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  1. The broadcast just started on TV Record (open air TV) in Brazil. You guys would be laughing about all the explanations about everything in Winter Games, since Brazilians are not used to it.
  2. For the record, TV Record (ok, a little bit confusing) sent the biggest Brazilian TV coverage ever to some Winter Games. It'll be the first time Winter Games will be broadcasted in open-air TV in a major TV network in Brazil. Indeed, there are more TV Record professionals in Vancouver than Brazilian athletes...
  3. Go Brazil!!! We have a little bronze hope in Isabel Clark... Very little, almost disappearing... Ok, it's gone... But I will support any Brazilian athlete in any competion!!! Go Brazil!!!
  4. I don't know if this is the exact thread to post it, but I'd like to share the video with the teaser made by the official broadcaster of the games in Brazil: TV Record. It's funny to see after the teaser the sponsors spots featuring lots of sunny Brazilian beaches. For yesterday record, Rio got the second biggest temperature on Earth! 43,9C, lost only to Ada, Ghana. It'll be funny to watch all the snow in Vancouver while here we are melting!
  5. Nawal already been in Rio and focused in security plans... Good news then! Gamesbids:
  6. Well, the IOC personnel are really taking part on organization of the games. Otherwise, FIFA organizing committee seems to be sleeping about World Cup Brazil 2014.
  7. Sure, 2019 will be the south american war for the PanAms... But we can also have a surprise coming from Central-Caribbean zone... Don't forget, they miss 2015 (informally their spot)... See you in Toronto. No doubts, it will be the best PanAms ever.
  8. Dear moderator, I think we should move some threads from Rio 2016 bid section to Rio 2016 games section, since many of discussions are valid for the Olympic Games. How can make it possible? sincerly DannyelBrazil.
  9. The altitude of Bogota could be a real concern for some athletes... Agreed.
  10. I'll be away at least 'til the announcement in Copenhagen

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