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  1. From Formula1, most drivers and those from the teams do remove the caps for the national anthem.
  2. With that many people and a willingness to put whatever money into it you will get those results. They might be pushing, but with so many choices the individuals would do almost anything to be the best to bring comfort to ones family and circle. You don't have to use a stick when you have a good carrot. China can offer a very large carrot.
  3. If you want to change the horse riding, maybe driving a jeep or Toyota. Maybe a update is in order after a hundred years? Anything else should we modernized. Drone flying?
  4. Baseball is actually is a calming sport people like to watch on TV. Since there are afternoon and weekday games, it is used for many business meetings. You can talk while watching, but you don't have to be glued to every move like football(soccer).
  5. Badminton to be played Porte de la Chappelle
  6. Such a shame. There have been been quite a few. The mixed team triathlon was good.
  7. I think most of us have been around long enough that negative Olympic pieces are par for the course. After watching the crowds that were able to gather at open events I think they would have had great ticket sales if only for residents. One should only be bothered if there are no protests about an Olympics. I believe that in some ways the Olympics do bring out a certain amount of nationalism and it not a bad thing, but in the end most spectators want moments that will make them proud of the human spirit. Personally, I think Biles did just the opposite of Kerri Strug. Injury is injury? Why should I give more sympathy to mental than physical? She had to know she was having problems before she came to Tokyo. She should have given her place to someone else to have the experience or compete.
  8. I am surprized by how much of an audience there are at some events and wonder how many tickets are actually available to the general public in the end.1
  9. There will be full stadiums and no one on the Chinese side will care. What is the last you heard about any from in China lately? It will be a non issue. I doubt there will be any quarantines. They will be happy to have the athletes not wandering around Beijing.
  10. I was surprized they didn't use the building outside more for this opening ceremony. They did something a few years ago with Samsung. A pubic opening ceremony is quite do able. Between lazors, lighting, fireworks and drones you can do a lot. Not sure how you would handle the parade. I suppose you could put them on boats and have then go down a river. Or do a float type.
  11. Are you counting m v f competition only? Why not add in the mixed times?
  12. I don't really care for judged sports so I haven't watched any of the skate boarding or surfing. I am looking forward to the climbing. Surfing is done all up and down the east coast, so there would no reason to think you would have to go as south as Florida. We have beach bums in NJ, so I am sure there is surfing in Canada. Baseball stadiums in France? I am sure they have fields/pitches. We have them in Germany. Thirding/fourthing. Cities can not just add and subtract what they like. I would hope the subtracting would be more according to viewership.
  13. There seemed to be a section also in the equestrian events also.
  14. Yes, it is normal for the US to not start picking up medals at first.
  15. This is the question. Baseball is played in front of crowds. The cycling road evnt drew crowds. The idea that these games are not supported and the Japanese don't want to go to see these events is a myth. They could easily sell tickets to half fill these events.
  16. Finding the German ZDF online schedule to be not bad. They are giving a choice of at least 6 different events at a time. They were a little off with one of the fencing metal match. I just need to figure out how early am I willing to wake up. They start broadcasting at about 1:50 am.
  17. I thought the pictogram was one of the best parts. I didn't think the whole ceremony was that bad. Especially, with all the changes that had to be made. I saw it as a combination of old and new world items.
  18. Took lots of screen shots. I was impressed by most. Some were boring but nice. Most of the dresses were well done. One country I think use elastic in the waistband of the skirt, because the skirt went from mid thigh to almost full length and it wasnt the height of the ladies.
  19. I'll take South Korea. Been watching so much Korean stuff on Netflix it won't give me any other suggestions.
  20. Between ARD, ZDF, and Eurosport we here in Germany should get most of the items. The rights are owned by the US company Discovery, the parent company of Eurosport. The package covers the games from 2018 to 2024 and cost 1.4 billion dollars. The two public broadcasters ARD and ZDF had acquired sub-licenses after long and tough negotiations and are therefore also allowed to report from Tokyo. In contrast to the Winter Games in Pyeongchang 2018, there are no restrictions on any sports this time.
  21. The Tokyo Metropolitan task force requested Tokyo 2020 not to stage the Olympic Torch Relay on public roads and to hold Celebration events. As such, Tokyo 2020 will implement an alternative lighting ceremony format whereby each torchbearer will pass the Olympic flame to the next torchbearer at a “torch kiss” point at the Celebration venues on those days as follows: Day 13 – Wednesday 21 July Venue: Shinagawa Central Park Time: 13:55-18:23 (TBC) Day 14 – Thursday 22 July Venue: Shiba Park Time: 13:55-19:13 (TBC)
  22. I think they have "Fans will be able to "clap virtually" to show their support, while they have been invited to film six-second selfies which will be shown on the big screens and also offered to broadcasters." I am looking into where you are to upload them.
  23. 4F is producing a few different European countries. Thery have replicas available for purchase But I give you these Greek leggings with POCKETS
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