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  1. I am surprised that they needed to even decide this. I would have assumed they would have used the Japanese alphabetical system. All I would ask is that they televise the transliteration of the pronunciation of the Japanese name of country.
  2. When will we get a Paris and LA section? There will be a section of the Tokyo closing ceremony done by Paris.
  3. It would have been nice if maybe they used a different goddess. Is that Triumph? Is their not a Japanese equivalent? I like the simplicity of the Tokyo side.
  4. Video of production of the torches YouTube VIDEO Personally, I like the design. I think the miniatures make cute keychains. Hope Lights Our Way
  5. From what I have found is most of these are only available on the Japanese site.
  6. Omega does a zip file of its countdown widget. How doe one get this onto an android
  7. Can we start a list of athletes pages for fundraising? Also different national federations do pins or t-shirts to fundraise.
  8. Can we start a list of Offical merch and items from different countries leading up to Tokyo. I'd like to start with Asics sneakers with blue or red sole and piping. Unisex ¥19440. Junior ¥4644. Also child size t-shirt with the mascots on them.¥3240
  9. Dry. There is more water in The Sahara. They already have a sweet pin set of the area/map. Oh you know they will be sweet swag. The question will be what is real.
  10. Wow. The shop is packed for this early. There is a nice vase and a pin set of a map of the venues. I am not seeing an English translation, but if you are not shipping out side of China you don't really need to. They are taking Mastercard as well as Visa. Isn't that a No No? Why do all of the sight not deliver outside of the host country. It is limits the sales? Not even after the Games?
  11. The WOC might be coming to a close, but the Winter Paralympic is coming up. We are in Pyeongchang for a few more weeks.
  12. Petro Canada Fuels Athletes on it's Facebook page is doing Win-a-Pin Wednesday again.
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