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  1. Commenting and discussing the problems related to the event or related to Brazil that would impact the events it's one thing. Using stupid jokes the way you did is something totally different. If it is acceptable between the ones that live around you, you can't expect that in an international forum, as I assume this is, everybody should be laughing at it. It is hilarious for you. I don't think the last ones were hilarous. Is it hilarious to joke about violence? Would it be hilarious if I started to joke about the World Trade Center, about the War in Iraq? I don't think so. But well, I
  2. The term is the same in portuguese. We say racismo. I don't think I have to look the term up. I think that, despite of my poor English (BTW, do you speak another language? If you do, are you 100% fluent? Are you in English?), I am sure it is possible to understand what I meant. I said you have acted in a racist way not because of the black or native peoples in Brazil, but considering the whole population, as you are speaking in a superior way and mocking our problems as if we live in a kind of Hell and you come from heaven. Now you are saying you were only commenting on the overall crime rat
  3. I do not come from an English speaking country. I know I don't speak perfectly, but I do understand your jokes. By the way, is it a mature discussion to acuse another person not to speak well your language? It's perfectly possible to realize your posts are not funny at all, as Flag Bearer said. You are beeing extremelly offensive. Just for the record, drug-related crimes are a GLOBAL issue. Of course we have our great share of responsabillity, but you can't say it is just a local problem. After all, who buys all the drugs produced in Latin American countries? I would also like to remind yo
  4. Again the naive card? Come on guys... I see you are acting in a different manner nowadays, Baron. Much different from back 2009, during the bid process. As I said, there is NO PROBLEM AT ALL in revealing, with a spotlight, all of our problems. In the contrary, in may opinion it is extremelly helpfull. It's due to the problems, among other questions, we are facing hosting both the WC and the Olympics, that people went to the streets last year, and probably will again this year. These people, including myself, totally agree with all the points you are pointing out here. That's exactly what Danny
  5. Not everybody... that's why many are comming to the World Cup and will certainly come to the Olympic Games. Only some disrespectful ones. There's a great difference between critics and prejudice, racism. Beijinho no ombro pro recalque passar longe... "oh and what should we wear to avoid being trafficked as sex slaves or held hostage for six-figure wire payments my parents will have to raise on kickstarter by going on the news? i have blue eyes remember, so that's working against me and also i'll need colors that match. also, mr bernham wants to know what to wear in brazil to avoid get
  6. It's funny that everything Dannyel says here, giving another point of view, is immediately refused by saying he is being naive. I think absolutely disrespectfull the way some here are using this opportunity to say so many bad things about Brazil. In any moment here any of the Brazilians said that we live in a dreamland, full of rainbows and unicorns. People are always showing you the truth about stadiums, safety and other issues. Why do we get back this kind of treatment? I live in Rio. 30 years now. I've NEVER been mugged, kidnapped, shot or trafficked. Of course, sadly, we live in a develo
  7. Arena Pernambuco is my favourite, till now. Great expectations about Arena das Dunas, Natal.
  8. Congrats for your answer and patience, Olympian2004. Thats the kind of behaviour people, sadly, still have to face in a machist country like Brazil. Its pure ignorance. Its easy to play the I dont know English well card to excuse such thing...
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