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  1. The selection was really good, People had a bunch of Disney and Olympic pins. Radar the pin guy was also there. A lot of people offered free pins from older olympics. Also some people had Commonwealth Games pins and a lot of Coca-Cola Pins. CTV also had an bobsleigh pin giveaway at the pin show on August 7 (the first day of the show). This guy who had 8000+ pins was also there.
  2. A map of activities http://www.translink.ca/~/media/Images/con...ivityMaplg.ashx
  3. The Canada Line will open on August 17th rather then on Labour Day. There will be an opening ceremony at most stations. Most stations will hand out stamp passports where you can collect stamps from stations buisnesses and station booths. Once you have collected all stamps I think you get a prize. Here's a link: http://www.translink.ca/en/Rider-Info/Cana...Activities.aspx Regards, Woody
  4. Hello guys, I will post the pictures of the Olympin Show once I have downloaded them to my Computer Tomorrow, as I am really busy tonight. Thanks, Woody
  5. Hello Ski Freak Can you please tell me the email you used for the VISA pins. Do you still have the email address of Brad from VISA? Thanks
  6. That was in batman the one with the penguin
  7. Hi, I am from Vancouver and can you please tell me Brad Kanes from VISA's email address? Thanks Woody
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