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  1. I'm in Toronto for a few days and have had quite a bit of free time. I've filled it by visiting the offices of several Olympic sponsors. Here's my progress:

    -RBC-Two regular V2010-RBC Logo White Pins

    -Deloitte-Given phone number, left a message, no response

    -Canwest-Given phone number, left a message, no response

    -Globe and Mail (with help of employee friend)-Three Globe and Mail V2010 Pins, cover page poster

    -Omni TV-Given phone number, left a message, women responded saying if I send her my address she'll send me a pin

    -Bell Canada (called ahead)- Bell Torch Relay Bag, T-Shirt and Flag, five Bell "champion" pins, two regular V2010-Bell logo pins, two Bell Holographic Torchbearer pins, complete set of five Bell sport pins in a tin (Freestyle Ski, Bobsled, Hockey, Speedskate]ing and Figure Skate). WOO HOO! :)

    -Atos Origin-Not a real office, was told they had nothing

    -Ricoh Canada-They were out of pins, but left my address and phone number

    -Canadian Press-Woman didn't have any pins, but she took my address and phone number and said she would inquire

    Called every Bay in the GTA, only one with pins left was in Mississauga, will make a visit there tomorrow. Went to the Bay at Bloor and Yonge anyways, traded pins with a salesman, he was wearing an HBC Gold pin I was missing. Saw a CTV cameraman doing an interview on the street, traded him a Quatchi pin for his CTV Maple Leaf and Rings pin. Also found a sports store that was selling one of the pewter pins put out by the COC before they announced the logo. So far a great haul, will look for some more pins of the next few days.

    Hi German Canadian Pinhead

    Could you please tell me the telephon # you used for bell?

    Also could you give me the phone number you used for omni too?

    Thanks so much,


  2. I love the Italians! About a month ago I sent them a letter asking for some pins and this week they sent me three different Italian NOC Pins, an Atlanta 1996 Italian Team Pin and a Torino 2006 Italian Team Pin. Also received four pins (two of each different type) from the BC Government in response to a request sent in March. B)

    Herllo German Canadian Pinhead,

    Could you please PM me the email address you used for the BC Government pins and Italian NOC Pins?

    Thanks so much,


  3. It seems that the topic is sleeping these days so I thought I would share with you all that I receibed 3 pins from the Swiss NOC :rolleyes: and also a stunning Atos Origin pin (very limited edition according to various sources) celebrating "100 days to go" until the Olympics.

    hello Van1998,

    could you please send me the email address that you sent your request for the ATOS ORIGIN pin to?



    If you want I will send you a bell pin email

  4. I will send you a PM with the Swedish NOC e-mail address, but myself I had

    Yes: Switzerland (Vancouver 2010 on it) and Finland (NOC)

    No, but link to buy from website: US, Australia, New Zealand, England

    No Response: Sweden, China, Korea, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, France, Norway

    Hello Skyscorpion can you please send me the emails?



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