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  1. I agree that a strong European bid wouldn't be easy to reject after these years, even if it's with another double award, and I'm actually quite surprised that although the Spanish NOC President really wants Madrid to host, there haven't been any serious talks about a possible bid so far. They may be waiting for the local and general elections in 2019 and 2020 to make a decision. As for Indonesia, I always like seeing new hosts. They now have the experience of the Asian Games but it also seems that Jakarta as a city isn't as attractive as other possible non-traditional candidates like Cairo or Mumbai/Delhi, so I wouldn't know what to expect if it was between these three. The good news for the IOC is that there are already more cities interested in 2032 than there were for 2024.
  2. Haven't they released the pictures of the mascots doing the sports yet? I can't find them anywhere.
  3. I don't know if this only one Olympic and one Paralympic mascot trend is a new requirement or has just been a coincidence, probably the latter, but I really hope it lasts for a long time. One mascot is definitely much more memorable than a group of them.
  4. So the 20 schools we knew about turned out to be quite representative of the outcome! Not only Twitter favourite became the least liked option among children but also the winning mascots were the least popular in social media, so I'm afraid that's the reason why many reactions are not as positive as expected. There are many people saying the winning mascots are too generic, not distinctively Japanese and also many "B/C was better" comments, but I guess that's normal when other candidates are shown and people can make comparisons. Despite C being my favourite, I like the winning Olympic mascot. I agree that it may not be extremely original, but it has some characteristic elements both in terms of design and personality that I really like. Not sure about the Paralympic mascot though. I was hoping for a short video to see them in motion and have a more accurate opinion but it seems we'll have to wait until summer. Any suggestions for their names?
  5. I found an interesting analysis of Twitter trends. http://imatsui.com/trend/201802/ As we already knew, C is the most popular candidate on social media. However, A leads within the youngest age group, and this is the only one who actually got a vote. So although C appears to be the overall favourite, I'd say A is the most likely to win and perhaps B can give a surprise since it was reported to be the early leader on the first day of voting. Still, I'm rooting for C.
  6. Mascot voting finished yesterday. According to Tokyo 2020, there have been more than 200,000 classroom votes from around 16,000 schools. The winners will be announced next Wednesday, February 28. https://tokyo2020.org/en/news/notice/20180222-01.html
  7. I agree that the ceremony lacked some wow and more original elements (not easy to do a super spectacular show in a stadium of these characteristics), but overall I think it was nice to watch and the fast pace was perfect. The cauldron lighting was strange indeed. That metallic structure seemed out of place and its meaning is still not clear. Had it been disguised as an ice column or something related to the ice where it came out from, it probably wouldn't have been so puzzling.
  8. No. More than 60,000 classes had already voted two weeks ago and we only know about 20 approximately, less than 0.04%. Only counting these 20 schools, it's a close race between A and B, with C far behind.
  9. Some updates I've found: A was the clear winner at the Japanese School in Perth, Australia with four classroom votes. One vote for B and none for C. Option A seems to have won at this school in Okinawa too. http://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/articles/-/196301 I don't know what happened here but there's a picture in which option A appears crossed out on the board, so I guess it was between B and C. https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASL1D4FPWL1DUTQP00S.html And finally, it was B or C leading at the moment of the last picture at the American School in Japan, but the final results aren't shown.
  10. If the online translator is right, option C won at the Motomiya Elementary School in Morioka. http://news.ibc.co.jp/item_31991.html
  11. Beijing 2022 is about to launch its emblems!
  12. Absolutely, although if I'm not mistaken, the rules specified that the mascots had to be genderless, so they can't really make much use of that. It also appears that the youngest students tend not to like C very much, whereas older students are more likely to vote C.
  13. OK, I've made up my mind. I choose C. Compared to previous Olympic and Paralympic mascots, I think these are the ones that stand out the most.
  14. I guess I'll have to rethink this... Kyoto Intl. School has published the results of their voting. A was the clear winner there:
  15. The first picture here suggests a close vote between B and C. Could anybody please translate what’s written on the blackboard where A should be? I’ve also checked Tokyo 2020 social media, where the three candidates have been promoted this weekend, and this is what it looks like right now: · Facebook: Candidate A: 962 total reactions (817 likes, 116 loves) and 48 comments Candidate B: 404 total reactions (332 likes, 67 loves) and 19 comments Candidate C: 936 total reactions (769 likes, 147 loves) and 61 comments · Twitter (in English): Candidate A: 103 RTs, 167 likes and 7 replies Candidate B: 161 RTs, 214 likes and 6 replies Candidate C: 202 RTs, 264 likes and 2 replies · Twitter (in Japanese): Candidate A: 195 RTs, 309 likes and 1 reply Candidate B: 243 RTs, 364 likes and 4 replies Candidate C: 320 RTs, 499 likes and 8 replies · Instagram: Candidate A: 1601 likes and 21 comments Candidate B: 1828 likes and 26 comments Candidate C: 2617 likes and 64 comments
  16. C is the clear winner in Japanese internet polls, but I'm actually surprised that B is slightly over A too. I'm eager to see how Japanese children will vote because I doubt A will get such a low support from them. Still, if Yo-kai Watch is really that popular in Japan, this is C's to lose. I think C is a grower. The first impression may not be the best but I like them more and more every time.
  17. I’ll take some time before voting. My early favourite was A and I really like them but I’m not sure about the blue-pink combination, even if it has nothing to do with boy-girl. I’ve also had a closer look at C and thanks to the mini sculptures, the 3D animation and some fan arts like this I’m starting to like them a lot. They’re fluffy and huggable and they could very well play the role of the typical adorable foolish character. It’s just the official poses that don’t work at all for me.
  18. My favourite at first sight is also A. I like how they mix traditional and contemporary/futuristic elements, and the Olympic mascot in particular suits the logo perfectly. I also like the fact that they wear the logos on their heads instead of their bellies as usual. They’re more or less what I was expecting from Tokyo. C seems to be the clear favourite though. I have mixed feelings about them. I like where their inspiration comes from but I find them quite inexpressive. I’d like to see them in motion and in different poses to have a more accurate opinion. Also, I’d reduce the size of their logos a bit. As for B, the only negative aspect I can think about is the insect eyes that look a little strange, yet I don’t know why they seem the least likely winner. Perhaps because of their being the safest option of the three as you were talking about that makes them stand out less. All in all, very good mascot candidates in my opinion, so congratulations to the designers and the mascot selection panel. And there’s one thing we can be sure of: Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot will have a white body and pointed ears!
  19. I wish most Spaniards agreed that the problem should be solved through dialogue. Perhaps many of us do and aren't as noisy, but still there are more obstinacy and confrontation than I think there should be.
  20. It’s devastating. Sure the referendum had been suspended by court and the outcome couldn’t be legally recognised, but what happened on Sunday is embarrassing. I think Spain needs major changes urgently, especially regarding territorial organization and political division, but that’s not what any of the sides involved is looking for. On the one side, many Catalans already feel disconnected from Spain, they only want independence and although many of them once asked for a different relation between Catalonia and Spain, they have given up and won’t do so anymore. On the other side, many Spaniards (many more than I would have ever thought and I find that worrying) immediately reject any kind of proposal to change the current status quo, even if it doesn’t mean independence for Catalonia, and accuse the rest of hating Spain and being unpatriotic. It’s sad. I don’t know where this will take us but I don’t like how things are going so far. There is a problem, that can’t be denied. How is it possible that a negotiated peaceful solution seems so unlikely?
  21. After repeat hosts in 2020, 2024 and 2028, I'm all for a new one in 2032. India may sound risky, but we're still 15 years away and I think it would be an interesting new market for the IOC, just like South Africa. Of course, unless the current situation changed radically, if any of them got 2032, 2036 would need to go to a traditional zero-risk host so as not to start scaring away other cities again.
  22. No, the stadium capacity has been reduced from that proposed for the 2020 Olympics. Madrid would need to build a new stadium, and legacy is precisely its biggest problem. None of the city's football teams, the only ones that can move such big crowds, needs a new stadium. The only possible legacy I can think about now is using it as the national stadium that Spain lacks, similar to the Stade de France, for our national teams as well as for important concerts and other shows. Promoting athletics, a sport that has traditionally been forgotten in Spain, would also be nice and the new stadium could be used to try to organize at last big athletics events in Madrid. Yes, I know what you mean. It's true there's a worrying trend and, even though I'm still not convinced by the double-award, I can understand the arguments for it. You're right in that this is the IOC business and what to do is up to only them, but since this is a business in which each and every country is involved, I think they should at least ask potential future bidders about their intentions before awarding 2028 by default, although it would never be made public whether they do it or not.
  23. You're right. And the aquatics centre being built next to it is also likely to be bought by Atlético de Madrid, so there probably won't be any swimming pool. Even the metro station has changed its name from "Estadio Olímpico" to "Estadio Metropolitano". I guess the best option for Madrid to host the Olympics would be building a new stadium, aquatics centre and gymnastics arena in the new neighbourhood of Valdebebas, which would create a mega-cluster as it lies just north of Campo de las Naciones where IFEMA pavillions and Ciudad Real Madrid are. I'd say Madrid is still interested in the Olympics, but the times of bidding again and again are over. That's why I wouldn't count on Madrid until 2032 at the very least and only if there's a clear shot at winning. It is. Wanda is actually the name of the sponsor, the stadium itself is called "Estadio Metropolitano".
  24. Just to clarify this point: neither do I believe LA (or somewhere else in the USA) wouldn't bid for 2028 if they didn't get it now and I also agree that Paris would be more unlikely to do the same. They're obviously not going to talk about that now. My reasoning was more in the sense that they're not officially bidding for 2028, so it wouldn't be unfair to any of them to open that year for other candidates that didn't originally bid for 2024 as neither LA nor Paris are supposed to have any sort of priority over anybody else for 2028. Toronto is the city I was thinking about, you just mentioned Brisbane and Madrid (although I don't think Madrid will bid again before 2032) and there could also be some other cities that showed interest recently. But again, this is only speculation, it's impossible to know what will actually happen.
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