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  1. According to UOL investigative reporters, Rio 2016 ceremonies actually will cost about 10% more than London. Most of the money in Rio ceremonies is private. http://rodrigomattos.blogosfera.uol.com.br/2015/09/23/rio-2016-estima-gasto-de-quase-r-200-mi-em-abertura-mais-do-que-londres/ The cost of the Rio's Opening Ceremony budget is inscreasing and got already R$ 190 million (around US$ 50 million in today's exchange). London's OC costed 27 million pounds (R$ 170 million in melted Real exchange).
  2. Nissan does not produce buses and trucks in South America. Makes sense.
  3. ^^Santos Dumont Airport is a small airport almost inside Downtown Rio that does not work 24/7 due residential areas nearby and also does not have ILS due the Sugar Loaf mountain, which means, the airport closes everytime Rio have foggy mornings (very often in Summer, for example)... And as pointed, the airport was closed before for event like all Popes visits to Rio or Red Bull Air Races or World Cup Qualifiers Draw... It's common. Santos Dumont Airport is more a convenient way for executives to fly to Sao Paulo in air-shuttle service or nearest state capitals than actually a main hub for the city... Still, the landscape of this airport is amazing.
  4. Those buses are circa 2007, the buses in mains lines of Rio now are more like this: and suburban areas
  5. During the PanAms, Rio city hall used city buses with stickers to transport athletes and media... Rio have one of the biggest bus fleets in the world (in the 1990s, it was the second biggest only behind Sao Paulo, and the biggest bus per capita in the whole planet)
  6. Yes, still in study, and it happened before during PanAms, Popes visits to Rio, Red Bull Air Race and other events. Not a big trouble, actually, since Rio International can receive easily all flights from Santos Dumont Airport and all Brazilian carriers operates in both airports.
  7. Sports politics maybe? It was already said in Brazilian media that some blocks inside of the IOC is not happy with Nuzman's (Brazilian NOC and OCOG president) skyrocket projection. Rio 2016 success can mean he will get more power inside the IOC...
  8. Yes, probably with Nissan Altima, Nissan Frontier and Nissan Sentra Maybe Brazilian Nissan Versa can be used for less relevant people transportation service In this case and some few more, olympic way probably will be bended to Brazilian law as much FIFA way was bended about buses and trucks for the first time ever. Hyundai/Kia was not able to bring their buses to Brazil because of import restrictions of these kind of vehicles, not to mention the huge costs to bring buses from the other side of the world just to showcase a product that is not available in this very market.
  9. Baron, stop assuming things about Brazil from the American perspective that: - Everything must be like in the US/Europe. It won't. - If not, it's an absurd to not be like in the US/Europe. It's not. South America is a different continent, it was isolated from the world (and had no influence from the American-British way of do things) until not much time ago, so in the meantime we created our systems and we have our laws, our mistakes, our problems but also our good things and our way of life. Get used to it. Our cars are made here and govts from South America biggest countries with car industries makes things very difficult to import vehicles from outside Latin America.
  10. Baron, Nissan will provide cars for anything in the games and they are selling cars with Rio 2016 stickers on it and making TV ads about the Olympics. The dealerships around Brazil have Rio 2016 logos and so on. I'm not talking about cars, but trucks and buses, and Nissan does not produce them in Brazil. Understand: the costs of importing vehicles, specially Buses and Trucks to Brazil is absurd (and the bureaucracy is crazy to do so). I can tell you never saw any truck of bus that was not made in Brazil or Argentina in our roads and highways. So, I'm sure Nissan won't spend tons of money for every single bus or truck needed to the games as much as Hyundai didn't for the World Cup, they probably will just add banners to buses made in Brazil. Marcopolo MERCEDES-BENZ engine and chassi buses using Hyundai banners during the World Cup in Salvador. Cars from KIA (available in local market of Brazil) and Marcopolo-Mercedes buses used during the World Cup in Sao Paulo. Nissan cars made in Brazil (there are a bunch of models) will be everywhere like in the PanAms and (Hyundai/Kia cars made in Brazil in the World Cup) giving support the games and torch relay (since Nissan is also the sponsor of the Games). Brazil is a sensitive market for vehicles, since there is a strong national industry, the 4th in the planet - not to mention, Brazil have more different brands vehicle plants than any country in the world - and the govt requires huge taxes over the value of a car to import a model... Imagine this apllied to expensive things like buses and trucks. About torch bearers, only Coca-Cola website are getting registrations in Brazil for people to carry the torch.
  11. Baron, Rio receives more 2 million tourists (foreigners indeed) for the 15 days-span of Christmas-New Years holidays. We are talking of a number bigger than than athletes that are coming to Rio for the Olympics. It's 2 million people - who are not cariocas - who are not immune to any new organisms only Rio beaches might have or any threat media and foreign people are inventing - pretty much it's the same as the risk of being killed by an Anaconda in Manaus during the World Cup. It's utterly crazy. There is simply NO case reported of any person being contamined with viruses in Rio de Janeiro beaches - That's official, that's a trustable number. FGS, stop calling me "over-defensive". I'm here to point the absurds of crazy foreigners trying to detract Rio de Janeiro and Brazil just because of sports politics. Not to mention, Rio hosts international triathlons and marathon swimming FOR YEARS!!! And nobody never got contamined by viruses!!!
  12. No Nissan trucks or buses in Brazil. It will be something like the World Cup. Trucks and buses from other companies without their logos and ad boards from Nissan on it.
  13. Baron, 32 years old, carioca, never heard of any air-borne viruses that came from Rio coastal areas to the city. Even the water viruses that media is bringing over and over are disputable since nobody have ever got sick of any of them - not a single report from long long time... FINA worries are legitimate in the case they didn't approve the venues when Rio presented the projects... With everything almost done, to come to the press and complain is something that smells political... Plus: Winter in Rio... Temperature reaches 38°C (101ºF) in Rio and winter has new heat record http://g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2015/09/temperatura-chega-384-c-no-rio-e-inverno-tem-novo-recorde-de-calor.html Yesterday in "deadly dangerous waters with flying aquatic viruses" of Ipanema Beach's winter... You guys have no idea about what you are talking about. That's really a concern and I'm amazed we are less than 1 year from the games and water polo have no venue... *facepalm*
  14. Olympic Village (September 2015) X Park in Deodoro Arena da Juventude, Deodoro Shooting Stands
  15. A perspective from inside the Olympic Park And from Olympic Village And a video from Olympic Park works in August 2015
  16. Sure that some elite ahtletes were incorporated to the Army - indeed the pictures shows it. You are right, but, most are not elite athletes and they are part of our army.
  17. Refurbshment of Mauá Square in Downtown Rio Before and After of Mauá Square in Port Area. Tomorrow's Museum (to be opened next year) LRT works in Port Area New Binário Avenue in Port Area
  18. Santa Teresa Tram back to operation Carioca (Downtown) Station of Santa Teresa Tram
  19. Trying to figure out why Team Blake uses TV Globo logo as avatar and letterings in green and yellow....
  20. More recent pictures Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood
  21. Oh, thank you! Anyway the pics shows Grumari circuit and Pontal neighbourhood. According to the new text, they are still inside the circuit.
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