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  1. Sure, it wasn't a great performance. Still a lot to improve if the team really wants to win. But it doesn't mean Brazil doesn't deserve to win the WC, as it was said.
  2. I don't think that the perfomance was that bad. Why can't Mexico have credits? Specially their goalkeeper? As someone said here before, Brazil has faced similar situations previously, including 2002. It means nothing at this moment.
  3. Besides Victor's accurate point, Latin Americans, besides those who live there, don't usually cheer a lot for the US...
  4. Arena das Dunas is the best, for me. I'm really glad that it stopped raining in Natal. Such a beautiful city!
  5. I don't think so... lol protesters, specially the so called "black blocks" are totally isolated these days. Brazilian people are really engaged in the WC. People are on the streets celebrating with international visitors, so I don't think protests are the main news anymore...
  6. I think it doesn't matter... FIFA should allow people to listen to their own anthem, till the end.
  7. And no comments also here... I think some were just waiting June 12th to start posting here everything they could find in the so trustfull intl. media about how the WC was failing... Chupa mídia internacional!!!!
  8. Well, I told you about that before... it isn't the first time he threw here racist comments about someone.
  9. Impossible... Fifa gave them 25 seconds! He would never reach the center of the field.
  10. Indeed. They are way over all the limits... I am really glad that people here started to realize that using violence is not a valid way to protest. Today these groups were really isolated. I've even read that in Copacabana people started to throw eggs on them to stop their lousy protest.
  11. For me... NZ, SA, Sweden, Turkey, Danmark, Jamaica, China, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Hungary.
  12. Sure, I agree. But we can't say the result was unfair... Croatia played really well. I was tense all the time lol That's why it is a fair result... Brazil was a better. Still a lot to improve, but I was glad to see them react after starting a WC, home, losing...
  13. I think it wasn't CLEARLY a penalty, but still Fred was pulled by the Croatian guy... well, even if we consider 1 goal, there would be 2 and a victory.
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