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  1. Sure it is possible, because the two accounts aren't linked. But you need to show your event ticket to get on the bus, so why would you buy a bus ticket if you didn't have that event ticket? Or are you hoping to get the event ticket later?
  2. That's unfortunate. But it looks like your request did ask for pins for the fundraiser, and then one for yourself and one for trading. (Or was that a combo of both of your requests?)
  3. On the 6th time in I was able to purchase 1 Closing Ceremony ticket and some Paralympic Alpine events. Went in a few minutes later to get some Victory Ceremony tickets. It's finally working...
  4. No luck here yet. Been into my account 3 times but then the system freezes on a search...
  5. I think the Nov '09 means they could come out anytime in November 2009, not the 9th specifically.
  6. The 6 COC hockey player pins can be found at the Olympic Superstore in HBC downtown. I was there yesterday. They still had about 30 of the relay pins too...
  7. Yup - make sure you bring your Visa card... or cash... The October pin of the month will also go on sale - it's a beauty, for the torch relay, based on the picture in the store. It's a larger pin so it'll be $10.
  8. I look forward to seeing them - I noticed them rigging up some lines on Thursday night. Next Thursday, October 1, the full Olympic Store opens there, taking up a large portion of the main floor. A much smaller area has been open there for awhile now.
  9. Yes - it's a gorgeous pin, but why is the SeaBus in English Bay? Is this a new route we don't know about yet? The mountains appear to be behind the skyline, so the view would be from somewhere near Kits. You can see the Hotel Vancouver to the left and the Harbour Centre to the right, which also suggest a view from the south.
  10. Those water jets won't help the stadium - they are based on the shore, not on boats.
  11. The trick was to get on mid-way. I went to Oakridge at 6:30pm. There was a line to go south but no line to go north. Went straight to the platform and got on the train that was stopped there. Unfortunately one set of doors broke already. The train stopped for several minutes while they tried to close them. Eventually they were closed and they decided to keep them shut, which made it very hard to get off! Watch out for car 106 - problems already...
  12. It is just the morning show that will be up there, right? There won't be too much action between 4am and 8am, except in places like Grouse where they plan to be open 24 hours. The other shows during the day can be put in the thick of things.
  13. That was actually the date that the logo was unveiled. Vancouver was chosen as host on July 2, 2003. I look forward to playing the game!
  14. You'll be happy to hear that there are MANY more Mukmuk items, including pins and plush. He was set free from the internet last November when the other three mascots had their first birthday. This pin is selling out, and the date for the next one (BC map and BC flag for BC Day) has been pushed back one week to July 15th - saw that on a sign at the Bay at Metrotown in Burnaby.
  15. Be sure to check out The Bay for their new exclusives! There will be one pin per month that you can only get at The Bay. Yesterday I picked up one (well, OK, I picked up 4) with Mukmuk holding a Canadian flag and waving a Canada pennant. Each customer is limited to buying 4. I'm not sure how many are being produced. They have pictures of the other pins in the series in the store - I went to The Bay in Downtown Vancouver.
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