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  1. Hi German Canadian Pinhead Could you please tell me the telephon # you used for bell? Also could you give me the phone number you used for omni too? Thanks so much, Woody
  2. Hello, Where could I get one of the coke ones? Thx, woody
  3. Hi german-canadian pin head, thx for the email woody
  4. Hi, I cleaned my inbox now, could you please email me the bell aliant one to me again? Thanks, Woody
  5. Hi, Could you please PM me the email address you used to get the Bell Aliant pin? Thanks, Woody
  6. hi, how did you get the gov't of canada torch relay pins? thx, woody
  7. Herllo German Canadian Pinhead, Could you please PM me the email address you used for the BC Government pins and Italian NOC Pins? Thanks so much, crazywoody
  8. which one did you get? the flag and rings one? Can you post an image? Thanks, crazywoody
  9. hello Van1998, could you please send me the email address that you sent your request for the ATOS ORIGIN pin to? Thanks, crazywoody, If you want I will send you a bell pin email
  10. Of course it is London 2012, i'am just telling people in this thread that
  11. Rio de jeanero is now the host city of the 2016 olympics!
  12. Hello Skyscorpion can you please send me the emails? Thanks, crazywoody
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