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  1. No, I made 3 consistent posts towards you already and you, conveniently, just ignored...
  2. hahahahaha Boa Noite! *Jornal Nacional musical theme* Sit down, Patricia, Olympics Live Coverage is next!
  3. The last government of Brasilia-Federal District was terrible. They destroyed the finances of the Federal District (it's something similar to District of Columbia - a special division for the capital - but the population can vote for their governor and local legislative branch) Since January 1st, Brasilia have a new government and they are fighting to solve a lot of problems due the lack of money. Public Health System and Education are on strike and the city is dealing with a lot of problems... In this scenario, you can't even think about hosting a major event like the Universiade, specially, when you need to pay 23 million euros just to asure the right to host the games - which sounds absurd to me. Still, I would love to see other big city in Brazil replacing Brasilia to host the games.
  4. Better late than never: Rols, all my respect for the organization of the comp. Smoothly, fair and transparent as always. Must be said, I don't like this "Eurowhatever" kind of comp. I still rather the sole-city logo comps like the last years ones, but as I stated before, it's just an isolated opinion, if people are happy, let it go.
  5. Tony, again, your are (poorly) making your prediction based in the actual scenario. Unless you can time travel, there is no ways to know which city will be the next South American host... And don't forget IOC will allow joint bids from near cities from neighbour countries which makes a Buenos Aires-Montevideo bid a fair proposal. They way you claim your predictions is really arrogant, lacks of good arguments and bring all the feedback you always complain about. From a South American who already visited other South American countries, you can't claim any city will host the games in the future, simply, because our countries are fast-pace developing and we have no idea how they will be in 30-40 years (for the good or the evil)
  6. He probably already knows if the sun will shine or not in May 15th. At least in "My England"
  7. Every single race have its own dynamics... A race with other South American that is not Buenos Aires at the right time can bring us surprises... The fact is: Not only Argentina's capital is the one up to host next Olympic Games in South America. Bids chances are realistic (depending of the bid race) for cities like Santiago, Bogotá, Lima (Peru is at fast pace economic growth) and/or some big state capital in Brazil... Rio opened the door (or at least, bring hope) to dozens of big cities in the developing world to host... In 2009, many here wouldn't never consider Lima, Santiago or even Rio (remember all the **** said at that time) to host Olympic Games anytime in the future... Things changed and in few decades things in South America must be pretty much better. Who knows the amount of cities able to host the games in SA by 2030s or 2040s. It a very open scenario to Tony come here and claim just Buenos Aires is likely to host the next South American games. Tony have no idea about what is South America now-a-days actually, pretty much less about the future. Probably he is still scared about the possibility of huge snakes eating British tourists in this corner of the globe...
  8. Thank you people for the votes on Barcelona 2022 logo. I think the finalists are high standards and I think Melbourne one could easily be used as an official logo for games more than Borjomi's. So my vote is for Melbourne. Good luck guys.
  9. You contradict yourself in few lines.... Anyway, It makes no sense at all... Calling my personal seer...
  10. I don't think I will live until 70 years...
  11. In a bid with two South American cities (one from Brazil), Brazil will always claim we already have experience on hosting... Not to mention other factors... _______ Still, I think Buenos Aires might be the second SOG host from South America (if they do their homework about economy in the next decades).
  12. So, in 60 years can be our time again... *rolleyes* About being the biggest cities of the World, this have nothing to do with bidding to OGs right New York? Each bid race have its own dynamics. Maybe the next South American host can be Caracas or La Paz. Who knows how the world will be in 30, 40 years? If you asked any Olympic expert 30 years ago if Brazil could host the Olympic Games someday, the answer would be: NEVER or probably Argentina would host before Brazil. This is just empty futurology. And be sure IOC members will visit all the new frontiers left before coming back to exotic and festive South America. That's it!
  13. Besides the rings, not sure if religious motifs can be used. I always try to cast a vote simulating if all the logos could be used for real.
  14. Rio de Janeiro is near to celebrate 450 in March 1st. Tons of celebration to come bringing together Olympic stuff
  15. How many games Australia hosted before other country in the entire Southern Hemisphere could have a chance? Olympic bids have nothing to do with rotating countries or cities, right London?
  16. I don't think any of us will see second Summer Olympic Games in South America in our lifetime (this counts Tony's teen's age), so why bother? And to burn a bit more this thread, I think (not because I'm Brazilian) that the second Summer Olympics Games in South America can* be Brazil again. (can is a different word than "must" or "will") Don't forget Brazil have non-capital cities that could host easily Olympic Games with comparable infra-structure... Curitiba, São Paulo and even Brasilia (despite the mess some politician made with its finances in the last government).........
  17. Catalonia and Spain colors Catalonians uses these colors for everything... Catalonia Flag Catalonia National flag proposal indeed, Barcelona 1992 logo Or Spain sports uniforms...
  18. I tried to score the logos by thinking which ones could really be used for real. 12 points - Melbourne B (The best logo not counting my entries ) 10 points - Melbourne K (Fantastic!) 8 points - Anchorage C (Simple and beautiful) 7 points - Salzburg E (Not huge fan of font, but I like the logo) 6 points - Melbourne H (I liked the lines and colours, but "M"??? and no year makes it look too generic) 5 points - Melbourne F (Amazing Australian Map shape, bad colour choice) 4 points - Santiago C (Hard to read the lettering, pity, this logo is nice) 3 points - Melbourne E (Bit old style, but would be truly amazing in the 80s) 2 points - Melbourne J (Nice font, colours, but the thing between L and B look out of place) 1 point - Anchorage E (Too literal - anchors - but well produced)
  19. I think 2 or 3 halls are more possible than multiple, I will try to get this information.
  20. If based on the same plans from PanAms, it will be made of temporary structures like big tents, all around the buildings.
  21. Not sure in which picture you saw any disgusting water. About the lagoon around the Olympic Park, it's getting 100% sewage treatment (and to be clean in the next months). If you are complaining about the color, the water in this lagoon was always greenish, since is a bit swampy area, indeed, the region known as "Jacarepagua" means Alligators Swamp in indigenous language. The problem is Marapendi Lagoon, the biggest in Barra region (and won't be used to any venue) won't be 100% clean up to the games, despite the promises in the bid book. Barra region is so beautiful with all that lagoon, Rio deserved to have all clean during the games. About the "superbacteria" that was found in ONE of the planned courses for sailing in Guanabara Bay (30 km east of the Olympic Village), it has already gone and, of course, no International media report on the fact they discovered the bacteria was not that strong and would only harm people with low resistance to any kind of bacteria... We are getting used to see no following up of news from International media on Rio issues... They show the bad news, but not what happened next... Right now: superbacteria is past.
  22. Another entry for winter games logo comp Barcelona 2022 A snowflake made with the design of olive tree leaves mixing winter games and mediterranean landscapes.
  23. Some New Year's Eve updates Comparisions Olympic Park January 2014 >>>>>>>>>>>> December 2014 Aquatic Stadium January 2014 >>>>>>>>>>>> December 2014 Olympic Village
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