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  1. Closing Ceremony of the Second Mediterrean Beach Games in Patras, Greece. Held on August 31, 2019 at Artemis Venue.
  2. Opening Ceremony of the Second Mediterrean Beach Games. Held in Patras, Greece on Augut, 25, 2019 at Artemis Venue. This event marks the return of major sport events in Greece after the big crisis.
  3. Rugby World Cup 2019, Opening Ceremony. Held on September 20 at Ajinomoto Stadium, AKA Tokyo Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.
  4. What about the official logo? What do you think about it? - The forms represent: sand dunes of the desert, the number 8 because of the 8 stadiums were the Cup will take place, the infinite symbol due to the importance of the event. Traditional Arabic Characters spelling “Qatar 2022”. The inside forms and figures are taken from traditional Qatar shawls people wear on, especially in winter time… beside the iconic form of the Cup itself…
  5. On this site you can find the full Pan Am ceremonies of Toronto and Lima https://www.panamsportschannel.org/
  6. The complete Opening ceremony of the Para Panamerican Games held in Lima, Peru on August 23. This is the very first Para Panam opening ceremony to top the Panam ceremonies...
  7. Another excelent Opening Ceremony held in Lima for the Para Panamerican Games. This is the first time that the Para Panam ceremonies top the Pan Am ceremonies... At Olympic level... TRULY AMAZING!
  8. The Pan Am Games were covered by 2 closed paid channels, by free on digital platforms and one open national TV channel, so many people had access to watch the Pan Am Games. The open national TV Channel that covered the games was sucessful in rating nubers at the time they aired the Games... it did not transmited the Closing ceremony (but did all the other platforms) since it was the time of its Prime Newscast. Nevertheless, at the time of the Handover presentation they transmited live from Peru... It does not have to do with the audience who watched the closig ceremony, but only org
  9. As a fan of the Olympics and ceremonies, I have the obligation to say that Santiago handover was the worst I ever seen!!! for any event worlwide: They gave that "task" to a Chilean producer company which was the same that created the horrifying opening ceremony of 2015 Copa America... Indeed it was NOT and handover, but a coreography and a mini concert... I have got the information that that producer company, called "Icardi" (keep it in mind), DID NOT ANYTHING and gave all the creation and poerformance to Power Peralta pop-dance duo who, clearly, in their lives have never watched how
  10. You can downloafd the full program of the closing ceremony on Lima 2019 website. SPOILER ALERT! The handover of Santiago 2023 will be like this: - It starts with projections on the stage, along the Chilean anthem showing differents Chilean landscapes. (along the lyrics of the anthem) - Santiago map is projected on the floor, and then a Volcano explodes and dancers make their performances at urban styles leading by Power Peralta pop-dance duo. - Lights come down and on the stage starts to sing Francisca Valenzuela, a very popular Chilean pop singer. - All the sta
  11. In relation to the cauldron: I full understand that current times do not allow to spend large amounts of money and environmental resources I a big and (many times) useless cauldron. Let’s remember it’s just a symbol of the games, not the core of them, and still hosts are in debt on this point. What about about having a great cauldron inside the stadium just for both ceremonies and a little one in a public space? (as Rio did) Anyway, doing this is still a waste of money and resources… so, how can hosts put up with his during the next editions? … Maybe something innovative, cheap, clean and ente
  12. My comment about the Pan Am Opening Ceremony: - For me, the best ceremony so far in this year. (The Opening of the AFCON 2019 was pretty cool, too) It is very hard another one to surpasses it, so, I think we have seen already the best ceremony of this year 2019. And not only of this year, Lima took back all that glamour and dazzling spirit of an Opening Ceremony which was so down in the dump the latest months (getting the minimum point at Universiade in Napoli, one of the worst ceremonies ever in the latest months along Cocha) The ceremony was simply amazing: coordination were precise, th
  13. #OpeningCeremonySpoiler SPOILER
  14. Just days before Lima '19 Opening Ceremony, the next games presented their official image:
  15. Personally I don´t like it (yet) But it follows the new tendencies that only repesent the name of the city or years or both, which started in London 2012
  16. They talk about general information about the Opening Ceremony. Nothing we don't know so far: Liis Fonsi as the star guest (probably singing "Despacito"), The enterprise which produces the ceremonies: Balich Worldwide and they mention the previous ceremonies it has produced, since Salt Lake 2002 to Sochi 2014, they make a little criticism of the long and sometimes tedious of this kind of ceremonies and mention that "those enterprises are still in debt with the rhythm of those shows".... Nothing new...
  17. According to me, the host of 2026 Winter Olympics is: STOCKHOLM - ARE. No matter the difference of votes, but they will be considerable...
  18. Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Champions League Final between Tottenham and Liverpool (the champion), held at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain on June 1. Featuring the American band Imagine Dragons.
  19. Opening Ceremony of the Asian Cultural Carnival held in Beijing on May, 14. At the Bird Nest Stadium, this spectacular show desmostrates us again that none can top China in these kind of ceremonies... Again.. Sit back and... enjoy!!!!
  20. I totally low my expectations for ceremonies in Lima, sadly... I really thought that they could have their really strong point on them, but it won't... Anyway, Lima follows the worldwide tendency of doing low cost ceremonies and create a show totally prepared for TV audiences... some of them could have a great result, as it happened in Gold Coast in 2018... Even the 2018 Olympics and Paralympics had low budgets and simple ceremonies... I think, from now on, we can only expect breathtaking ceremonies at Chinese style for countries which just need to do a big show of them.. such comu
  21. The totally mind-blowing Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Horticultural World Expo in Beijing. It was held on April 28. China did it again: absolutely amazing! Plase, sit back and enjoy!!!
  22. The official song of the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, performed by Pedro Suarez-Vertiz, called "Jugamos Todos" as the motto of the games. Enjoy!
  23. 5. Caracas 1983 4. Winnipeg 1999 3. Toronto 2015 2. Rio 2007 -- Before Rio 2016 for me it was the best one... But now I can see it and it seems like old fasioned 1. Guadalajara 2011 - Up to here, by far, the best one! Even 8 years later it's still modern and vibrat!
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