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  1. Lol it would help a lot! Danny, at least now Belo Horizonte holds the Mineirazo title lol and Maracanã and Rio can breath for the next 50 years lol
  2. I hope there's no immediate connection... of course some will try, but I don't think there's room for that, at least till the end of the WC sunday.
  3. We laughed last, as we say here, Danny. For the next decades, emerging countries will laugh last, for sure. Congrats, Rio Civil Police and to the Federal Police! F*** Fifa!
  4. Finally, I agree with Tony.
  5. You also provoke him (and Brazil) all the time. He is just replying it. And, BTW, please keep on with your predictions! Since the opposite happens, it's great not to have Brazil among the winners on them.
  6. OMG! The Simpsons predicted that Neymar would get injured in the quarters of finals and the Ref (Homer, in the episode) would say it wasn't foul! LOL
  7. The kind of injury Neymar suffered isn't expected at all. It is awful, even from you, to say something like that.
  8. Oh yeah... God... the next Copa Americas will be great champ.!
  9. LOL he hasn't given card also to Colombia. Even if he did the crowd would not "crucify" him. They are not savages. See they got a penalty now.
  10. GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL O CAMPEÃO VOLTOU!!!!!!!!!!!! They envy the team. Simple like that. And others just can't admit that a developing country can host a great event. Others hate emerging countries.
  12. GOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Despite of Fifa's desire for Shak, the star of the night will be the very Brazilian Ivete Sangalo
  14. http://www.ebc.com.br/noticias/brasil/2014/07/rio-de-janeiro-inicia-obras-do-complexo-esportivo-de-deodoro Works begin today in Deodoro!
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