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  1. I believe the floor color are the colors of the flag of the entering country
  2. I don't see how you can not blame the government for not implementing vaccines earlier. The was no reason not to allow domestic crowds seeing that they were allow crowds in other sports the weekend before. They could have allowed for at least 50%, which is much less than some of the crowded baseball games.
  3. Didn't see this till now. At one time mental heath was considered under physically. Now you want to put mental above physical. I consider health, health.
  4. I have othing against an open opening ceremony. It would give more people the ability to participate. But I question if Paris can do it. I have no problem with a mix of AR, lights, drones, to entertain. But that hand off was a bad video. There were one or two elements that were nice. The sax in space was cool. But it was a girl on a bike on a green screen. No real stunts. No wow. The other part was a recording of a welcome home celebration film a day before. They couldn't even train him to write Paris 2024 backwards. They had months to redo what they were planning when they knew there would be no foreign spectators. The creativity was not there.
  5. Seeing the open ceremony of the Chinese National Games. They don't care. We are less than 6 months out. What was the conversations 6 months before Tokyo? Are the Chinese even thinking about not letting spectators in? Have the Chinese been looking at the Tokyo's precautions? Where are the articles?
  6. Stop with the elbows and go with Demolition Man high five.
  7. So this is how they are using the Woodkid song. Did they not allow the French to come? They are using an award ceremony/party from a few days ago.
  8. They show the athletes where to go. And help them with there stuff. The award ceremony has 3-4 volunteers. There were loads at the outdoor events.
  9. I wished that they would have lifted the tablet up to the athletes. It would more of the giving them something of honor.
  10. This is one of the only medals I seen. They used end with the marathon ending starting the ceremony.
  11. I think Japan did well for what it was given and very few other countries could have pulled it off. The Japanese people are the real losers in not being able to participate in an event they might never get a other opportunity to experience. Some did go to watch outdoor events at 7:00 in the morning. Being an American in Germany, I expect more from the two countries, but am more of a give me good performance. I don't care for judged sports. So I was quite happy watching climbing and look forward to it being added for good. I heard many were not pleased with the camera presentation with the skateboarding. I am looking forward to Paris 2024.
  12. I would expect that which is televised would be skewed to whatever sports are popular for that counrty and where they have chances of medals. But who watches TV anymore? Most young people watch everything online. I am not a young person and the last games I watched on the telly was London?
  13. With the amount of people to choose from and the money they are willing to put into it, I would expect their number of medals to rise in the future. The only physical problems they have is height and that will start shrinking soon. I think the question what will smaller countries do to keep their medal count in the up coming years? And will the dominance of China turn spectators off from the Olympics?
  14. I think it may be about time for its own topic.
  15. They use chips for marathon races so it can't be to hard.
  16. From Formula1, most drivers and those from the teams do remove the caps for the national anthem.
  17. With that many people and a willingness to put whatever money into it you will get those results. They might be pushing, but with so many choices the individuals would do almost anything to be the best to bring comfort to ones family and circle. You don't have to use a stick when you have a good carrot. China can offer a very large carrot.
  18. If you want to change the horse riding, maybe driving a jeep or Toyota. Maybe a update is in order after a hundred years? Anything else should we modernized. Drone flying?
  19. Baseball is actually is a calming sport people like to watch on TV. Since there are afternoon and weekday games, it is used for many business meetings. You can talk while watching, but you don't have to be glued to every move like football(soccer).
  20. Badminton to be played Porte de la Chappelle
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