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  1. All inside the Olympic Park. All inside Deodoro Park. Maracanã Stadium and Maracanãzinho Arena are in the same place. Beach Volleyball and Triathlon and Marathon Swimming are nearby. Sailing event and road cycling are in the same park.
  2. Yes, this is the Ministeries Monumental axis in Brasilia and the buildings were projected by Niemeyer. I like the way the buildings are place, like the government is a table, with congress, presidential palace and judiciary building in the end, and the ministeries in the big avenue... All people who ever been to Brasilia and Washington say the cities are similar. Robberies happen everywhere... And if Rio suffered a increase of robberies, I would blame on the hunting Federal Police is doing against drug-dealers, but anyway, compare daily-basis Rio with Rio during any big event is truly an empty argument... Govt. will mutilpy the police force by 6 and add militaries in the streets... Rio already proved several times the city can host any big event with security (indeed, events with far more people than Olympic Games)... How many events more Rio needs to host to prove a point to few people like you Paul???
  3. Merry Christmas, Baron, from 120F Christmas in Rio!
  4. Curiously, you missed the other 2 "mega protests" held this year in Brazil, maybe at that time you were not interested in bad news from Brazil... March 15 "mega protests" http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2015/03/1603223-petistas-se-assustam-e-ministros-de-dilma-chamam-protesto-de-3-turno.shtml April 12 "mega protests" http://veja.abril.com.br/blog/ricardo-setti/politica-cia/protestos-do-dia-12-de-abril-manifestantes-enfrentarao-o-desafio-de-nao-fazer-menos-do-que-o-milhao-da-avenida-paulista/ Thankfully, we live in a county with freedom of speech, where the right to protest and make you opinion be heard is guaranteed by our constitution. About yesterday's protests, the a big former president Lula inflated as a prisioner became a national meme!!! And we have some really funny ones! Memes:
  5. First of all, what a lack of respect with disabled people. My father had a leg amputed and I think the example of those people playing sports and keeping their lives, they are really heroes. At least, here in Brazil we praise a lot the events of Parasports. It`s indeed in the main news at night, as always. Not to mention Rio was the first city to asked to host both PanAms and ParaPanAms together like the Olympics... Maybe we care about it. Secondly, I think you have not much information on Paralympics... Take a look before say some bullshit about Brazilian participation on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Summer_Paralympics_medal_table And finally, Brazil HAD the habit to send our best athletes... For Toronto 2015, we send a lot of B or C teams and even AMATEURS AND MILITARY athletes. Update your factbook. It seems you have a big problem with Brazil I can`t undestand... Please, explain us what Brazil did to you, Intoronto? Jornal Nacional, main newscast of Globo yesterday. Brazil is proud of their para-athletes. http://globotv.globo.com/rede-globo/jornal-nacional/t/edicoes/v/brasil-mantem-lideranca-nos-jogos-para-panamericanos/4392035/
  6. This Aquatic Stadium will have an atmosphere like never! The stands are so close!
  7. Unless you are not used to pre-modeled stuff... You won't be saying this. In January, there were not a single concrete piece in place... And I remember people saying the same thing about Recife stadium in the last world cup This was Arena Pernambuco 7 months before Confederations Cup November 2012 April 2013 And about terminal long distances... Yes, it sucks... But at least the international visitors during the Olympic won't need to go to Terminal A in the other side, since, they are only for domestic flights.
  8. And guess who's leading ParaPanAms medal table by a huge huge advantage... gold, silver, bronze, total 1 Brazil 58 38 43 139 2 Canada 26 34 27 87 3 United States 24 30 26 80 4 Mexico 20 20 21 61 http://results.toronto2015.org/PRS/en/general/medal-count.htm
  9. Virus tests in Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon will occur next week; Fisa praises water International Rowing Federation and Rio 2016 claim to not have received any complaint: "Better conditions we've seen in recent years", says director. http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2015/08/testes-de-virus-na-lagoa-so-ocorrerao-na-proxima-semana-fisa-elogia-agua.html Matthew Smith, president of FISA said: - We were surprised by the report talking about this issue of the virus, we immediately got in touch with the IOC, who immediately contacted the WHO. We are following WHO recommendations, the world authority on health issues, they so far have recommended tests on two parameters, and now, based on this report, also recommended the virus test. We were not informed about which virus will be tested, we are waiting for it. Once we have this information, we will contact the Rio 2016 to ask the State Government to include this test. Smith said he had spoken with experts and, based on what he heard, considers that there is no risk. He believes that the main threats are hepatitis A and B, but these are diseases for which "the recommendation is that everyone is vaccinated":
  10. Rio 2016: One year to go!!!

  11. Rio had 32C (88F) and felt like 36C (97F) sunday. This in the peak of the winter.
  12. Maybe lost in translation, Latin... But, at least, the report in Portuguese says that: "I saw no virus"...
  13. VIDEO FOOTAGE OF COPACABANA TRIATHLON TEST EVENT... Look at the "polluted waters"... http://globotv.globo.com/rede-globo/esporte-espetacular/t/edicoes/v/desafio-internacional-de-triatlo-acontece-em-copacabana-no-rio-de-janeiro/4364233/
  14. With praise from athletes to the clean water in Copacabana, Rio was approved after the test event of triathlon Athletes praised the structure and organization, the quality of sea water in Copacabana. There was controversy about water quality during the week. Some were surprised with the heat in Rio winter and some made criticisms about the cycling circuit. http://oglobo.globo.com/esportes/com-elogios-das-atletas-agua-limpa-de-copacabana-rio-passa-no-evento-teste-de-triatlo-17056323 The Spaniard Javier Gomez, qualifying race champion for next year's Olympics, was among the first to finish the course of swimming, and once crossed the finish line, said he was fine and nothing worried about possible pollutants or diseases in Rio's waters. He said he approved the test event: - I had no problems with water. We hear many things, but the committee assured us that would do the competition with no risk to our health. It was a very organized event, a very beautiful circuit and a very excited audience. Very good - commented the Spaniard, guaranteed in the 2016 Olympics. http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2015/08/triatletas-aprovam-agua-mas-criticam-asfalto-de-copa-em-evento-teste-no-rj.html Gwen Jorgensen, who won the triathlon event, saw no problem in water conditions, where is the initial part of the triathlon, which is swimming. "It was cool to know the route one year before the Games. The view is beautiful. I'm exhausted. I had no problem with the water, I saw no virus. I hope that next year the conditions are equal to today," said the American, 2015 Tour leader and favorite for the Olympic gold next year. http://esportes.terra.com.br/lance/americana-conquista-evento-teste-de-triatlo-e-espera-aguas-limpas-em-2016,8329432911afacb51db9baff1822107bexpdRCRD.html Guanabara Bay Sailing IF will make their own independent study to decide if they will keep the sailing event in Rio or move it to other place in State of Rio de Janeiro. http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/noticias/2015/08/03/oms-pede-exames-das-aguas-do-rio-federacao-de-vela-fara-teste-independente.htm The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) was also concerned about the situation of Guanabara Bay. Peter Sowrey, president of the organization, is already looking for someone who can perform independent tests that can ensure the health of athletes. "We'll find someone who can do for us tests they can cover everything we need to know about the presence of viruses and bacteria. I want to assure everyone that go into the water are as safe as possible," he said.
  15. HSBC Arena is a nice venue. I loved how it looked in broadcast! About the fight, there is nothing to say. Rousey is an idol here in Brazil.
  16. I'm amazed with the campaing of Paul using arguments like "Brazilians are blind defensive who thinks Rio games will be the most fantastic with those ugly venues"... At the same time I could claim "Paul is a blind troll who refuses to listen locals opinions or refuses to keep a discussion without attacking the other side"... At no point I said the venues of Rio are fantastic, the most modern ever... Simply, because it is not. There are some interesting venues, a nice Olympic Village, but they are not amazing as the ones we saw in Beijing. And I couldn't care less. Since the venues be nice during the games, that's fine. Why build dozens of archtectural marvelous? To be smashed by Int'l media about white elephants just like in the World Cup and after? It seems it's a lose-lose situation to Brazil... Somehow, we are getting using to this bad will, actually. About the water (again). I would love to know how many times Paul came to Rio and swam in Rio beaches or saw Guaranaba Bay, crossed the Rio-Niterói bridge or used the ferry to go from Praça Mauá to Charitas... Probably the answer will be: never. I'm not refusing the fact Guanabara Bay is dead in the North section and sometimes polluted in the entrance. You guys love to get the whole Guanabara Bay and say it's a **** place because some media outlet went to Magé (in the far north bay) and take a picture of dead fish and couchs floating in the water (which is disgusting and a shame for us cariocas)... Magé is 35km far in straight line from the sailing venue. It's like go to southern part of Staten Island and say: "This is Central Park" or (for English citizens around) go to Brentwood in Essex and say: "Here we have the Big Ben". It's not accurate. Yes, Rio lost a great chance to clean its waters and there will be complaints and criticism from whoever wants to complain... From irrelevant Paul to IOC President. Somehow, after all the things I read and the bad media coming, I'm in favour to move the sailing event to Buzios, in Northeastern Coast of Rio state. It's a marvelous place that deserves international attention and probably will shut up the mouths of people that wants to have "argumentative discussions" but seems more that they are willing to troll a Olympic City they are not fans of. And we are discussing water in Olympic Park thread... gosh...
  17. Rob, even me said it's an issue...... Unless you are ignoring my posts or playing silly... And I disagree with IOC about "it could be an issue", it IS an issue. IMO, the issue is just not as "deadly" as pointed by AP. And you know, how media exaggerate things, specially the media from your country. If it was my list, I would place "protest threat" as #5 and "security" as #4.
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