron lighting!! Sydney 2000 Paralympics Opening Ceremony footage!!!
  7. The flame was put out to move the cauldron!!!! Had the Olympic Flame gone out in the middle og the Games previously? In Montreal 1976 during a storm wind went out the flame and it was reliy by workers of the stadium!!!!! :blink: :wacko:
  8. Finally, the mistery seems to be solved: cauldron in the middle of the stadium floating. Probably it will be elevated till right the middle... We are just hours away to finish this fascinating discussion!!!! :(
  9. With this video , besides the other one that was published yesterday, together are 30 minutes out of 1 hour, so I have watched half of the ceremony 3 days before. First time that happened this. According to what I have seen so far I can asure London won't top Beijing... What about Rio 4 years time???
  10. For those who still don't know: "La gran bandera" The Great Flag segment in Barcelona OC was also a copy what Chile did in 1990 in the opening Gala for Patricio Aylwin goverment after Pinochet left the power and democracy return to the country. In this section, welcoming democracy again, a giant Chilean flag covered the court. THAT HAPPENED IN MARCH 1990!!!
  11. Dp not forget Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck. It is the only venue in the world ahich has staged 3 Olympic Opening Ceremonies: Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976; and Winter YOG in 2012
  12. Jjajajaja you're right!!! Remember for royal wedding last year they rang with no cease!!!
  13. It's in Beijing. Totally confirmed you still don't learn to read! I was refering to the "bell" not the trumpets! >(?)
  14. Yes, but in the model revealed by Boyle, not real scale. It is at the top of one of the entrance of the stadium at the bottom of the sits. Surely it will be the entrance for the parade!
  15. Please, support Santiago 2019 bid by clicking LIKE https://www.facebook.com/JuegosPanamericanos2019 https://www.facebook.com/JuegosPanamericanos2019
  16. If there is a multiple cauldron it would the due to the 30th Olympiad? May be one little cauldron for each Olympiad forming a cauldron complex???
  17. That is the brand new Sport center to be built for 2014 South American Games in Santiago. It will be the venue for ciclying (velodrome), Shooting, skating and BMX. It will be one of the possible venues for 2019 Pan Am Games.
  18. No In summer games it never happens. In winter games. There are spaces foe athletes... I insist in the fact that Jerusalem has to be played during the Green and Pleasant segment. Must be almost unaviodable since the leyend of Glastonbury is related with the poem...
  19. Probably the tree wil be removed. The meadow is just for the opening segment "Green and pleasant". Boyle stated after this the stage will change... The meadow is also to be enjoyed by the public inside the stadium more than the audience for tv...
  20. Jersualem may sounds too English for british festivity, but anyway it's a breathtaking composition that also reminds us the movie Chariots of Fire related woth the Olympics, too... It would be nice to hearing that song during the opening segment "Green and pleasant". By the way, that name was taken from its lyrics... So, I think it's highly probable that it will be played...
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