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  1. Fortunately thanks to this post I was able to watch the full replay of the OC, what I never did with the full OC of Gold Coast 2018. This ceremony AT LAST!!!! Took us back to the pre-pandemic ceremonies… it was just AMAZING!!! And I think one of the best ceremonies for regional games ever… Spectacular! Elaborated and too British!!! Birmingham 2022 CG has brought back the glitzing of ceremonies… The best ceremony of the 20's so far.
  2. Have anyone goy a link to watch the full replay of the OC? There are some bits moments on youtube... and it was quite fantastic!!!!
  3. Now os the opening ceremony for the FIRST BIRMINGHAM 2022 Games... The SECOND BIRMINGHAN 2022 Games will be next July 28. Two Games under the same name!!!! This is with no precedent and probably will never happen again...
  4. OK…. This year happens something very unusual and probably it will never happen again: We have 2 multi-sport games under the same name: BIRMINGHAM 2022. Due to the postponed World Games in Alabama, USA, the games originally cheduled for 2021 will take lace in July 2022, as the Commonwealth games which will be opened just few days later under the same name, but under the original schedule. Next July 7 is the Opening ceremony for the World Games and 3 weeks later the Commonwealth Games. That’s weird!
  5. What about Lima 2019? They were the last "TRUE" Games... anyway... things have changed a bit from then.... I think ceremonies will follow the "simplicity" tendency, taken to its fullest in Tokyo Olympics OC...
  6. They will. As they did 10 years ago in London... 2002 - Manchester 2012 - London 2022 - Birmingham 2032 - ????
  7. Here we are again! In a new thread for a new ceremony! It's been incredible how fast these 4 years went by ... and I still cannot watch a full version of the Gold Coast Opening Ceremony, which was one of the best ceremonies of that 2018. And I have never seen anything of the Closing Ceremony... Now, the preparations for #Birmingham2022 are on their way:
  8. This Opening Gala strongly reminds me 2015 Toronto Pan Am Opening Ceremony.
  9. Ceremony for the final of Champions League, held at the Stade the France in Saint Dennis, France on May 28, 2022. Final between Liverpool and Real madrid, where this last one beat Liverpool 1-0. A performance made by Camila Cabello. Even 30 years after, Barcelona '92 style is still present in nowadays ceremonies and this is a clear example of this.
  10. Another finding thanks to the algoritm: A volunteer footage from the Opening day of Beijing 2022, behind scenes. It's interesting to see the Opening from another point of view and see how soulless it was, despite the cutting-edge technology used in the ceremony... The second -and, I think and hope, the last - "Pandemic ceremony"... one of the "sister ceremonies" as I call to Tokyo 2020 (2021) and Beijing 2022...
  11. This user uploaded the full lenght of the Opening Ceremony of Los Angeles 1984, with NO commentary and remastered. This is a masterpiece!!! I have never seen before LA 84 with the oiriginal sounds!!!
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