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  1. This is crazy, absolutely crazy. Russia will be plagued with their sleaze, mafia, corruption and bribery. Anyone wanting to go to their games had better be a good traveller as thousands of miles will be clocked up meaning days trying to get to venues and inflated hotel prices when you get there. Qatar is a joke. I was there in 2006 at the Asian Games. Doha is full of fantastic, state of the art sporting venues and some magnificent buildings. ALL OF WHICH WERE EMPTY - even when the locals were playing!! I cannot think of a country less suited to the culture of the World Cup with it's beer drinkers, laddish behaviour, noisy day and night, free press, liberalised democracies and generally having a laugh. Qatar has no pubs for a start and the hotel bars are full of Aussies that have been kicked out of UAR! The all you have is desert and more desert! The place will be full of sand dancers and Dundee United supporters (Google that!)
  2. Just to let you all know that tomorrow (7th December 2007) there is a huge bash at Stirling Castle to celebrate the success of the Glasgow2014 Bid. Any one who is anyone will be there. James - you will be toasted on a number of occasions throughout the night - cheers!! Thanks for everything you did to help win the games for Glasgow.
  3. Ah Halifax will have its day! Bowing out now of the Glasgow blog - new things to set my sites on for Scotland!!. You heard it here first - Glasgow 47 Abuja 24
  4. Expat It is no wonder you are the genius that you are - so handsome Custy Bint - but not gorgeous! Your efforts have been recognised at the highest level. But you are right - the passion people displayed on Friday was an outpouring of relief and pride - what a cocktail ! You and the team have exuded the spirit of Scotland and the desire for these Games for over 2 and a half years - and you were a tremendous architecht for that. I sometimes wondered what you were up to but saw the vindication some days later - I'll stick to my day job!! Well done again and a great summary about JJ - arse. Did you know I predicated 47 -24 on the morning of the bid on this blog!? Good luck at the new job! See you soon!! Hey Crusty join us for a beer!!!
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