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  1. We are about to start the X version of the South American Games, formerly known as ODESUR Games. The host this time is Santiago de Chile which have renewed and constructed many new venues to the event. This is the greatest plan for sport facilities construction ever made in the country The opening ceremony is on March 7, (a couple of hours later than Sochi Paralympics Opening Ceremony) The enthusiasm is vibing Santiago people.
  2. Witj New Orleans either Santiago nor any South American bid have chances.. NO NO NO... New ORLEANS NO!!!!!
  3. Here yor are the full Closing Ceremony. The problem is I don't know if you will be able to watch it in your area. There are some sotwares that can change the Country ID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnUpwYhSRIY
  4. Totaly Misha style... Moving... the best farewell ever!!! WOW SOCHI!!!!!
  5. Good presentation for the worst Olympic logo ever... PyeongChang 2018
  6. Pianist section, the best so far.... Reinds me the Rapsody in blue fro LA 84 Opening
  7. Still waiting the hanging candles to have a starring participation
  8. GOTTA GO HOME!!!! jajajajaj good way to the athletes be fired from Russia!!!
  9. I did not watch the Opening Ceremony... I don't find a lin to watch it on the web... Can you send me a link to it, please? When are they going to upload the full ceremony on Youtube??
  10. No, this time this site has the rights for Sochi and Rio. And I guess for Toronto Pan Ams, too http://www.unotv.com
  11. Pretty Cool!!!! Do you have more list of music used in Kazan?? Please post them!!! Most of them were played in Moscow '80 Olympics and in IAAF Opening Ceremony. Surey they will in Sochi. What was the music used in Kazan previous to Russian flag was hoisted???
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