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  1. I saw on ebay a set of square pins in yellow, white, and green. It looks nice in a round or square and works with different color backgrounds. I like the look.
  2. Germany's Sport1 really is showing hockey. I was wondering what they were going to do. They paid money to broadcast and in the beginning were showing only 1hour infomercials in the mornings.
  3. I don't know about. Eurosport here in Germany was listing by total medals for a few days and then changed to gold count when it was better for Germany. I have found the US does it both ways.
  4. Looks like ZDF, in Germany, will be showing the opening ceremony live and then switching with ARD, highlights each day. ORF 1 will be showing highlights daily.
  5. I doubt they will take her Olympic medals seeing the abnormality did not show up till last year. But why can they not explain what the abnormality is?
  6. Does anyone know if this is true? Why would they not want as many people there as possible? I would think they would want as many heads of OCs that could make it.
  7. This will be interesting to watch. What would also be nice is telling people how they can do some of these sports. Some of the websites for some of these sports could really use a revamp.
  8. Thanks christos for the youtube uploads. Is there a list of who these people are?
  9. It looks good. Will this be available for DS? Too bad they did not use any of the mascots.
  10. When someone knows the first flight please tell us?
  11. I like them. It was a great job tying the two together. The para games gets so lost.
  12. So they are doing one Mukmuk pins and less than 500. I believe that is the only Mukmuk item. They said they would only use him online. I must find one of these.
  13. The iCoke pins look great. It is really a shame they do not make these available in other countries. Were there iCoke Beijing pins available in other countries?
  14. No! They do not make a nice couple. He is married. (Germans) That is just a horrible picture of Merkel. Don't feel to bad. On the inside I think Germany has a better deal. On a side note, would the German president do something if Germany every gets the Games again?
  15. As soon as you guys know could you tell me, I would love to have my brother pick me up one.
  16. Does anyone have a address for Air Canada? I just saw a pin on ebay.
  17. Go do something else while the parade is on if it is so bad. I love the parade. For the Atlanta games, I watch with my mom, her in NJ, me in Georgia. I normally have large phone bills during the Olympics. Even for the Italian one I think my bill was for 2 hours. It great trying to remember where all these countries are and if the commentary is good, it can be quite educational. Get the kid down with a map or atlas. Its better than sitting in a classroom.
  18. The Sochi one is just the bid logo. We have no idea what the real logo will look like.
  19. I do not seem to be able to edit my post. First multiplatform coverage begins Sept. 6 It seems there will be more online stuff. NBC will televise a special presentation of the events on Oct. 18. I guess better late than never.
  20. It seems the US will get nothing. BBCi will have some hours. It looks like even Eurosport can't even put a little on the wee hours of the morning. They can start broadcasting at 2-4 am for the real Olympics, but can muster enough money to give us even highlights that can be recorded.
  21. What does the Torino-Vancouver pin look like? Where can one? Any?
  22. If I was them I would seed Monday or Tuesday just in case.
  23. Why do they seem to be beating up on the Germans, when it is so much easier to beat up on the Americans?
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