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  1. There's no Spain to root for, isn't it?
  2. You should come more often to these foruns... I think you missed a LOT of things. Almost everyday, till the beggining of the competitions, there was someone posting negative "news" here. Perfect. It's easy to come here and say that people are being paranoid if you don't follow the debates around here frequently...
  3. Well, at least one thing you guys have to admit.... if now you are saying that there's no way one can evaluate wich was the best WC, wich means 2014 can be compared to the others, one month ago almost everybody here was pointing out how it would be a huge failure. I think that's the main point, even for Danny. It isn't the title of best whatever (despite of the fact that almost every journalist and people that attend frequently WC are saying this, but well, you would never admit it, isn't it?).
  4. Brazil x France Argentina x Holland ... Brazil x Argentina ... Brazil
  5. It's really really a great thing to read a post like this! I totally agree, Pixie_Victoria!
  6. All these posts remarking anacondas and other stupid things in Manaus are so prejudicial... but well, MY ENGLAND is the fair play one. Someone said here that Brazilians, Chileneans or wherever hooligans were the ones to bit that MY ENGLAND citizen ear... but I think this someone hasn't read quite well... it was a MY ENGLAND citizen that has done this. Well, Danny, it seems that this is indeed the "Cup of the cups"... they were praying that by this time they would be here posting Zillions of IMPARTIAL, NEUTRAL """""""NEWS""""""" about the tournment failure, but well... they don't have much
  7. I wasn't badmouthing you... I was just pointing out the fact that you always try do pick on Brazil, but whatever. I understand you don't have much to do these days, without My England in...
  8. Of course MY ENGLAND should be number one in the fair play list (at least in the one...)! Of course Neymar should be the last one in your best players list, of course you forgot Julio Cesar in the goalkeepers list and of course you should mention Brazil in the "definitely not" fair players list.
  9. Considering Brazilians (lol), I'd say, for sure, that Volleyball, Football, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Swimming, Basketball, Tenis, Handball, Gymnastics, will be the ones to be sold first.
  10. CAF I think that you should get used to the fact that Brazil is going to win. I think you guys don't know much what should be considered penalty or hand in the ball...
  11. Of course he was really bad. Only the usual Brazil haters here think otherwise. There many saying he does the same when Manchester is playing. This ref is a joke. Well now anyone can say we bought the WC!
  12. You must be kidding... I know Brazil is the one to be hated, of course, but don't try to deny the obvious. Well in the end, despite of the English idiot, WE WON.
  13. Indeed... if that happens, the one that wins will really be a strong contender in the final round...
  14. Can we predict here, for the quarters? I bet it will be BRA X URU, FRA X GER, MEX X CRC, ARG X USA.
  15. Well, Danny has posted many times here how work is advancing... and after the WC yet to come "fiasco", you should give Brazil a credit, don't you?
  16. So, can't we say it was on purpose? Specially in the international media regarding the reality of a country you know nothing about. To make it even worse, there were at least 4 locals here saying otherwise and being pictured as naive.
  17. Well, so now Germany faced a hard time against Ghana.... Argentina against Iran.... Holland against Australia... and Brazil against Mexico. Not mention Italy and Spain x Costa Rica. Can we say that at this point the main teams are equal?
  18. Yes, we can. One thing has nothing to do with the other.
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