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  1. The rejected idea could be vibrant, but not original...

    I expected to give a further step and leave behid the projection mapping on the floor...

    Anyway, we are just 3 months to go and we have nothing in sight, yet....

    I think ceremies will be short, simplier than ever and using a lot of projection techniques... no mass will be seen...


  2. I don't know if it was already been posted... anyway, I do it.

    The full Opening Ceremony of the X Panamerican Games, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on August 8, 1987 at Indianpolis Motor Speedway.

    Initially, those games were designated to be held in Santiago de Chile, but the Pinochet goverment cancelled the games claiming finantial problemas due to the economic crisis of 1982.


  3. On 3/22/2021 at 1:15 AM, baron-pierreIV said:

    Considering quite a bit of Olympic Stadium is made of wood, and knowing the Japanese penchant for simplicty, I think the cauldron at OS will be a small one and just off to the side.  It cannot be near any of the wooden parts of the Stadium.  

    After cancelling the games due to covid, no foreign spectators, athletes competing at a high risk, hundred of athletes missing the games due to sanitary reasons, millions of dollars in lost, 80% of Japanese against the games, the most difficult Games ever to carry out ... a caludron who could set the stadium on fire... is all what they needed!!!!!

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  4. Due to the current situation. I don't think they will have an outstanding cauldron at Beijing's style.

    I think, following the message they want to deliver, the cauldron will be small size and ecologycal at Rio's style.

    Following the idea of the sun, may sound too repetitive, but the Japanese flag itself is a representation of the sun...

    Nevertheless, originality will be a key factor for this edition.

    I still find Nagano's cauldron is one of the most beautiful ever!

    SHINJUKU CITY, TOKYO, JAPAN - SEPTEMBER 30, 2019: The Cauldron (Olympic  Winter Games Nagano 1998) on display at Tokyo Olympic Sports Square.  Vertical Stock Photo - Alamy


  5. I even thought that due to all the restrictions, the parade of nations could be shortened as a "flag parade" at YOG Style. Fortunately, it seems it won't happen.

    Nevertheless, we are not going to see a mass show (as Beijing), thats for sure... instad of it... what about a more "virtual" show using projections and holograms???

    Even with that, Japan can suprise to us all.


  6. 7 hours ago, yoshi said:

    No spoilers for, but perhaps a spoiler of...shouldn’t laugh, this sounds pretty nasty:

    Lausanne 2020: Skater left in life-threatening condition following fall in rehearsals https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-sports/51035122


    Oh, My! .... It reminds me the accident of the skier who was suposed to jump with the torch at Lillehammer '94 Opening Ceremony...

    Anyway,  I just imagine that man falling down and.. yeah... it's a little (nasty) funny... sorry!!!


  7. The opening segment of the Closing Ceremony of Rio 2016 Olympics.

    An adaptated version of the traditional Brazilian song "Baiana"

    I post this video just to recommend you this YouTube channel - Cusome TV -  which is uploading many ceremonies only with the "Artistic segment" and some short segment videos.


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