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  1. So they are not going to colorize the Olympic one? One of the things that msde the London interesting was that you could adapt it into many things. Multiple colors and the British flag were the fun things.
  2. Unveiling of the Milano-Cortia2026 Emblem on Twitter March 30 noon @milanocortina2026
  3. Individuals should be allowed to follow their morals. The individual voters in the IOC need to decide which weighs heavier in their conscience of right and wrong. But a government should stay out of the decision. These politicians are not speaking as individuals, but as parts of political parties and government officals.
  4. I personally will not be watching. But politicians should stop telling the USOC what to do or not to do. The Olympics are to be separate from politics. I think viewers and athletes should voice their disapproval, but politicians should keep quiet and do their business.
  5. I like the idea of being able to write the number in one stoke. But there isn't much how to use it. The first can be any color and the should have shown that. They should have opened with the drawing on the cold window. Then shown it drawn in different colors in different situations. Like using a hockey stick in gravel. And a skater drawning it.
  6. The grand start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay will take place on Thursday 25 March in Fukushima Prefecture. The entire 121-day relay traversing 47 prefectures will be streamed live on NHK Online and Olympic Channel and Tokyo2020. Com
  7. Personally, I perfer the Paralympic bouquet, but this is similar to those found here in Germany. Many people pay good money for ones that look like these.
  8. Why would they lose out? The statement is about foreign spectators. It says nothing about press. What does the Playbook say about media? Media will be allowed in. They will all be vaccinated. NOCs and people from different teams will be allowed in. Different federations will up who is "official" to a team.
  9. Actually, viewing of NFL has been down and ticket sales and merchandise in 2019 were in a decline.
  10. I think the essential list is a red herring. There are a lot of people that don't want the vaccine. Shortage of any item is because of high demand verses short supply. Demand for the groups they are giving it to now, is not as high as they thought it would be. There is a limit to how many people governments can actually vaccinate in a day. It is not like they are not manufacturing more and there are new vaccines coming on the market . May will be a completely different picture. So will June. There will be more than enough vaccine for all by June.
  11. Not sure if I should put this here or under look of the game? Paralympic poster https://tokyo2020.org/en/paralympics/news/amp/tokyo-2020-art-posters-goo-choki-par-moving-forward-to-the-future?__twitter_impression=true
  12. I am surprised that they needed to even decide this. I would have assumed they would have used the Japanese alphabetical system. All I would ask is that they televise the transliteration of the pronunciation of the Japanese name of country.
  13. When will we get a Paris and LA section? There will be a section of the Tokyo closing ceremony done by Paris.
  14. It would have been nice if maybe they used a different goddess. Is that Triumph? Is their not a Japanese equivalent? I like the simplicity of the Tokyo side.
  15. Video of production of the torches YouTube VIDEO Personally, I like the design. I think the miniatures make cute keychains. Hope Lights Our Way
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