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  1. When will we get a Paris and LA section? There will be a section of the Tokyo closing ceremony done by Paris.
  2. It would have been nice if maybe they used a different goddess. Is that Triumph? Is their not a Japanese equivalent? I like the simplicity of the Tokyo side.
  3. Video of production of the torches YouTube VIDEO Personally, I like the design. I think the miniatures make cute keychains. Hope Lights Our Way
  4. From what I have found is most of these are only available on the Japanese site.
  5. Omega does a zip file of its countdown widget. How doe one get this onto an android
  6. Can we start a list of athletes pages for fundraising? Also different national federations do pins or t-shirts to fundraise.
  7. Can we start a list of Offical merch and items from different countries leading up to Tokyo. I'd like to start with Asics sneakers with blue or red sole and piping. Unisex ¥19440. Junior ¥4644. Also child size t-shirt with the mascots on them.¥3240
  8. Dry. There is more water in The Sahara. They already have a sweet pin set of the area/map. Oh you know they will be sweet swag. The question will be what is real.
  9. Wow. The shop is packed for this early. There is a nice vase and a pin set of a map of the venues. I am not seeing an English translation, but if you are not shipping out side of China you don't really need to. They are taking Mastercard as well as Visa. Isn't that a No No? Why do all of the sight not deliver outside of the host country. It is limits the sales? Not even after the Games?
  10. The WOC might be coming to a close, but the Winter Paralympic is coming up. We are in Pyeongchang for a few more weeks.
  11. Petro Canada Fuels Athletes on it's Facebook page is doing Win-a-Pin Wednesday again.
  12. But the question is who has these tickets? If Korean can not sell them, release them to those who can. If Federations are holding on to tickets the same. Also, they need to bring down the surcharges of tickets bought online.
  13. It has been a little spares this year. Wasn't there a coupon in the newspaper for attaining one set of pins at a news station. And there was a cool set from Canadian tire that came out half way through. Even the fan site has been low. Just a lot less this year. I'm watching all their Facebook sites, but US is low also.
  14. Biathlon is great for those of us in Europe. Right before or after Noon. Great for lunch with the kids who have off from school this week. Can watch a little with shopping in the sport section of department stores. I need to find some place who is doing a breakfast buffet with a TV.
  15. It is a matter of perspective. I do not see it as NK stealing, but SK generously extneding a hand of peace. It shows a nondefeative attitude. They have a shared history. This is the hope and dream of one day they will be united again. I think they should march under the united fag with the NK and SK flag behind one on each side. We are two going forth as one.
  16. The formal wear can be purchased and is quite reasonably priced. Great office wear.
  17. One has to wonder if Couric wanted to do this and she pulled some weight to get the gig. It would really make more sense to bring in a female sportscaster. Personally, if I was watching NBC , that is what I would want.
  18. So if they wear that patch and an all blue they would have their countries colors while being in regulations. I am still not sure why it it is OAR and not just Olympic Athlete or Independent Olympic Athlete. Did they have a general name for refugees last games?
  19. So what does the OAR uniform look like? I feel sorry for those that will now get metals after cheater are stripped. There should be some kind of ceremony for those attain metals. Something during the Olympics. Something that everyone will see, not just those of us that pay attention. They were robbed that also.
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