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  1. I think totally the oposite. The IOC must pay honor FORVER to Japan. I will repeat and I will do it every time when necesary: This country saved their asses!!!!
  2. Honestly. I expect something ever more downside for the closing. We haven't seen the drone show that was leaked some days ago.
  3. I forgot to say: The pictogram segment was the best one. Not in a scale for a Olympic Ceremony, but good and creative!
  4. After some hours I can give my final veredict: - First of all, we have to understand that this ceremony can’t be compared with all the previous ones. It’s a unique and extraordinary situation. So I can assure that this ceremony is a ceremony in isolation of the Olympic history. - This ceremony may be a transitional one. Since now on, Olympics will have moderation and simplicity in their organization (we can exclude of this to Paris 2024) and ceremonies won’t be as big as we could see since Barcelona until London. Rio was the first one to give a strong message of austerity by making a good ceremony with less than half of the budget of the previous ones. And that worked! It was followed by PyeongChang that made good ceremonies but nothing compared with the extravanaza we could see in Sochi. - Keep in mind, despite all the criticism, we saw an historical Opening Ceremony. - Nevertheless, I still blame on lack of organization. We all understand the current times do not allow gathering people on rehearsals. Anyway the lack of mass choreographies, this could have been replaced by technology display and even with stronger projections on the floor. - On the other hand, I know this “lack of organization” is the answer of the bad, very bad Japanese pandemic management by the government. Just one month ago we were not absolutely sure if these games were going to be possible or not. - So, this was a total gloomy ceremony, in mourning mode. As the organization said “we have nothing to celebrate”… and the language of the ceremony was like that: sad and even with a painful language. We have never seen something like that. And probably we won’t. - So Sorry for Japan they wanted to impress us, and the best performance of them we’ll have in mind will be the handover segment in Rio de Janeiro. I still think Japan deserves a new chance to show the world what they really are. Probably they will add the list of “Olympics here, never again” behind Quebec, Greece or Brazil. - The core of the ceremony was reactivated this time: the parade of nations. What the ceremony didn’t give, the joyful and spontaneity of the athletes did. So beaitful to see, among others, the Ireland delegation saluting volunteers in the Japanese way, the Argentina delegation marching with such happiness (maybe still celebrating their Copa America tittle), the funny and festive entrance of the Portuguese flag bearers and the happiness of the France delegation, backflip included. This need to be continued on the forthcoming parades… (and the reduction of delegations, too) - Summarizing: an historical ceremony, the simplest ever… an isolated ceremony. - And what COI should never forget: Japan saved their lives!!!
  5. Let the games begin!!!! The Covid Ceremony was historical and he most boring ever... See you!
  6. Bach should end his speech saying: THANKS JAPAN FOR SAVING OUR ASSES!!!
  7. Totally agree. Since now on, the parade should have a reduced number of athletes in every OC
  8. Just to remember the order of the parade https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Summer_Olympics_Parade_of_Nations
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