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  1. Paul, open the champagne! I'm pretty sure you are happy with those news! Celebrate it big!
  2. THE FACT: The waters in the bay are polluted, specially in the north section. The sailing event will take place in the entrance of the bay, almost open waters, where the quality of water is mostly fair. Copacabana Beach is rarely polluted, but yes, **** - literally - happens. The thing is: Rio lost a great great opportunity to clean its waters. There will be not much to celebrate after the games about water/sewage treatment legacy. Again, our politicians made **** with stupid, expensive and utopic plans. Will athletes be sick during the Olympics. Yes, a famous Brazilian sailor said some athletes are forcing Sailing IF to send the sailing event to Buzios since there Brazilians would have a more difficult course... What makes me angry is all the sensationalism anglophone media is doing. I swan in Rio beaches all my life and never got sick, even in Flamengo beach at the bay. I truly want to understand why media need to do that?
  3. And so media started the campaign against the next Olympic Games. I'll get my popcorn and read the "independent study" AP got. Oh, oops. Unfortunately the study from a University in Brazil (wasn't Brazil that bad?) didn't presented its methodology. Cancel the popcorn. It might be bad media again... BTW, why water is in every thread of Rio 2016 section??? No, Rio de Janeiro state govt. said yesterday not a SINGLE case of illness was registered in the last ten years from people who swim in Copacabana - maybe the most crowded beach in the planet.
  4. Santa Teresa Tram back to operation Pictures during tests
  5. Downtown Light Rail Tram system is getting shape too. A model of the tram already in Rio for tests
  6. Works of BRT TransOeste (Jardim Oceanico section, linking Subway to Terminal Alvorada) Barra Jardim Oceanico Subway Station is getting shape The project of the station
  7. If English tabloids keeping going to North Guanabara Bay to take pictures and say: this is the place sailing competition will take place, yes, that's bad media.The Guardian just did that and presented a study from a very unknown Brazilian university with no methodology to prove their point. Bad media. Period. This said, Rio OCOG already admitted the bay sewage treatment will reach 80% by 2016 and ecobarriers and other costy short-period solutions will be used to guarantee fair water conditions during the games. What Brazilian media say is: the games might be okay and there won't be any legacy on finally cleaning the bay. That's the fact.
  8. About fruit, drink all kinds of juices in Rio. They are fabulous!
  9. Hey, as promised, my answer. So far Brazil is finishing yet to implement HDTV. Next year analog signal will be cut from the main markets and all SDTV will be cut by 2018. There is no schedule for 4K or 8K terrestrial TV to be implemented in Brazil, meanwhile Japan is expected to be 8K in 2020. Record is a TV with far less resources than Globo in every sense... London 2012 was poorly covered by them and Sportv, as pay-to-broadscast channel made much better coverage with its 4 or 5 channels. Indeed, Sportv got some international prizes for it, meanwhile, nobody even noticed Record were broadcasting it. Record does not have the same coverage area than Globo, nor the same number of affiliates and since 2014 Record was surpassed by SBT and lost the #2 in ratings status. SBT is a shows, series and movies based Television Network with no sports. SporTV might start its 16 channels coverage 1 week before the opening ceremony. In Brazil only Band and Record uses the Olympic Rings over the logo. Globo never used them.
  10. Best was Rio 2007. Second best was Guadalajara 2011. Toronto 2015 is the third best perfomance. Hope you are right.
  11. I'll read your big post later and give you a proper answer, sorry, I'm at work right now. The only promo Globo did for Rio 2016 so far...
  12. The athletes part is nice... When the cauldron appears, gosh, what a poor 3D stuff, the cauldron in the Sugar Loaf Mountain is terrible and all the rest... Sorry, it's not nice. Globo didn't unveil its graphics so far. Nor Sportv. Globo will focus in breaking news and volleyball/soccer. Sportv will have 16 channels and the biggest live coverage for Olympic Games in the history. Band will show volleyball/soccer/basketball and maybe some handball, some breaking news and not much of other competitions. Record: nobody knows. It all depends on what Bishop Macedo will be told by God to broadcast... They are always a big question mark about everything....
  13. First time Brazil finished a PanAm ahead of Cuba since 1967... Brazilian NOC goal to be 3rd in medal table was accomplished... But not much for the Olympic Games. Brazilian media is expecting 3 or 4 golds only next year.
  14. Santa Teresa Tram is back to activities... About 1,7km of 10,5km were reopened to the population. The goal is to get more than half of the line reopened before the Olympic Games. The new tram looks like the old vintage one, but uses the technologies that are common in LRT trams. http://g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2015/07/bonde-de-santa-teresa-no-rio-entra-em-teste-apos-quatro-anos-parado.html The new tram:
  15. Bairros, no again, no!!! *facepalm* Somehow home advantage always plays a role.
  16. Same for Brazil in Rio 2007 PanAms... 52 golds was too many for Brazilian standards... How was Argentina in 1995?
  17. meh, the worse I saw for Summer Olympics... Sorry, I love Japan for lot of things, but this logo is disappointing... =[
  18. Everybody questioning here: "Why there is a L on the logo"? Tokyo Logo maybe?
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