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  1. Konstantinos Vita I know, I know! This is not a part of any of the ceremonies, but I guess someone will like it. It's 2. The Original Soundtrack from the play of Dimitris Papaioannou, Artistical Director of the Athens ceremonies. I hope you like it. http://rs117.rapidshare.com/files/53798882/Vita2.rar
  2. Thanks so much! I couldn't download it by megaupload but the multiply way was the option! The album is amazing! thanks to you once and again, and again, and again...
  3. Well I've tried to download it and i couldn't... could you upload it? or send it by mail... I have been looking for that album and here in Mx is not for sale any more... Oh yeah, i forgot to post it before... Can anyone who has the rest of the files mentioned in this forum upload them again? Almost all the links are broken...
  4. Hey guys! Right now I'm working on a surprise for you... I'm getting the music of the Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony... Soon It will be ready but I don't like to upload it in rapidshare or something like that 'cause is always a trouble... If you want it ask me for it, please...
  5. Hey Everyone! All this files are totally amazing... or them seems to be, because I can't download those ones uploaded in fileFactory . Would you, lucky ones, who have this files upload them again? Now I'm trying to get "Olympia" the medals theme from Torino 2006. I know you have already the adress where you can listen it, but some day the link will desapear, so let's have it for us just for the pleasure of listen it. As soon I can get it I will upload it or even I can send it to your e-mail, but, please, upload again this memorable songs
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