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  1. I meant fighting their body. If you only have five athletes, to choose from.
  2. Loved the anthem. Love the puzzle holders dress with different color shoes. some of the smaller teams flag bearers are fighting.
  3. Maybe it was thought of being wasteful. Cutting flowers, which shortens the life span. I like the 3D logo. The metal will go behind a glass. The logo you can keep out and handle. Flower you might have for a week or two then they die.
  4. Question about the medal ceremonies. Haven't seen one. Any videos? I guess they are at the end of the event, not in the evening like Sochi.
  5. I am looking to get ZDF Olympic mascot pins. They do not have any date or Rio on it. I will order on Friday at the end of the week. If anyone wants some msg me.
  6. NBC has already released one. You have to live in the US to have them mail it to you. I should be getting a couple extra for trading in about a month or so.
  7. Ok, I,found this,a few days ago, but I do not know what it means. Samsung is doing a set of 30 pins. I am not sure where you can get them from. Collect Olympic Games Pins Olympic Games Pins by Samsung can be picked up at Galaxy Studios and Brand Shops. Collect all 30 of them and you for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Designed for Rio 2016, the 22 general pins each illustrate an Olympic sport while the 8 special pins represent iconic symbols of Brazil. So, the question is what counts as a Galaxy Studio and Brand Shop? I am in Germany. I am not even sure if there is one in Berlin. I called a store in Canada, but they have not heard of this. Is it only the store in Rio? Would these be smart service Center Those that are sell the new Olympic phone?
  8. Does anyone know how to get the surfboard pins? The are really nice and quite innovative. If it has been said before, I am sorry to post I am still getting used to the boards.
  9. There looks to be a set of Coke pins that will/are available in McDonald's in Walmarts. Can you get more branding than that? Also there are a set of pins available through the US coke rewards for 1000 points. https://images.ccnag.com/MCR_CATALOG/catalog/53977-detail.jpg
  10. Yes, it has. They need to work on the servers and get it out to the rest of the world. I sit here in Germany waiting, cause I want to do it the correct way. There really are not that many real world problems when you consider how many people are playing. My son walk 43km in two days. It will make people fit.
  11. Not sure where this goes. Live streaming of qualifying. Canada vs New Zealand http://www.fiba.com/oqt/philippines/2016/0907/Canada-New-Zealand France vs Turkey http://www.fiba.com/oqt/philippines/2016/0907/France-Turkey
  12. They are also asking for ideas for the torch relay. If they like your idea, you might be added to the degation to Greece or a torchbearer. http://missionrelay.pyeongchang2018.com/front/eng/index.do
  13. "I'm sorry but you can not view this video. Germans one guess why!
  14. I like the idea that the same number of elements are used in both. Like that part, but not really crazy for it. I guess the can change the colors in the blocks or place pictures in them. So where is merchandise available?
  15. I think that you should right a wrong if you can. I think that should be part plans. Each Olypmic city should be part of ceremonies that award the new winner. It should be a big event in righting a wrong. It should be part of a mind set of justice. It is not going to stop so there should be a plan on how these metals are given to the correct champion. http://rio2016.olympics.com.au/media/41379BD0-3445-11E6-80D8F2E31AD81B36
  16. Any idea of what the sign holders will be wearing?
  17. I think they might wait til the Summer Olympics is over next year.
  18. Personally, I thought the songs and singers were much better than the last few years. I wanted to buy the album. Only 2 of my favorites got into the finals. Will see on Thursday.
  19. I am not see much in the way of sponsor pins on ebay anyone get anything good.
  20. Ok, so we can start bashing it in November, but will they be smart enough to have items out for Christmas?
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