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  1. Neven Ilic, president of Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) stated Santiago will bid for 2023 Pan Am Games. (Note in Spanish) http://www.adnradio.cl/noticias/deportes/presidente-del-coch-chile-debe-postular-de-inmediato-a-los-juegos-panamericanos-2023/20131021/nota/1999072.aspx He stated. "Chile took a road, and we will not quit. If we do, everything which have been done so far will be useless and should be like start from square one" Personally speaking bidding for 2023 is a strong challenge. Vasquez Raña is encouraging US to bid and this make things too difficut. On the other hand, US is
  2. Yes!! It should be... By coincidence the Spanish word LLAMA stands for two meanings:The Andean animal and for FLAME... When is spanish we reffer to "The Olympic flame" we say "La LLAMA Olímpica" So, this time the very word LLAMA reffers to the Animal and the flame itself. by saying "LA LLAMA PANAMERICANA" (the animal and the flame just in one Do you agree? Visit this link and you will see the two words in one concept: http://www.cuy-arts.com/?reg=3&pag=gdibujos&regp=1#
  3. Or May be a typical llama, which is very close to Inca's civilization Or May be both, An inca children and his llama...
  4. I think it should be ideal sort of Incas children, showing how proud is Peru of their millenial history and culture. Children figures were "mascots" in Lillehammer '94, for instance... (Still hurting Santiago failure.... Ouch!.. snif!!!) Something like this?? Do you agree??
  5. We should end this topic here and create the Forum for Lima 2019.
  6. Ruiz Tagle. head of Sport Departmen in Chile says. "We weill bid for 2023" http://www.latercera.com/noticia/deportes/2013/10/656-546642-9-ruiz-tagle-y-derrota-en-los-panamericanos-tenemos-que-ir-por-los-de-2023.shtml
  7. Well, I see you've got the South America games next year, & the Copa America in 2015, two great chances to boost credibility. yeah, that's the beggining of a long race that Peru starded 10 years ago. It really hurts.. really, really hurts, but Lima plan is excelent. But really thinking... in 2023: Mexico and Canada are not bidding. USA is really interested? I don't know, anyway, we lost the greater chance we had to improve in everything-----
  8. Hi everyone! First, I have to say that as an Olympic Fan, the Santiago failure is, probably, the hardest failure I ever felt. Having obtained just 9 votos (really 8, Chile voted for himself, of course) is a total shame. But analyzing, may be those the main reason for this epic fail: - PERU EXPERIENCE IN BIDDING Santiago was the first time that bidded for the games. Even the first time that bidded some some international event. For years and years seport in Chile has been totally forgotten by politiicians and that's why Chilean sport does not qualify in any competition worlwride. Peru b
  9. Limas has just launched some promo videos for Pan 2019 bid Santiago has a strong oponent... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDLcI7ey574 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alc6c5EUB6g
  10. I'm eating my nails.... I'm eager to know the winner city. Honestly, I think this is the greater chance Chile has to become the Pan Am host for the first time... Really, It's now or never... Gosh! We have 70% of venues ready!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb6DnWsjXnA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb6DnWsjXnA
  11. Chile is going to a unpreceded way to create a sport culture in the country. Never before, there has been so ambitious to host international events aiming to improve the sport facilities, create a lot of new venues and renovate old stadiums. Santiago is going to host the X South American games, previously known as ODESUR Games. Those games are full of ambtitius also aiming a preparation for a potential organization of the 2019 Pan Am Games.
  12. Just 50 days away to the election for the 2019 Pan Am host city. Here there is a video about how favorable Santiago could be as a host city for the PAn Am Games http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjtbEw8hF3g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjtbEw8hF3g
  13. In Mexico??? Is there a sor of Culture Olympiad before de Pan Am in the host cities???
  14. The bid election is closed since January 2013. The official candidates are La Punta, Ciudad Bolviar, Lima ans Santiago, being the latest two the contenders in the race.
  15. Here you can enjoy the World Games 2013 live by streaming http://senalcolombia.tv/home.html or here http://www.mirando.me/tv.php?ver=canal-senal-colombia-en-vivo
  16. One of the new points in the organization that Santiago 2019 gives, is that all the qualified athletes for the Pan Am in 2019, have the tickets and sports instrument already paid. It will be the first time that in the Pan Am games the athletes and their Committees will low the cost considerably.
  17. In Barbados presentation some days ago, there was a feeling that La Punta and Ciudad Bolivar don't top the Pan Am standards asked for the event. Lima and Santiago are the real contenders, both big capital cities, modern and growing in life standards. Both countries, Perú and Chile have raising strong economies. Nevertheless, in the 45 minutes presentation, Lima delegation was interrupted since they did not reach the required time. The Sports Minister speech was not told. According to Vásquez Raña, it was a dramatic point, since the presentation time must be accomplished, since "it gives an id
  18. Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, Venues cities for 2019 Santiago Pan Am Games Valparaíso: The third largest city in Chile, 110 km north west Santiago (1 and a half hour), is an urban complex on the mountains such a huge theater watching the sea. It's the main Seaport in the country and has, probably, the richest cultural background of the whole country. A great university campus and headquartest of the National Congress and the Chilean Navy. Viña del Mar: Together Valparaíso it gives the greatest conurbation in Chile. It's called "The tourism capital" due to the beautiful beaches along its seash
  19. I really hope so. The time has come for us to organize such big events. We are too delayed in this topic and It is the crowning of big events to come in Santiago (South American Games, American Cup, Sub 17 FIFA World Cup) I don't understand the "Balconies" issue (No entendí lo que quisiste decir con lo de los balcones de la Villa Panamericana) Anyway, The village wil be located in a former Air Force Base, which was given to the goverment to build a big and modern urban complex that was never built. This time is the perfect pretext to build the Pan Am Village and after the games sell them as
  20. http://www.latercera.com/noticia/deportes/2013/05/656-521867-9-santiago-empieza-a-tomar-ventaja-para-los-panamericanos-2019.shtml
  21. It has been said by Vasquez Raña: La Punta and Ciudad Bolivar don't have chances to win Pan 2019!!! The race is between Santiago and Lima!!!!!! Anyway, those cities are in the final list just to make them wellknown for the Americas and the world...
  22. Project: Panamerican Village in Santiago for 2019 Pan Am Games. Mario Vásquez Raña, president PASO visits Santiago to evaluate the bid. Day one. No major media coverage, but very simple and "familiar" Vásquez Raña totally dislikes media harrassment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v2hcJ7VxA0
  23. It's official!!!! The official video for Santiago 2019 bid. Pan Am Games.
  24. Following the Pan Am topic, here you have a pic of the project for the Panamerican Village in 2019.
  25. Sadly, we will never bid for the Winter Olympics. It has been said for the Chilean Olympic Committee. The main reason, is the seasonal one. Despite it should be the greatest oportunity that the world has ever staged to watch the most incredible performances - takins in consideration the full preperation time the athletes would have - it's totally out of context for northern audience to watch the Winter Olympics in July, August or September, the date that Chile could host the Winter Olympics. Besides, there is no a develop of Winter sports in Chile, no mass go to the mountains (still it remians
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