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  1. The font "Tokyo 2020" isn't the same serif-sized than the "logo"...
  2. Ew... For Japan, home of amazing art, culture, inovation. Home of many of my childhood heroes, cartoons. Home of more than thousand years history, it's pretty disappointing... I think it's far worse than London... The colors, the meaning (?), the concept, gosh... It makes me remembers some of the non-winners of GB's logo comps... *facepalm* A colleague here at graphics department said: "looks like some book publisher logo from the 1970's" - touché!
  3. Yes, it is... It was the best medal count to Brazil ever
  4. Can be, anyway, I love the fact how much Brazil Team became relevant to Canadians lately...Not provoking and talking seriously... In 1999 PanAms we would never think we would surpass Canada two PanAms in a row or specially in some SOGs. If the pace is kept, we will surpass Cuba for the first time since 1967 PanAms - which is big here in Brazil.
  5. Come back more times, buddy. You'll change your idea.
  6. Deal! Until this day arrives, no more rivalry!
  7. When Canada became a rival of Brazil in sports? Call you tell us Intoronto?

  8. Yeah, some did, not all, Bairros... And that's not a reason to us to be in the same level of them... Haters gonna hate anyway, and as I told before, most of the world loved the World Cup in Brazil... From TV audiences to those who came to work and watch matches. Three or four guys (members of a obscure olympic games bidding-related forums in the internet) aren't relevant to measure the global success of the World Cup in Brazil, definitively. Why not discuss PanAms in Toronto? This thread is NOT about Brazil.
  9. Your stupid rivalry Canada vs Brazil is older than this thread... Don't play silly... And you are the one who is talking about PanAms being more relevant than Olympic Games. Yeah, you are high... Stop using drugs now, buddy. You are losing your intelligence... quickly! And finally, you started provoking medal table things in the right part of the front page of the forums. I had no idea PanAms were running when I read that. Indeed, thank you for informing us Toronto is hosting something Canadians sent their A-teams to beat "almighty" Brazil B and C-teams (not to mention some amateurs) in medal table. That's a mature way to pay back the triple of gold medals Brazil got over Canada in the last Summer Olympics. Nah, I am not. Not sure about Bairros. *whisper* He uses Dilma's pic as avatar...*whisper ends* NYK, you always are complaining about my posts but I never talked to you. BTW, I want to visit New York someday, we can have some Starbucks and you'll see you are totally wrong. Oh no, Bairros... *facepalm*
  10. I see some Buenos Aires monuments and hearts in the logo... Not bad but also not exciting. YOG logos are boring, actually
  11. hahaha good one! Must admit! Ofan, definitvely, I have nothing against CanadaIndeed, I chosen Canada when in school every time we had Nations Expos... It's a country I truly want to visit, really. But Intoronto's stupid rivalry against Brazil brings us to some provoking jokes... Don't worry, Canada will never replace Argentina as our main rival. Canadians are friendly and nice, if you don't count Intoronto. And I agree with Cauê! Toronto would make an amazing Olympic city. Just kick Intoronto from the city and the games will be perfect. lol I'm not sure which kind of halluciogen drugs you are using, but I strongly recommend you to stop... ______________________________________________________________________ And I'm over with innexistent rivalry Canada vs. Brazil. Our rivals are the Argentines... Where is LDOG? Brazil got triple gold medals compared to Argentina... lol
  12. What does the president have to do with everything? As far as mistakes happen, accidents also happen (indeed in your country), and to use dead people as an argument only shows how stupid are your arguments. About our World Cup: the attendees, the visitors, the TV audience, the media all around the world and even Argentines acclaimed Brazil 2014 as the best World Cup ever. Your opinion is irrelevant against all of them. I rest my case.
  13. Hey Canadians are kind and polite, keep this reputation! You are acting like a Latino by saying this. Canadians with hot blood is new for me, Ofan. Well, it already happened in London 2012. How Canada dare to be beaten by an emerging country full of sensitive people who cries like babies? Amazing...
  14. I know mistakes happens and I never said it was on purpose... And as I pointed, it happened in Chile, in Dominican Republic with Brazil... In London with South Korea and go on... Only asking you guys to adjust your rulers for next year when some mistake happen in Brazil (I remember the drama because the stadium in Salvador mispelled "Entrance" - it was 8 pages of "Brazil is not ready for global events"... Why didn't people remember they happen all around the globe? I can say exactly the same sentence for PanAms 2007 in Rio and for the 2014 World Cup (something you guys never hosted). For sure!!! Mistakes happen!!! Everywhere, from Brazil to Canada, to Chile, do Dominican Republic, to England................................. Maybe we care more about 3x times more gold medal than Canada in Summer Olympics. I think Canadians too. Fair and thank you for the explanation, still, the country name is Colombia. I'm not offended at all... But, Intoronto loves to provoke Brazilians at any costs about everything... Just our turn Do you want me to discuss the Canadian stereotypes here? I leave it for Americans.
  15. Who said that? Ipanema, Copacabana, all South-Zone and Barra area have tons of nice bars and restaurants, not to mention cultural attractions to go at night. Downtown is a kind of district near the bay that is full of offices and commercial buildings and most of them closes after 6pm. Rio City Hall is refurbshing all the area to have bars and museums opened at night during the Olympic Games. Will it work? Not sure yet, but so far, if you go to to Rio, after night, stay in the coastal-famous districts, there is a lot to do day and night. Again, Rio Downtown is just like Miami Downtown. If there is nothing big happening there, there is no reason to go there after dark.
  16. I think 2016 will be the year Brazil will pay back all the **** other countries did with Brazilian flag in sports events... Santo Domingo 2003 Copa America Chile 2015 And now Toronto 2015 Not to mention Toronto 2015 OCOG played the anthem of Bahamas or Barbados* while raising the Brazilian Flag in the Olympic Village TO 2015 OCOG doesn't know which anthem was played... Brazilian athletes asking themselves what happened during the anthem... http://esportes.terra.com.br/pan-2015-toronto-erra-hino-do-brasil-em-hasteamento-da-bandeira,ad750b5616adbd2c591ed91edcc76c3fizuwRCRD.html "To asking apologies, Toronto 2015 committe sent a representative who speaks Portuguese to make a speech in the audio system of the Olympic Village, but the staff member talked in European Portuguese, despite being the same language, the accent is hard to Brazilians to understand". Great, clap clap clap Toronto! Before saying anything, Intoronto, the gaffe is unjustifiable given the importance that Brazil has at the Pan American Games history and in this very edition. With 590 athletes, Team Brazil is one of the largest teams in Toronto. It is also the second largest country in number of journalists covering the competition - about 200, less only than Canada, which is the host country.
  17. Can not be used as a justificative... Wasn't you operating the system, right? If not... gosh, it might be a common thing in Canada to ignore the flags of Brazil and/or Cuba... {irony mode off} Sorry, Faster, there is no country called Columbia, even in English... It's a typo or lack of knowledge from he guy who was operating the score table. Indeed, the guy seems also to not know the flag of Brazil. In my job, putting a wrong flag in some graphics or a typo on air can be punished with day of salary.
  18. Card cloning is more rare now-a-days, but avoid using ATMs at International Airport. Use regular banks in touristic areas, they are okay. All the rest is somewhat true, but this text is still a bit paranoic - I must say. I never saw any pickpocket even living in Copacabana for almost a decade, still they happen, specially with unnoticed tourists watching capoeira shows in the middle of the sidewalk - avoid it. Those capoeira shows are truly bad, indeed. About being robbed, yes, give the thief whatever he wants. This is sadly true. NEVER REACT! And do avoid to look to his face. But, probably, like 99% of the tourists who visit Rio every year, you won't be robbed at all. Downtown closes at night and become a really dangerous area, just like Miami Downtown. Avoid it. Lapa district is okay, specially during big events happening in Rio. Lapa is a must-see near Downtown. Just stay in Lapa, after fun, get your taxi back to the hotel and nothing will happen. Be sure police force during the olympic games will be increased by 6 or 7 times like in the PanAms... In Copacabana there were two police cars parked every 50m or so, so things will be different than daily-basis Rio. Don't worry, just pay attention in your surroundings, use common sense and have fun!
  19. Rio is as dangerous as any big city can be. Main tip: Don't be the obvious tourist carrying cameras in the neck, holding an Iphone on the hand wearing expensive jewerly. The worse thing that can happen to you is to be robbed. Dont's: People in Rio don't dress as Indiana Jones or like they are in some Hawaiian party. So, be informal in dressing Don't carry passports with you all the time, a simple copy is enough for most cases Police asks you some document, if not, tell police guard you can go with them to the hotel to show the original one. Avoid: Favela areas. Still, if you really want to go to some favela, go to Dona Marta favela in Botafogo. They have organized tours with guides (and indeed they show all the history of the place). NEVER GO TO A FAVELA BY YOURSELF! Taxis: If possible, turn on your GPS inside the taxi or ask taxi driver to use it. It's your right and this will avoid a lot of problem. Taxis at hotel front desks are usually paied in front, which is not legal. Ask taxi drive to turn on the taximeter. There are two flags: 1 - for daylight and 2 - after 8pm and weekends. It's your right to have flag 1 during weekdays.
  20. But Colombia is Colombia. There is no country called Columbia, even in English. The Canadian province name have nothing to do with the name of the South American country. Indeed, in Portuguese and Spanish, British Columbia is Colúmbia Britânica and Columbia Británica. And Colombia is Colômbia and Colombia. Imagine the opposite... Brazilians making a mistake with Canadian flag... What GamesBids guys would say? Did you realized the Brazilian flag was replaced by the Cuban one...
  21. Globo (Brazil) will be partner of NHK on 8K broadscast, already testing the system for future implementation in Brazilian market. Brazil uses for HDTV the ISDB-TB system (A Brazilian version with enhanced uses for mobile technology developed in Brazil, from the Japanese standard for HDTV: ISDB-T). Rio de Janeiro Carnaval parade of 2013 was the first event where 8K technology was tested in the partnership of Globo and NHK. World Cup 2014 had some Brazil team matches broadcasted in 8k for selected places in Brazil. http://g1.globo.com/jornal-nacional/noticia/2014/06/tecnologia-com-imagens-mais-nitidas-e-testada-durante-jogo-do-brasil.html (video)
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