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  1. Sailing Test Event in Guanabara Bay - Aquece Rio event
  2. Works running Olympic Park Olympic Village Golf Course A complete slideshow of the works: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/fotos/2014/08/fotos-obras-parque-olimpico-2-anos-do-rio-2016.html
  3. I liked also the fact I see some reference to the Brazilian paisagist Burle Marx, who loved to create gardens, sidewalks patterns and urban spaces using curves and colors. So, this is good! And, somehow, I think the general audience would expect something very colourful and curly from Rio... Rio 2016 played safe again. One more thing, the main piece, you can (forcing it a bit, of course) read "Rio" with the lines, several times...
  4. I liked it. But, somehow, I think the design will say more for Brazilians than for foreigners. I can see dozens, if not hundreds of Rio landscapes, rocks, curves of beaches, icons, landmarks, monuments inside of the main piece, which is nice, but I'm not sure if for foreigners the graphics will just look like a lot of crazy curved lines Copacabana-sidewalk-like.
  5. Rio 2016 Look of The Games unveiled!!!

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      Yes, Paul, interesting POV!

    3. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      It's good the look is not over the top. London and PyeongChang tried to be too edgy and "the needle" got so crazy that their design are criticized to this day.

    4. woohooitsme83


      I believe, Paul, that Danny has just called your previous comment "nonsense" in his native language

  6. Take a "look" Designs based on Rio’s iconic skyline will adorn the competition venues and colour the city, also featuring on tickets and uniforms The new visual identity of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games features iconic city landmarks (Photo: Rio 2016) The football host cities The girls and the hidden guy are not part of the look of the games. Website
  7. It looks nice, better than the "provisional" one! Confirmed, website feature new look of the games, already
  8. You're welcome About how to attend, I never went to Olympic Games before, but I work for the media and media always have some advantages. You have the best of the worlds: you can be spectator and you can be in the middle of the scene. Anyway, I think there are people here that can help you better than me about it.
  9. Actually from USA there are several options to reach Rio or Sao Paulo (which is a fair option, since it's only 35-minute flight far from Rio, not to mention, the new International Terminal of Sao Paulo became the best option for immigration when arriving in Brazil). Miami, by far, is the main gateway to Brazil with dozens of destinations and up to 6 or 7 airlines serving both countries. With connecting flights: AeroMexico (from many US destinations via Mexico City to Rio or Sao Paulo) Copa Airlines (from many US destinations via Panama City to Rio) LAN Chile (from some US destinations via Santiago to Rio) Avianca (from some US destinations via Bogota or Lima to Rio) Gol Airlines (from Miami or Orlando via Santo Domingo to Rio). ^^ Those are truly cheaper options, if you guys don't mind about connection options and flying in B737 aircraft. Direct flights: American Airlines have flights from New York, Dallas and Miami to Rio. And from New York, LA, Dallas and Miami to Sao Paulo. Delta reaches Rio from Altanta and Sao Paulo from Atlanta, New York and Detroit US Airways reaches Rio from Charlotte and Sao Paulo from Charlotte, Houston and New York United Airlines reaches both Rio and Sao Paulo from Houston TAM have direct flights from New York and Miami to Rio and Sao Paulo. And from Orlando to Sao Paulo. Azul Brazilian Airlines is starting in december flights from Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and New York to their main hub in Campinas Campinas (40-minutes flight far from Rio) ^^ They are more expensive, but aircraft are bigger and you lose less hours to reach Brazil. PS: Check Copa Airlines, they became the main cheaper option from Brazilians to reach USA. It's a very well-commented low fare airlines among us Brazilians and their hub in Panama City seems to be very nice.
  10. ____________________________ Start of the works in Glória Marina to remove old structures ___________________ More renderings for Deodoro
  11. Indeed, there are beaches in Paquetá Island (in the middle of numer 1 area) that have green flags for swimming and leisure this weekend. Flamengo Beach where sailing event will actually happen too! How can be? http://www.inea.rj.gov.br/Portal/Noticias/INEA0047594〈= Bold for beaches in Guanabara Bay
  12. Purple area with number 2: No pollution or very few pollution. But yes, some solid waster floating. There are beaches in this area where the water conditions allows the use of beaches for swimming and leisure.
  13. Nothing to add, after this. Yes. Since not all water in Guanabara Bay is polluted, specially where sailing event will take place. Praia Vermelha, in front of the place where sailing will take place had been green-flaged very often lately (which means, clean about bacteria and pollution). Hope they improve the water conditions to a really reasonable level and ecobarriers stuff be able to reduce the solid waste floating in the bay.
  14. Athensfan, that's what I tried so hard to explain to you.
  15. ^^In the end, things always works somehow in Brazil. (I don't this way to do things, but, it's so Brazilian to do thing this way, anyway...) About the bay, the bay will not be 100% clean and probably not even the 80% promised. This would be a huge legacy for the city. Legacy apart, the process of cleaning up already started, trust me, this is huge when it takes to our stupid politicians and turtoise pace works they are responsible for. Again, as I explained and the ahtletes also said in the report. The bay is enourmoous. The pollution in the entrance of the bay is several times less relevant/evident than in the North part of the bay (the North part we are now calling it in SSC the "International Media part of the bay"). The sailing events of Olympic Games will be held in Botafogo/Flamengo area, in the southern part of the bay. I think it's achievable to get this part of the bay clean from floating debris with reasonable water quality. I feel bad about the North part of the bay. It will take maybe half-century to get that waters at reasonable condition, similar to the southern part today, despite some small visible improvement.
  16. Nostalgic mood: Listening to 90s Eurodance playlist

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      That's it Victor!

      Add to this Nikki French, Haddaway, Alexia and that so amazing one-song-only artists!!!

      I love so much the 90s

    3. DannyelBrazil
    4. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius




  17. Yes, stereotypes exists for a reason, they represent part of a society. Well, since I lived in Flamengo and Copacabana, those scenes were typical of my daily basis time in Rio I love restoration of cars, but as watcher. I don't know anything about engines, pieces, only love to see it done.
  18. I was talking to Martin about TV idents, ads and I wish to share this commercial from a supermarket in Rio It's old, but says a lot about my memories of Rio. =] It's from 2008 actually.
  19. Athletes see improvement in the Bay pollution, but watch out for the trash during the event http://globoesporte.globo.com/vela/noticia/2014/07/atletas-veem-melhora-na-poluicao-da-baia-mas-seguem-atentos-com-o-lixo.html Criticized, especially by sailors, the cleaning plan of the site of the sailing competition in 2016 is still far from achieving the goal of 80% clean water. Before the test event, however, the tone was milder. The attention of the authorities to race conditions are ideal in 2016, however, following total. - This week we train, compete and had no problems. Guanabara Bay has received much ocean water, and we had virtually no problem. But it can happen, if it rains a lot. When the tide comes in and out of the bay, can bring many garbage bags, which hinders competition. Measures are already being taken, the Bay is improving gradually, but there are still a lot of work to do to get everything perfect for 2016 - said the double Olympic champion Robert Scheidt. Resident of Niterói and used to sail and to make the way to the Rio de Janeiro by sea, the head of the Brazilian team sailing, Torben Grael, also sees an improvement of the conditions, but he is worried about the image that Rio de Janeiro and Brazil have on athletes and foreign media, and is also concerned about any possibility of athletes have problems during the tests at bay. - It's a recurring problem, we are more accustomed than foreigners. Not give a good image, but it is being resolved in the best possible way. The process of cleaning up the bay is not the focus of athletes. Obviously if we could have minimized this problem will be good for everyone, not just for Brazilians. - Torben said. - I think, for the competitions, the Bay will be clean, the part of the bay where competitions will be held will be clean, and we will not find solid waste that hinder our performance. But still we must improve so that this beautiful postcard is actually clean. - Said Isabel Swan, Brazilian Olympic athlete.
  20. According to Public Olympic Authority of Rio 2016 Games, 71% of the works required for the Olympic Games (venues and infra-structure) are ready or in building process. In January this number was 46%. http://www.ebc.com.br/noticias/brasil/2014/07/projetos-para-as-olimpiadas-tem-71-de-obras-licitadas-e-em-curso Sailing test event was held this tuesday in Guanabara Bay http://g1.globo.com/jornal-nacional/noticia/2014/07/atletas-do-iatismo-testam-local-de-competicao-dos-jogos-de-2016.html Video footage of the event and despite the quality of water seems okay, yes, few debris were found floating during the event (as shown in the TV report).
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