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  1. It depends on who and which channel... SporTV guys are talking very slowy and calm... Maybe because they don't have much to talk...
  2. The commentators in Brazilian TV are, literally, lost in the broadcast... They don't know much about the sports and athletes, so more and more comments on uniforms and "atmosphere of the games"
  3. I meant that the commentators are only talking about the uniforms of the athletes in Vancouver OC
  4. Good to see Colombia been there! Good to see many south americans joining the winter games!
  5. GO BRAZIL!!! GO BANANA SPLITS!!! LET'S SHOW TO WORLD WE LOVE THE SUN AND THE SUMMER!!! LOL (we can have a little of fun in the snow) LOL
  6. According to SporTV athletes will seat there, like Rio 2007 Opening ceremony, to watch the show.
  7. This thing about early athletes entrance remind me a little Rio 2007, when the athletes entered early and seated in the stadium to watch the ceremony... A little bit Rio 2007, uh?
  8. We will suffer in London 2012 without Globo on open TV... Geez... Beautiful setting for the first nations things, but boring music and dance... But this is mandatory, since this is the culture of Canada, and we should respect this.
  9. Tired of Record... Now watching SporTV in cable... They are more used to olympic games and information...
  10. The first blooper on TV Record: "During the summer Olympic the athletes are those who carry the national flag, now Canada is making different" Geez... Missing Globo...
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