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  1. I'm a long-time lurker who has the perspective of being born in SF, raised in the Bay Area, and having lived in that area long enough to understand the politics and lay of the land (in fact, just visited over the holidays) that has been discussed here at length. But I've also lived in Chicago the last 8 years and adopted it as my home, so I understand the politics here in this currently frigid place just as well. Given my background, I couldn't resist chiming in here. I can relate to the ambivalence in many of the comments above. While a part of me wishes that the USOC fails here in their 2
  2. As a Chicago resident for the past 4 years, I have to second Soaring Higher on this one. "City" folks with whom I talked about the 2016 bid tended to have the impression that people in the wealthier suburbs were the ones who were most enthusiastic about having the Games, rather than the more urban dwellers. And that that was because these suburbanites would experience more of the benefits of the Games without necessarily bearing the costs in terms of taxes and disruption. And in the South Side, while it seemed that there was strong backing of the bid in the business community and among some
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