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  1. 16 hours ago, brasilolimpico said:

    Analysis: Thank you Rio de Janeiro, it was interesting!


    In recent months very critical of the Olympic Park and the Olympic ceremonies as well as specific criticisms of the performance of the country in the organization of the games. Just now closing time we go to a general analysis?

    I will divide into topics.

    Opening ceremony:

    It was Ok!
    The ceremony was too simple compared to Beijing, tv great moments with the '14a' and the Brazilian music segment all there seemed truly Brazilian. In comparison there were horrible times like the cauldron lighting that should be the peak of the ceremony and seemed little creative.
    The national anthem was a nice moment, but maybe I would have put more children near the flag.
    What disappointed me is that there were so many people in the choreography, I was thinking that in London there were more dancers.

    The boos to the President, Michel Temer was something expected. Brazilian booed Lula da Silva (Pan-American Games of 2007), Dilma Rousseff (Cup 2013 Confederations) and even cursed countless times the former President of the Republic in the World Cup 2014, with heavy offenses.

    Yet surveys show that Brazilians prefer Michel Temer.

    Transport and Mobility:

    Everything seemed to work properly in the city for those who needed to go to the competition venues. However ordinary locals were affected, purchases of city dwellers who came from other states delayed several days before the time restriction for vehicles.


    It was exciting to see some games decided in the final moments, but overall not excited me like London in 2012.

    Performance of 'Team Brazil'.

    It was ok. Brazil won an amazing medal in Pole Vault and gold in football was sensational, but overall lacked medals in tennis, swimming and judo. The performance of women's football was unfair.
    The case of athlete of diving left me upset because I hope dedication of the athletes in the Olympic Village.


    The TV GLOBO was my 'official broadcaster'. The broadcaster has invested heavily in TV broadcasts and an amazing structure. At first I did not like the plans of the channel to have 170 hours of broadcasts, but I think it was appropriate. The channel broadcast all relevant times the national team.
    What made me upset was the performance of TV RECORD, who failed to show significant moments.
    The SPORTV with its 16 transmission channels was also a prominent part.
    The ratings success of course, are the most viewed games in history. I believe that growth in Brazil will be able to cancel the fall in the United States.

    Public at the venues.

    I found it very nice to see the stadiums full to watch women's Braisl. But I found absurd empty seats in athletics and volleyball. The size of the arenas is appropriate.
    The problem is the price of the tickets in my opinion should be 30% more affordable for qualifying events.


    7 points.

    - Climate of Brazilians.

    Negative points:
    - The minority segment of society that wanted to mix their political frustrations with the Olympic Games.
    - The performance of the national team.
    - The low attendance in the stadiums.

    Rio deserved the games?

    Competitors were Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. I think that if I were a member of the IOC at the time would have chosen Rio de Janeiro, the jingoism that it was the Brazil at the time.
    The Rio de Janeiro is applied result of the ambitions of some politicians who felt the 'Rio 2016' the coronation of his ambitions. Surely, if there were no economic crisis and the wave of protests, Dilma Rousseff, Eduardo Paes and Ségio Cabral surfariam for high popularity.

    If the election were today I would have granted to host the Olympic Games to Chicago.

    RANKING OF OLYMPICS GAMES (Only I accompanied)
    1. London 2012 (Note 9/10)
    2. Vancovuer 2010 (Note 8/10)
    2. Beijing 2008 (Note 8/10)
    4. Athens 2004 (Note 7/10)
    4. Rio 2016 (Note 7/10)
    6. SOCHI 2014 (Note 6/10)

    People prefer Temer.... To go to Mars.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Rob. said:

    When have I done that? Or are you throwing British history at me like the bigot you are because - once again n- you can't be fucked to read what I'm actually saying?

    I'm not talking about history stupid arrogant idiot. You are all the time talking about "Brazilians" are like that or this and when I reply I have tô consider you individually? You are really lazy tô understand it.


    10 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

    I'm getting fucking tired of all this "Privileged white westerners" excuse. As if being white makes me automatically evil or something. And also how you guys always try to make an excuse after another to justify this trainwreck of an Olympics. I've never seen such a defensive/apologist crowd in my whole life. And I thought the ultranationalism of Seoul '88 crowd was bad. That was nothing compared to these games.

    I just hope you guys enjoyed the moment because it will be aeons before you (or Latin America) host these again.  


  3. 1 minute ago, Rob. said:

    No, you're a prejudiced cunt mate.

    I was born in the 80s. What the **** does Empire have to do with my opinions on these Games, other than throwing my nation's history at me because you're too fucking lazy to consider what I'm saying?

    Grow up and accept criticism like a man.

    You should study a bit more, stupid... You don't force cultural behaviour or exploit others just by arriving with ships. Idiot.

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