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  1. Rio will sell Diversity Pins The pins will reflect the values of equality. Nice move from Rio 2016 OCOG http://www.rio2016.com/noticias/noticias/comite-rio-2016-assume-compromisso-com-o-respeito-aos-direitos-lgbt-e-igualdade-de
  2. Refurbshment of old building in Downtown Rio de Janeiro Retrofit of commercial buildings Refurbshment of Lapa District old buildings Ferry Boat station
  3. Rio Downtown/Port Area refurbshment Tomorrow's Museum seen from Art Museum of Rio New Urbanization of Port Area Morro da Providência Cable Car
  4. First tests of LRT of Downtown Rio New Suburban trains for Rio metro area and Deodoro-Downtown line. Refurbshment of old suburban stations of Train Network of Rio. Some are really interesting spots Downtown - nearby Central do Brasil station
  5. Rio International Airport works (at fast pace) New extension of Terminal 2 (International Flights) Refurbshment of all restrooms (finally!) New Parking Building the pictures are from mid-July
  6. Tokyo 2020 now have a second chance to present the world a nice logo the reflects the amazing culture of this nice country called Japan. Hope they bring something really Japanese this time and I'm sure, based on the bad critics of Sano's one, TOGOC will present something insightful.
  7. It's sad when it get to a point you add members of these boards to ignore list... #sad #reallysad

  8. As I said, if posting bad news about Brazil makes Paul happy, I'm happy too.... It's good to see people happy.
  9. Dear Paul, What is your point? Really, do you get happy by doing this? If claiming Brazil is a **** hole like you are so focused to do makes you happy, I do rest my case and I won't lose my time discussing with you. If yes, so I won't complain anymore, since if you are happy, I am happy.
  10. The comparision will lead to empty discussion... All we can say is Sydney and Rio will be remembered as very scenic Olympic Games due the coastal landscape.
  11. Yes, you know it more than us who live and/or are in Rio often than you, right? Anyway, go with whatever you want to believe. I'm confident Rio will deliver as always, despite always, media from abroad spend all their time saying otherwise before the events.
  12. I was right, you would make personal judgements... And no comments about my post... I wish I could have a better conversation with you, if you don't mind... Same can be said to the other side, right? _______________________ Bairros, please, stop... Instead of discussing the very point of the real state of the bay (if media is exaggerating or not) you bring sensationalist media from Brazil (and be sure Brazilian media is amateur compared to British about being sensationalistic). Focus in what is relevant to the discussion. Stupid people are everywhere in the world. This international forum is already a huge example of it (from all the countries involved in this very discussion - no exceptions), so please, stop! You are not helping by doing this. ^^^that's it. Rio MUST do all efforts to guarantee clean water for athletes. And I'm confident everything will be alright.
  13. Nobody is blaming foreign media for the mistakes committed by our authorities - yes, it's a lost a chance to finally clean the bay and solve the environmental problem Rio de Janeiro suffers since long time. This is one thing. The other thing is: media, specially from abroad treats the entire huge Guanabara Bay as a small lake and ignores the fact there are different places with different water conditions. Feel free to believe in the media. We are just showing another point, the points from locals who grew up and live in the place. Guanabara Bay is truly dead in the north section (I already said that several times) and it's almost totally clean in the entrance (where sailing is expected to be held). Now it's up to you to believe in whatever you want. There is no easy way out. IMO, as a journalist, the easy way out is to believe blindly in the media. Go ahead. And I'm not sure why I'm saying this to you Stefan, you'll probably ignore my post or come with some personal judgements and prejudices about "sensitive" Brazilians, right?
  14. That's a balanced comment I totally agree. I think, Rob, during the Olympic Games, by paying tons of $$$$$$ to use ecobarriers and doing temporary measures, the waters will be fine for the competition. What is lost is legacy. That's a chance lost to finally clean the bay and solve this environmental issue.
  15. Intoronto was right about the past. Brazil always sent mostly A-teams to PanAms until 2011. Brazilian Federations always saw the PanAms as an opportunity for training. But, somehow, for 2015, this is not truth anymore, due test events in Rio, calendar problems and even lack of interest of some Brazilian stars about the event (I'm not talking about Toronto, I'm talking about the PanAms in general). And this time, Brazil sent dozens of athletes that are military or were part of World Military Games to replace many A-athletes, specially in solo sports. For military people, it's mandatory to do the miltary salute meanwhile the Brazilian Anthem is playing. Civil athletes (hands down, or hand in the left part of chest) Militaries doing the military salute BTW, our militaries did a great job in Toronto. Proud of them.
  16. I was reading a nice article explaining about how the quality of the water changes in winter due the lack of rain. It's, actually, the part of the year, the waters in Guanabara Bay entrance are cleaner. Still, I repeat, Olympic Games is a lost chance to clean the entire Guanabara Bay... Pity.
  17. That's the same thing I think. So far, Rio improved a lot the daily basis crime rate... Still far from desirable. All big cities in the world have its own crime waves. I feel sad for DC.
  18. No. I said nobody in Brazil didn't know about the games because Globo was not broadscasting. I'm sure Durban can explain you how are TV ratings in Brazil. If something is not broadcasted by Globo, it's like it didn't happen. Brazil maybe is (or was) the country who cares/cared more about PanAms in the entire continent... Check the number of reporters Brazil sent to the event, only behind Canada. 2. Brazil, this time, didn't send it best athletes, indeed, to make sure they would be part of the test events of Rio 2016. Our main sports: Football and Volleyball were represent by B and even C athletes, you know that. Not to mention Brazil sent dozens of military athletes to represent the country, and this caused some controversy here in Brazil. Intoronto, sorry, you know not much about Brazil and love to spread things you think are true about us... It's boring. I still want to know, why you are so fixed to Brazil?
  19. All inside the Olympic Park. All inside Deodoro Park. Maracanã Stadium and Maracanãzinho Arena are in the same place. Beach Volleyball and Triathlon and Marathon Swimming are nearby. Sailing event and road cycling are in the same park.
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