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  1. Nacholympic

    The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

    Jakarta Asian Games OC, will be held on 08 - 18 - 18... As today marks 10 years since Beijing Opening Ceremony held on 08 - 08 - 08
  2. Nacholympic

    The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

    Those numbers are just amazingly huge!!!! It will hit all previous ceremonies, even Olympic ceremonies...!!!!! I can nnot wait...
  3. Nacholympic

    Santiago 2023

    Here are some venues, already confirmed, to host 2023 events of the XIX Pan American Games. TENIS: Anita Lizana Court Central. Located at the National Stadium park, named as "Parque de la ciudadanía" Existing. Renovations to be made. AQUATICS. SWIMMING AND DIVING. Acuatic Center of the National Stadium Existing. Renovatios to be made. CYCLING. Peñalolen Velodrome. Existing. Renovations to be made. BASKETBALL Movistar Arena at O'higgins park. Existing. Reaconditioning plans for the event. SKATEBOARDING, SPORT CLIMBING AND BMX O'higgins park.Temporary structures. VOLEYBALL Monticello Cassino. Existing. Temporary structures. GYMNASTICS. Multi Sport complex at National Stadium park. Existing. KARATE, JUDO, RACQUETBALL. Estación Mapocho cultural center. Existing. Reaconditioning plans for the events and temporary structures HANDBALL Espacio Riesco. Event center. Existing. Raconditioning plans for the events and temporary structures SURF, BEACH VOLLEY, OPEN WATER, TRIATHLON. Those evetns will be held outside Santiago, in the city of Viña del Mar. Most of them at Playa de Los Deportes ("sports beach" shown in the picture. 2 hours away from Santiago) Temporary structures. SOCCER Outside Santiago. One of the venues for soccer is in the city of Rancagua at El Teniente Stadium, also a venue of the 2015 Copa América. (1 and a half hour away from Santiago) ROWING. Outside Santiago at Curauma Sport Complex, just a few kilometers away from the city of Valparaíso. (2 hours away from Santiago)
  4. I am from Latin America... Delhi and Glasgow I could watch them online, even the ceremonies live.... Now it was very difficult to watch the games. On YouTube there was 3 channels that never recorded the events... wether you watched them live or not... and period... And I stlll can not watch the full Opening Ceremony... What happened with the broadcast this time????
  5. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    After seeing the main highlights, now I can give my impressions when I still need to watch the full replay. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! After Rio ceremonies, it was proved that with no huge displays of technology and mass performances, a very good show can be done … And this is the new prove of this… Now, ceremonies are no growing up in scale or in mass participants, but in creativity and talent what is the real essence of an excellent show. Again, after Rio, Kuala Lumpur or PyeongChang those features were the stars… Indeed, these Commonwealth ceremonies gave us a lot better show than the recent past Winter Olympics… And this is the occasion when regional games can top or even surpass Olympic ceremonies… Gold Coast was vivid, joyful, entertaining…. Yes, very creative and that is what amazed me the most….. How fun creativity in this ceremony was carried out: volunteers of all ages, lights and moderate but precise fireworks displays… and the novelty this time was the projections not on a white floor, but on a sand floor… what was really blew my mind! Meeting Christine Annu 18 years later singing “My island home” again was terrific (even if she was lyp syncing or not as some media pointed out); the entrance of the authorities, the countdown and the clip and Australia anthem (too moving again) were simple but brilliant points… Yeah, it totally surpassed my expectation, totally toped Glasgow and Delhi ceremonies and from now on, it will be one of my favorite ceremonies ever… Really loved it! Special attention is given on the placard bearers who were surfers and the whale segment… I hope ceremonies continue increasing not on the lavishness, but on talent and creativity which has been keynote of the latest ceremonies around the world… because that’s really what art is about! Totally well done Gold Coast. Congrats Australia!
  6. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Here you can watch the main highliths of the Opening Ceremony...
  7. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Gold Coast look of the games id pretty similar to Rio 2016's ..... Still I can not watch the Opening Ceremony....
  8. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Where can I watch the Opening Ceremony? No post on youtube yet, neither on the official webpage....
  9. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    The issue here is to top the 2010 Delhi ceremonies and their own 2006 ceremonies held in Melbourne.... Anyone can top boring Glasgow ceremonies (excepting the placard bearers... none can top them)
  10. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    I can't hold back seeing the spoilers pics of any ceremony... and... yeah!!!! It seems a lot better than Glasgow.... It may top Delhi 2010 ceremonies!!!!!
  11. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Despite the Glasgow ceremonies were one of the most weird and boring ever, I think none, never, can top the placard bearers...
  12. Nacholympic

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Ok.. and here we are after PyeongChang... waiting foe CWG ceremonies... Anyway.. I think whatever what we are going to see will be better than Glasgow opening.... on my top 3 of the worst ceremonies ever...
  13. Nacholympic

    Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    Documentary of the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Just in Korean... Any English version?