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  1. Anyone from the US get their tickets (or notification of shipment) yet from CoSport? I called them today and they said some tickets have shipped and some have received them already.
  2. In the US, I think CoSport said they would be shipping tickets in July. For me, that seems last minute, especially if an order goes wrong. I'll have to call them soon to keep myself updated. This is my first experience with CoSport. Has anybody dealt with them in the past? What is the process like in getting the tickets? Anyone have any inside information or updates regarding tickets? Thanks.
  3. Just curious, anyone know if there will there be a large outdoor viewing on a big screen of the opening ceremony? Do you know if they might have something going on around the National Stadium/Olympic Green area? I prefer not to watch in my hotel room or a smaller place. Would be great if I can join a crowd and even possibly see the torch as it approaches the stadium.
  4. Do you have a link to the Harmony Hotel website? What's the best place to book a reservation? on a hotel's website or another site such as Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, or Orbitz.com?
  5. All the smiley faces should be B Category. B showed up as smiley face. Don't know why.
  6. Sorry for the confusion thatsnotmypuppy, but I did end up having tickets allocated to me. I submitted a request for OC tickets and another for the events. The notification I posted was referring to the Opening Ceremony tickets. I checked my email late night and had another notification from CoSport. I was allocated the following: pricing categories in parentheses 8/9 Gymnastics (, 8/10 Basketball (, 8/11 Archery (A), 8/12 Basketball (, 8/13 Gymnastics ( and Swimming (
  7. Requested Opening (C area), 4 Swimming events (C area), 2 Basketball events (B area), 1 Diving (C area), 2 Gymnastics (B area), 1 Archery (A area).
  8. I mainly asked for B and C areas too. I'd settle for those as well.
  9. Well, I pretty much requested tickets for I assume oversubscribed events (Opening,swimming, diving, basketball, and couple for table tennis and archery). So I'm not that surprised that I didn't get any tickets. Still is awful though. I submitted my request the moment I got the chance to. Looks like I'll have to wait to see what CoSport has left.
  10. Just got response from CoSport. Didn't get any tickets. On October 29th, 2007, under the observation of a major international accounting firm, CoSport completed the ticket allocation process for oversubscribed Beijing 2008 Olympic events via random drawing (lottery), in order to ensure that all requests were given equal consideration. Based upon the results of that process, we regret to inform you that your request was not among those randomly chosen to be awarded tickets. Our live-sale ticket phase will commence on Monday, November 26th. Any remaining tickets from our inventory,
  11. Received email from CoSport. Looks like there will be a lottery on Monday October 29th. Notification of results on Tuesday October 30th.
  12. From Cosport Dear Valued CoSport Customer: We would like to provide you with an update about the Ticket Allocation and Confirmation Phase. There has been an extremely high demand for tickets to the 2008 Olympic Games. For many of the sports sessions and Ceremonies this demand, in fact, has far exceeded the initial allocation of tickets which the Beijing Organizing Committee had allocated to the US public. We have been working with the Beijing Organizing Committee to secure additional tickets and hope to receive a supplemental allocation in the near future. We will conduct the lottery as soo
  13. Just came across this site while reading up on Beijing 2008. I'm too waiting for CoSport to contact me regarding my ticket requests. They said they would let people know from July to September. It's pretty much the end of September. I'm also really late on booking flight and hotel. Have people booked a room yet? Any suggestions of where to go and look for one? Thank you.
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