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  1. But you still have the heat... But, I agree it's too much intricate to make the whole thing work. I bet in something more simple like those "press-button" pens... C'mon, it's not hard to make the whole thing open with a simple coil spring and a plastic mechanism to hold it when closed... Several toys have it, it's not new nor expensive to do. The logo of Paralympic Torch have it just turned back... The higher drawing have three Rio mountains: Sugar Loaf (featured in the left banner), Pedra da Gávea (featured in the right banner) and Corcovado (as I see on TV news at noon). Amazing and nice choice of music... Trenzinho do Caipira is so so Brazilian!
  2. You guys are thinking about a eletronic stuff, probably it's not electronic (it would increase the price of the torch and carry a lot of criticism to Brazil in times of economic downturn). I still think it's something as simple as some bottom to release the whole thing or hot air inflating and pushing the pieces up... It's not risky, the torch will "work" as torch even if the thing doesn't open...
  3. You can see file footage of the presentation: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2015/07/com-curvas-do-brasil-tocha-olimpica-do-rio-2016-e-apresentada.html
  4. All videos from Rio 2016 committee are superb. Always nice to see different angles of Rio and Brazil.
  5. For those in the city and abroad watching it in TV, Rio games will be spectacular... After London and Beijing it's nice to have a coastal city again.
  6. I'm not sure it's big cutting-edge technology involved or something as simple as hot air like a balloon...
  7. I Love the torch of Rio 2016 games

  8. It only opens when lit... Nice touch! but the plain part is where the hand is placed...
  9. I loved it! The opening colors is a nice touch and with the yellow of the flame, there will be a nice Brazilian colors represented.
  10. Brazilian NOC said Ginga was based on GB Team's mascot.
  11. It was a problem back in the beginning of the 2000s around all Brazil, it's not that common anymore, since most credit and debit cards uses chips now-a-days. At least in Brazil, we rarely see credit or debit cards with magnetic technology... And, people, some tips and notices you see around Internet are there to avoid problems - which is good - but they are not saying that that you will face those problems for sure... Like taxi drivers in Rio International. Only get the taxis in the arrivals floor where yellow common cabs are allowed to get passengers, there you'll find a lot of City Hall employees organizing lines and giving you instructions in English and indeed, writing the name of your taxi driver and taxi number in a paper for you. In case of any problems, you can call City Hall and make a formal complaint. Never get the taxis from taxi booths, they are overpriced. And all other taxis that run freely around the airport can be scam or overpriced "special" service. And IMHO, the best way to leave International Airport is by Real Bus, with air conditiong, that takes you direct to Barra or Copacabana/Ipanema area. To reach Barra, BRT is nice too, but you need to check directions before going.
  12. It makes me remember a little the mosaic used in Christ the Reedeemer statue...
  13. In daily basis, Sportv have 3 channels, those will be the main ones: Sportv, Sportv2 and Sportv3. Based on what I got here, and in London 2012 (Sportv had 4 HD channels) During competitions times Sportv1 for main events (specially Volleball, Basketball, Soccer and breaking broadcasts from Brazilian Athletes, but also regular programming from non-Olympic events), Sportv2 as second option for Brazilian athletes and main competitions not involving Brazilians, Sportv3-14 for other live competitions (Sportv3 as third option for live Brazilian athletes competing), "15" might be a news channel 24/7 and "16" probably will show repeated broadcasts 24/7. During late night and non competition-times Sportv1 with main news "Sportv News", then "Madrugada Sportv" (Sportv Late Night show that starts 1am and finishes at 6am) then "Good Morning Sportv". Other channels with repeated broadcasts all night long. Forget Olympic Channel, Globo never broadcasts any other channel that is not part of Globo Group and main Cable TV companies in Brazil are owned in part by Globo, so... Olympic Channel probably will not be carried here.
  14. As fas as I see here, it will be just glass studios
  15. I loved the studio SporTV used during the World Cup at Fiscal Island in Guanabara Bay
  16. Globo will have a huge 3-floor glass studio in the very center of Olympic Park for TV Globo and SporTV (that will broadcast 16 live 24/7 channels in cable TV during the games). Globo is the 2nd biggest TV network (only behind USA's ABC) in and the 17th Media conglomerate in the world, despite being in Brazil and be a Portuguese-language based media company.
  17. I also like how clean and organized the works are. That's good specially compared to some pics I saw from some events in the past, specially New Delhi CWG.
  18. Yes, it's clearly inspired in the Team GB mascot. Brazilian NOC officially already said all the "Time Brasil" marketing have the British as inspiration.
  19. Thread for the news of the home team in the Rio 2016 Olympics. "Time Brasil" (English: Team Brazil) is the brand used by Brazilian NOC to the Brazilian delegation. In June 23rd, 2015, Brazilian NOC (COB) presented Team Brazil's mascot, Ginga. The mascot is a jaguar with the colors and shapes bades on the Brazilian Flag. The mascot will be permanent for Team Brazil.
  20. Former Brazilian FA president, Marin, arrested! Finally!
  21. I got basketball (man) tickets from my company! Rio 2016 here we go!

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