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  1. There seems to be a general sentiment in Chicago right now of relief that the Games never came here. But I have to wonder "what if"... Given the current mood in the U.S. with regards to politics, race relations, and economic challenges, do you think Chicago would be handling things well for a 2016 Olympics?
  2. 100 years from now... What kind of Sports Tech do you think will be employed in future Olympic Games? How much will it influence sport in the modern world? What do you imagine the Games to look like in 2100 and beyond?
  3. US Justice Department has indited up to six committee members on several charges, and is planning to extradite to the U.S. Has judgment day finally come? Read More: Article from New York Times
  4. It is supposed to represent an adolesceant's pimple.
  5. So true, Chicago's venues were super bland and boring. Nothing sexy, as most were temporary or existing. Looking back, I am happy that Chicago did not win. Honestly, their fiscal house is not in order right now, and the economy really needs to get stronger before even considering a bid again. Interesting though how a new basketball arena is likely going to be built right next to McCormick Place which would have hosted a slew of other Olympic sports as well. This building was never even part of the bid. Also, a brand new 1,200 room hotel is going up too right near the site. I guarantee that if Mayor Rahm Emanuel can bring crime down, the public pension issue resolved, and the economy stronger, he no doubt will champion an Olympic bid sometime down the road (just like Daley had a change of heart in his twilight years). His ego is too big not to want it. It certainly won't be for 2024. Maybe 2028 or 2032. Time will only tell...
  6. I was in Lima back in March, and I can't image them hosting anytime in the near future. I love Peru, and am going back this July, but they simply have a long way to go to be ready to host the Games. Lima is also a very "ugly" city. It hardly rains, and has a lot of traffic/pollution problems.
  7. I think this article is not fair, but I am posting it because it shows a perspective from media in one of the losing 2016 bid cities...
  8. If I were leading the USOC, I would stay out of the race for 2024, but put in LA for a warm bid for 2028 to show that we still care, and then come out swinging for 2032. 2024 is likely to go to South Africa, unless they screw up big time. A Euro city is odds on favorite for 2028 then, since it would have been 16 years since the last time a Euro city hosted. Next best chance is USA or Canada for 2032. Hold back, and hang tight USOC!!!!
  9. To me, Durban just looks like a flatter, less dense version of Rio.
  10. I am now a resident of Tulsa!!!

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      Now you're part of the community, don't disappoint them! *lol =P

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      Oh no, he's become one of THEM! I'll take the stake, Danny you get the garlic cloves and Yoshi you're on Holy Water duty.

    4. DannyelBrazil


      hahahahaha, the devil is inside his body just because he moved to Tulsa?! hahahaha

  11. I actually want LA to bid for 2024. They will not win, and that could stave off a winter bid for 2026. Then maybe another U.S. city can swoop in for 2028 or 2032 and has a better chance at winning. LA doesn't seem to mind bidding (and losing), plus it gives an argument for another U.S. city when they bid - "we gave you our top three cities, and you have turned them all down... please, pretty please pick us!!!" In other news, Chicago is moving forward with plans to build a new arena that would have been nice should they have won 2016. See pictures here
  12. History was made today, never has there been back-to-back Asian Winter/Summer host countries. 2024 could also likely make history by not electing a Euro host in more than two cycles. USA, please sit out 2024, don't waste your energy! It is going to Europe or S. Africa in 2024, and then the loser will take 2028. Wait for 2032!!
  13. Congrats Tokyo! Make us proud, and please don't be boring!!
  14. Go Tokyo, I mean.... Go Istanbul, wait I mean... I still can't decide who I want to win. I'm happy that Madrid was let go, they hopefully will finally get the message.
  15. Ethiopia, Australia, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand and India... the next 12 months are going to be fun!

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      You taking a year off to travel?

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      Nope, it is all for work my friend :)

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      Costa Rica is amazing... ¡Pura Vida! Way better than Peru.

  16. 50 DAYS UNTIL DECISION DAY Let the petty comparisons and fighting begin to ramp up!!!! I am going to sit back and watch, because quite honestly, I don't really care who wins this race.
  17. If the IOC deems the country "acceptable" enough to host, I think there is little chance for a country to warrant a boycott. If we are willing enough to cooperate in space and have our presidents meet in person, we should be willing enough to play sports in their country. Graham has no credibility anymore when it comes to international relations. Sadly, he usually is connected at the hip to John McCain. Based on today's rules, would the U.S. (or any country for that matter) be able to boycott? What would the ramifications be other than the host country being offended? How much money would be lost if the U.S. did boycott? NBC would certainly take a hit (hence why they were quick to publish the story).
  18. I don't think it is going to happen, but shadows of 1980 are creeping up.... How much money would be lost if the U.S. didn't show up? Just curious about your thoughts...
  19. Way to go Blackhawks!!! Stanley Cup Champs!!!!

    1. ofan


      what a game!

    2. Soaring


      2 goals in 17 seconds to come back and win it! Yep, pretty spectacular!!

  20. Just my two cents.... No matter who is hosting, people can always make the argument that money that goes toward the Games/Festivals can be better utilized for other needs in the host city/country. I guarantee that if Chicago would have won 2016, there would be lots of protests and controversy going on right now about the city's focus on pressing needs especially when there are seemingly endless headlines like the following... Chicago’s Closing 50 Schools, Opts To Spend $100 Million On Basketball Arena Chicago’s crime rate continues to rise: 41 shootings reported over the weekend Illinois' finances worst ever in FY 2012-auditor Illinois credit rating lowered after pension reform failure The South Side's trauma care crisis So while one can argue that Rio's issues are on a different scale than Chicago, every city has it's own problems to deal with. Will an Olympics fix all (or even some) of the complex issues that span over many decades? Absolutely not. Does hosting actually help a city and country grow economically? No, not really. Many studies have been done to show this. Do the Olympics make people in a host city and country feel pride, and bring them more international attention? Yes. Can a city's infrastructure and "depressed" areas in a host city be fixed up and improved by hosting? Yes. London and Barcelona are good examples that come to mind. Can hosting improve sporting performance and athletic development among youth? Yes, certainly. The U.S. performing so well these past 30 years can certainly be correlated to hosting in '80, '84, '96 and '02. But youth obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are the worst that they have ever been. In saying all of this, does it mean that I feel Brazil or any other country shouldn't host? No, not at all. But we certainly should hold those in government accountable for statements saying that hosting is going to solve their pressing issues, because that is really just a lie. Grassroots efforts, education and large investment over many years is what changes society. Not a two week party.
  21. I think Melbourne or Brisbane have better chance than Perth to be the next host from Oz. I think the earliest bid should be for 2040 or beyond. Just my own opinion though....
  22. You won't believe where I am moving in less than three months.... TULSA!!!

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      Yes, permanently...

    3. Lucas


      I am not really a geography-freak, where is Tulsa? I know is in the states but where?

    4. Soaring


      Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is just north of Texas.

  23. That's funny. I seemed to have gone the opposite route. I was once convinced that South Africa was unbeatable at any bid they put forward, but now as the WC freshness has worn off, and doubts about Durban have emerged, and RSA's "will we or won't we bid" shenanigans for 2020 have left me to question their chances for 2024. I have no doubt that South Africa will host an Olympics in the next few cycles, but I don't quite believe Durban can pull off a win with their first bid. I also take Rogge's behavior toward RSA during the 2020 application season with a huge grain of salt. You knew that he was foaming at the mouth to have his lasting legacy as "bringing the Games to new horizons". He is on his way out now, and his main hope should be that Istanbul pulls out a win. Paris would also be very emotive during a 2024 bid. What does Toronto have to offer against those two options?
  24. If 2024 consisted of just Madrid, Tokyo, LA and Toronto as candidates... it would be a very dull race IMO. We need Paris and/or Durban to spice things up! I don't think Durban would be a shoe-in for winning 2024, but it might be good experience for them to test the waters. No new frontier city has won on their first bid in 30+ years, and the 80's were such a pecular time for the Olympics, and times are different now... If the IOC was willing to pass on Rio three times, and Beijing once, they could overlook Durban if there are glaring issues. But who knows. The IOC was sooooo eager to award Rio the 2016 Games, eventhough just four years earlier it failed to even make the shortlist. A lot can happen fast, but South Africa is not Brazil, and Durban is not Rio. They are apples and oranges.
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