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  1. The aereal view... I can see the stage very similar to the one used in Torino 2006 ceremonies... ??????
  2. :D :lol: Your honesty really sucks!!!!!! :P :lol:
  3. OMG!!! Any spoiler post for the Opening Ceremony??? How can they keep this secret so strongly????
  4. Are they having reharsals only weeks before the opening day??? Are they only cast of Cirque du Soleil.... Today I watched the SEA Games Opening in Singapore.... and I got anxious about the Pan Am ceremonies....
  5. We are a week to go to the Opening match of Copa America Chile 2015 Here in Santiago people start to talk about it everywehere and there is a feeling of expectation.... The Opening Ceremony is scheduled before the match, on June 11. The show will be a display of lights and acrobacy. The court won't be used. Spanish coreographer Hanzel Cereza is in charge to direct the show. He was the creative director of La Fura del Baus, which created the Barcelona '92 Opening Ceremony. The show will be centered on Latin America values and their citizens.... Soundtrack will be original compositions by
  6. The Opening Ceremony was great!!! Singapore really wants to reach Olympic scale in the organization!!! Totally Sochi style: projections on the floor and a lot of aereals... The lighting of the flame was a Sochi deja vu. Something wrong?? Yes!!! The hosts... I could not enjoy some parts, their yells were annoying for moments.... But in general, An Olympic scale Ceremony....
  7. Anyone knows something about the Opening Ceremony???? We are almost just one month to go, and no news about it..... I can't wait for spoiler post!!!!
  8. Does anyone know something about the Opening Ceremony? Any spoiler post? ?????
  9. LA '84 Opening Ceremony Full caption: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glAu9xxlMJ8 1984 Winter Olympics Sarajevo OC. (Just videos, not full replay) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx5Yp97_IPE 1980 Moscow Olmpics Opening Ceremony (artistic segments) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--P2a6ElRbw
  10. The dove segment just remind me the World Cup Opening Ceremony from Spain 1982.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSp585pWQVc U don't remember if I posted this: The Opening Ceremony of X South American Games held in March 2014 in Santiago de Chile. Full replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0lvZKpZUnw
  11. Lima finaly will host the 2019 Pan Am Games. They rectified the Games with goverment support for 2019. It has been said that Chile was aware to take over the host if they withdraw. Nevertheles, it has been said it was a way of pressure from ODEPA - PASO to COP (Peruvian Olympic Committee) Anyway Chile again is left on the way :( By the way the discussion, Lima has hosted many important events. Indeed it will host 2017 IOC session. Santiago now has to wait for next bid process in 2017 to the race for 2023 Pan Am Games, facing bids such Medellín and a posible Central America bid. A
  12. Ok.... as you hard understood in the previous awful post (I really hate writting on the phone) the reasons Lima could lose their right to host 2019 Pan Am is due to the lack of support of Peruvian goverment which did not approved the necessary budget for organization purposes this year, which means Lima will not have any advance in 2015. Peruvian Olympic committee chairman Jose Quiñones, dropped out just yesterday (January 8) and the Peruvian Institute of sports (the organization in charge of Peruvian sport) is ran out of a president for more than a month and still has no a poposal name to ta
  13. When Lima got the games un 2013 un Toronto ODEPA is hsving a meeting yo decide the future of 2019 host city... If they área un Lima indeed ir move ti another city. Santiago should be the ODEPA electiob to host ir if Lima lose the organization. Just days before Chilena delegation través ti 2014 YOG in Nanjing, president Michelle Bachellet asked the Chilean Oltmpic Comitee to bid for 2023 Pan Am.... Next January 13, ODEPA will say their desition... Hate writting con muy phone.... I'll explain it better in muy laptop
  14. He es. Lima could lost the right to host the 2019 Pan Am, sincero the Peruvian goverment did not approved the budget to support the organizacional issues, which means in 2015 any advance is to be made for the games. President of Olympic Peruvian Commitee (COP) dropped his chairman charge arguing missapropiation of funds. Jose Quiñones was the Head ti get the ga
  15. Yes. Lima could lose the white user host de hannah merican james
  16. It's official: Santiago. Chile will bid for 2023 Panamerican Games. The Chilean proesident, Michel Bachelet, asked herself to the Chilean Olympic Commitee to submit a bid for the Games. In the formal send - off of the Chilean Olympians who wil participate in Nanjing 2014, she totally confirmed her support for this new bid which comes after the failed 2019 bid lost to Lima. The news (Taken from Canal 13, Chile. Translated woth google) http://www.13.cl/t13/deportes/presidenta-bachelet-quiere-que-chile-se-postule-a-los-panamericanos-2023 The president asked the Chilean Olympic Committee (Coch)
  17. It has bee, today, one week from the opening Ceremony and now I'd like to share my feelings about it. Well, I still find It was boring... but after I highlighted, the ceremony totally had a free way to show the segments. Despite being totally Scotish centered with no a "universal language" as OC tend to be, it gave an original and unique style. Tha dancing chair segment was the most visual one of the whole ceremony. The parade, indeed, was the most entertaining part of the ceremony, which finally gives the real sense of an OC: the Athletes parade. Puppies carrying the countries names, instea
  18. The most boring Opening Ceremony I have ever seen... Nagano and Glasgow are the top boring ceremonies ever... And that was all, no more commentaries are needed to describe it...
  19. Let's return to the Ceremony itself commentaries... By the way.. one of the most bring ceremonies I have ever seen... No more commentaries are needed... That was all, folks!!
  20. It is said the ceremony will start with the demolition of the Red Road flats... which will be totally unseen in any ceremony.. a live demolition!!! http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/13/plan-demolish-tower-block-commonwealth-games-opening-ceremony-scrapped
  21. Hi! From Chile.... Waiting for the Opening Ceremony Livesetream....
  22. France 1998 Worlc Cup Opening Ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDRdw0R0bIQ
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